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“I believe in the power of love”

Some boldly profess their faith in a punishing God. Others quietly speak about a merciful and loving God. Strange, the Chief Apostle thinks. In the video clip he delivers a clear statement and makes an urgent appeal. More

Serving out of love!

“Child of God”, what does it mean? Better, more important, closer to God? Most certainly not! Divine reality is far greater than the vocabulary available to human beings. A brief digression by the Chief Apostle in a recent divine service. More

A concert after the concert

Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider visits brothers and sisters in Homabay, Kenya. On Saturday evening, 1 July 2017, a big concert takes place in the church. Hundreds of musicians delight listeners with their singing and playing. After the concert the Chief Apostles and the Apostles leave the church. The choir and orchestra remain behind and strike up one last familiar melody: “Ameni”. More

A new Afrikaans hymnal

It is being talked about on TV. Congregations are practising. And next weekend there will be simultaneous concerts—all in an effort to launch the new Afrikaans Hymnal. More

Democratic Republic of the Congo: on the up and coming

Vibrant and touching … The Church spokesman, Peter Johanning, experienced a very unique divine service for children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. But the children are not the only ones who captured his heart. Join us for part two of his travel diary. More

Violence is never the answer

“The New Apostolic Church rejects any form of violence!” These were Chief Apostle Schneider’s opening words in a divine service in Lubumbashi (Democratic Republic of the Congo) on Sunday, 16 July 2017. Violence is still the order of the day in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. More

The green children of Kawama

A divine service for children in Lubumbashi (DR Congo). There has never been anything like it: about 40,000 children in total and a Chief Apostle who walks through the rows during the service and involves the children. An amazing experience of a very special kind! More