Staying fit for faith and everday life

Not struggling with things ourselves, but learning from one another and seeking solutions together is the way to stay in shape—also in terms of faith. Meetings, seminars, and conferences are helping brothers and sisters from East to West in building a good life for themselves.

Building better marriages

From outings for children to meetings for seniors, the New Apostolic Church has a great deal to offer for every age group. The New Apostolic Church in Brazil has just staged its first meeting for married couples. The participants were invited to Bragança Paulista, a resort town. The programme consisted of seminars on doctrinal matters and issues concerning everyday life, as well as time to relax and socialize. The topics discussed included a Catechism lesson on “The doctrine of future things”, a motivational seminar for couples, and a practical course in personal finances. Besides spending time together, the three dozen couples of course also did not want to miss a divine service. This was held by Apostle Reinaldo Milczuk, who based his sermon on Proverbs 24: 3–4: “Through wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.”

Theology seminar

During the recent session of the District Apostle Meeting in Perth (Australia), ministers from the districts of Australia and South-East Asia used the opportunity to take a course in theology. The lecturer was Reinhard Kiefer, the theological adviser of the New Apostolic Church International, who had come to Perth for this. The delegation from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines included teachers, lecturers, translators, and an Apostle who contributes to the Divine Service Guide.

A team effort

About 170 young adults from across the USA participated in a conference in mid October in Chicago, Illinois. The conference addressed Church members aged 18 to 35, regardless of whether they were married or had children. At the beginning of the conference, District Apostle Leonard Kolb outlined the Faith Arc strategy, an overarching concept intended to support the continual development of a soul as it transitions to different life stages. In his presentation, the District Apostle also introduced changes to the Sunday School and youth programmes, and introduced some new resources for parents. He encouraged the participants to continually learn and discover how to best support each other. How the Church can help from an organizational point of view, but also what the young adults themselves can do was one of the topics of the breakout sessions that took place over the weekend. Small groups of three or four also discussed what role young adults could and should take in the congregations. And finally the participants identified concrete concerns and issues in their congregations and districts and worked on finding a solution together.