Between here and there

Joy and sorrow are never far apart. Remembering the departed bridges the gap between this life and the afterlife. News from around the New Apostolic world about premières and farewells.

Service for the departed meets with a good response

This year, the leaders of the New Apostolic Church had announced a special motto for the recent service for the departed on 6 November: “Your heart will rejoice”. Many congregations across Europe as well as a number of overseas areas celebrated the divine service using this biblical motto.

Moreover, the working group Public Relations in Europe had also provided two concepts for devotionals to the congregations. The theme was “Everything has its time”. Bishop Peter Johanning who was in charge of these devotionals in the working group, summarized the idea as follows: “The Chief Apostle and the District Apostles had expressed the wish that New Apostolic Christians be given an opportunity to attune themselves for the service for the departed. Remembering the dead has a long tradition in the New Apostolic Church. It was important for them that the congregations handle this tradition carefully within the meaning of Scripture. The idea was for the members to look beyond the confines of their congregation. There are good reasons to openly communicate this New Apostolic practice in its biblical and Christian context.”

Lydia leaves audience thrilled

Kids of all ages are currently putting on a huge show in the area of Hanover in Germany. The musical Lydia – the seller of purple celebrated its premiere at the end of October. Until the end of November there will be a total of six performances. About 85 children and youth have been rehearsing for this project of the New Apostolic Church Lower Saxony since October last year.

The musical tells the story of Lydia as the daughter of a prince, who after years of slavery works herself up and becomes a successful business woman. She is devout and looking for God. God opens Lydia’s heart for the love that became incarnate in Jesus. She became the first Christian in Europe. This was not the first musical staged by the district. There have also been performances of Joseph (2003), Esther (2006), and Francis (2009).

Bidding farewell to Apostle Behr

The members in Russia and in Berlin (Germany) had to take leave of the retired Apostle Sieghard Behr. He passed away at the beginning of November, aged 76.

Sieghard Behr had served as a minister for 41 years, 15 of these as an Apostle. In addition to looking after the members in Berlin, he also cared for the congregations in Russia and Asia. “The congregations which Apostle Behr cared for are among the most stable today. He not only visited them to celebrate services, but also lived with the people there,” District Apostle Wolfgang Nadolny said. The funeral service will take place tomorrow, Saturday.

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