A drum roll for God

Glorifying God is not something that is done only on the quiet. Singing, dancing, making music together, and telling others about the gospel are other ways of praising and worshipping God. Our brothers and sisters in Africa are leading the way. Join us as we look at three events there.

Proclaiming the gospel on the street

More than 400 young people from eighteen different districts met in Asamato/Osisioma (Nigeria) for a youth event. Together with Apostle Chima Okpara Ibekwe they celebrated a divine service, talked about their faith, and witnessed the ordination of young men from their ranks. There was a lot to do for the young people: spending time together and making new friends, doing sports, playing games, singing, racking their brains over Bible quizzes, and taking part in various lectures.

Bright Samuel, a young brother, summed up the three-day programme as follows: “I was so happy to meet the many brothers and sisters in Christ from the various districts. The event was simply amazing!”

The youth also used the opportunity to testify of the gospel of Jesus in the surrounding towns and villages. They approached people on the street and talked to them.

Wedding at the Day of the Youth

Manford Mvuma and Molly Hara tied the knot at the Day of the Youth in Mzuzu (Malawi) on the first weekend of August. More than 2,000 young people witnessed the wedding ceremony, which District Apostle Helper Arnold N. Mhango conducted toward the end of the youth service.

The Apostle celebrated additional youth services on the following two weekends. From 11 to 13 August he was in Zimbabwe to minister to 475 young members who had gathered there, and from 18 to 20 August he was in Livingstone to serve some 2,300 young people who had gathered for a youth service.

Music competition

“This is the first New Apostolic music competition in Togo,” Jean Sevon, a brother from Togo in West Africa says. He is excited. A drum roll for God—even here this is something unusual.

Recently, music activities in the church district Togo 1 were intensified. This was made possible thanks to two special projects: the opening of a music school and a New Apostolic music competition, which included numerous concerts, choral and instrumental performances, and dancing—and all presented by passionate musicians.

At the beginning of the year 2017 Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider proposed the motto: Glory be to God, our Father! Apostle Benoît Komlan Abalo, who is responsible for the New Apostolic Christians in Togo, created a good foundation for this with the establishment of a music school. “To sing is to glorify God the Father,” the Apostle tells concert audiences. The two projects see a lot of support from ministers and members.

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