The community of believers joins hands

“Speak to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.” Based loosely on Ephesians 5: 19, religions and various denominations are moving closing together to promote a common cause, and right in there is the New Apostolic Church. More

The long road to truth and reconciliation

Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday this year. Sufficient reason for Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider to address the issue of peace and reconciliation with the country’s indigenous peoples. A look at a special gathering … More

On the road to a new understanding

Together they were strong. But conflicts and a resulting dispute led to a split: Chief Apostle Hermann Niehaus and Apostle Carl August Brückner, who was born 145 years ago today. More

A new chance: Masakhe gets children off the street

Love your neighbour as yourself! Gladly. But how do you do that in a place that is ruled by drugs and violence? A project in our Leiden Central church in South Africa shows how. It not only offers children a safe haven but also helps them with their education. More

Making the gospel heard together

Standing up for the values of the gospel together with other Christians: that is not only a daily mission, but also the approach required to work together in official bodies—right up to the national level. More

A trip that changed numerous lives

A new start shortly before retirement. In the Philippines, a Priest from Germany hears about an aid project. First, he helps to set up a foundation for it and then to build a village. His aim: giving street children a future. More

Reformation means change — thoughts for Reformation Day

It was on 31 October 1517 that Martin Luther is said to have nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the church door in Wittenberg. In them he called for a discussion concerning the failings and shortcomings of the church at the time. This act sparked the Reformation of the church in Germany, which soon found adherents in many other European countries. More

People who have enough to eat do not read!

Some 800 million people around the world are suffering from hunger at this very minute! Eight hundred million people are sick on account of chronic malnutrition—primarily children. Today, 24,000 people will die because they do not have enough to eat. Today is World Food Day. Here is some food for thought. More

Third step to reconciliation: the date is set

The apostolic churches are continuing their policy of reconciliation: at the beginning of the coming year, they want to close another chapter in their shared history. A ceremony has been planned at which a third statement will be signed. More

Historical meeting in Hilversum

The rapprochement of apostolic denominations is continuing: after declarations of reconciliation in Germany and Switzerland, as well as an initial meeting in South Africa, there has now also been a meeting in the Netherlands—and this one was in a much larger context. More

From cleaner to master chef

With trust in God, hard work, and determination, a person can change his life for the better. That has been the experience of Charles De Kock. But the South African has more than this experience to share with unemployed adults and youth when he meets with them every Saturday. More

“Being open to all people, to all nations”

He is at home in two countries, works for the Church on three continents, and speaks six languages: Bishop Aramik Fesdjian has been accustomed to internationality right from the cradle. In this interview he talks about his life between the worlds. More

Church offers more than just school on Sundays

“The Church gave me a chance,” says Mohamad Agub. He attended both primary and secondary school in Kherwara (India). This is one of the schools that the New Apostolic Church supports or even operates around the globe. More

Heading into the monsoon season with new hope

Emergency aid was quick, but the reconstruction process is taking its time. More than a year after the devastating earthquake in Nepal, the situation in the country is still far from normal. Following is a look at a small village in the foothills of the Himalayas. More

“You are not alone!” Fighting depression together

Thoughts going round and round in circles and unable to feel the slightest thing—depression is a disorder that can affect anybody, and yet it meets with little understanding. How can the ministers and the members help those suffering from depression? More

Give children the right to life!

Terrible: nearly 250 million children around the world are currently living in countries affected by war! This is the highest number since World War Two. UNICEF calls it an era of humanitarian crises. More

An up and down: life in Albania

Hospitality and honour, poverty and migration—these concepts define the life of the people in Albania. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will be visiting this country in southern Europe this coming weekend, a country in which the New Apostolic runs nearly more nursery schools than it has congregations. More

At home worldwide: open and co-operative partnerships

There are many ways to live open and co-operative partnerships. This goes from extending hospitality to mutual acceptance to working together. And this is demonstrated by congregations and districts right around the world. More

“Faith in Jesus helps us cope with day-to-day concerns”

Bread is being distributed in church. No, not Holy Communion, real bread. It is the sheer poverty of the people that is making this necessary. And these scenes were experienced by New Apostolic Christians in Moldova, a country in the eastern part of Europe. The Chief Apostle will be visiting Moldova this weekend. More

Prayer for peace in a divided country

South Korea is unlike any other country. Its brother in the north is close geographically, but politically it could not be further away. On his upcoming trip to South Korea next month, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider plans to say a prayer for peace. More