The surprising benefits of helping others

This is the experience of Bishop Rafael Movsesyan. He has been overseeing ongoing aid projects in Armenia since the founding of NAK-karitativ. More

In the land of stones: steps to regaining independence

It does not take much to help people who are struggling to get back on their feet. And for those concerned it means everything. How NAK-karitativ helps families in Armenia help themselves. More

“Saving eternal life from certain death”

Death and eternal life … How do other Christian churches see this? And which teaching is behind this religious practice? This was the topic of a conference at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland. The initiative came from the New Apostolic Church. More

Helping people before they are forced to flee

“Building bridges” is the motto NAK-karitativ has given its 2016 annual report. The focus of the charity is on aid not only for those who have been displaced, but also for people in their homeland so that they do not have to leave in the first place. More

At home around the world—even where need prevails

Perhaps it is only a drop in the ocean, but every drop counts: in collaboration with many other organisations, New Apostolic aid agencies are right in the thick of world events—for example, in Sierra Leone and Bangladesh. More

Farewell Chrissie! — The daily tragedy

Chrissandra is dead. The youth leader was killed in the crossfire of a gang shootout—a tragedy that is part of daily life in some parts of South Africa. What does it mean to live one’s faith while surrounded by poverty and violence? — The following provides some insight. More

Peace in Jerusalem? That sounds good!

The present-day city of Jerusalem is increasingly becoming a symbol for heated relations between peoples, traditions, and religions. Its inhabitants are constantly arguing about who has the privilege to live there in peace. A contradiction in itself! More

NAK-Humanitas is building a new children’s home

NAK-Humanitas put more than 1.2 million Swiss francs into humanitarian projects on four continents in the year 2016. In doing so, the charity is continuing to pour money and passion into a success story and following its heart. More

A harsh sentence

They were young, far too young to die, but their lives came to a sad end. They were executed one hundred years ago. They died with a heart full of hope and longing, it says in a farewell letter. More

Intercession and genuine compassion

Let us not only intercede for those whose misery and suffering we see, but also pray for those whose distress is far less visible, such as the victims of natural disasters and conflicts which are hardly mentioned. Three examples from Sierra Leone, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Iraq. More

In joy and sorrow

Good days, difficult times, and very sad news—this is something that the Apostles and their families experience too. News from the circle of the Apostles: attacks in Spain, a wedding anniversary, and two unexpected deaths. More

Democratic Republic of the Congo: land of hope

Between joy and fear. The Democratic Republic of the Congo has been in the grip of war and violence for years. The Chief Apostle knows the fears as well as the hopes and makes a point of addressing these issues twice on his trip there. Join us for part three of Peter Johanning’s travel diary. More

Euthanasia and the right to die with dignity

Active euthanasia, helping someone to commit suicide, supportive care of the dying … the New Apostolic Church takes a stand on human dignity, self-determination, and palliative care. More

Violence is never the answer

“The New Apostolic Church rejects any form of violence!” These were Chief Apostle Schneider’s opening words in a divine service in Lubumbashi (Democratic Republic of the Congo) on Sunday, 16 July 2017. Violence is still the order of the day in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. More

Social media and its proper use

A tough question right out of the cement mixer: Is the Chief Apostle against social media? No, it is a great thing, he says. The danger lies in usage. His keywords: virtual world, ego, dumbing down, injury. More

The centenary of the communion wafer – when the substance changes

Whether it is sprinkled with wine or not, the communion wafer is not an end in itself, but it plays an essential role in Holy Communion. It has to do with the presence of Jesus Christ. How does that work? More

The centenary of the communion wafer: the various forms over time

All Jesus said was to use bread and wine to celebrate His memory. But what about the bread? With or without leaven? Red wine or white wine or even grape juice? Christianity has many answers when it comes to the question of how Holy Communion should be celebrated. More

“All I want is a life” – Thoughts on World Refugee Day

“There is no home without a house and a stove,” Abu says. He is a refugee and lives in a foreign country, far away from his homeland, his culture, and his family. Similar things occur around the world every day. What can Abu expect, and what will his life be like? More

Broadening one’s outlook across borders

Day of the youth in Suriname, Vacation Bible School on the Philippinesa, and a marathon for a more peaceful world—all that and more is happening in God’s beautiful world. More

The community of believers joins hands

“Speak to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.” Based loosely on Ephesians 5: 19, religions and various denominations are moving closing together to promote a common cause, and right in there is the New Apostolic Church. More