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For as often as you eat this bread …

Proclaiming is far more than gossiping, making public, or posting on Facebook. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider surprises with a logical but demanding implication. Thoughts about Holy Communion. More

Glory be to God: giving thanks by serving (7/7)

“Refuse to accept our inheritance?” Never! Chief Apostle Schneider is convinced that Christians not only have a reason to be thankful and to glorify God, but should also make this a high priority in their lives. More

Glory for me

Many people die every day. Many people die a lonely death. Yet, they are not forgotten. May God be merciful to them. More

Glory be to God: giving thanks by forgiving (6/7)

God is merciful and forgives the sinner. This liberates and makes a repentant sinner’s day. At the same time, God expects tremendous things from us. Chief Apostle Schneider with a specific appeal. More

Glory be to God: expressing gratitude through sacrifice and trust in God (5/7)

Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider is convinced: the extent to which we trust in God becomes apparent in the way we behave—in our conversations and how we treat our neighbour. More

Glory be to God: keeping the commandments (4/7)

Chained to the Commandments? Forced to love the neighbour? What is God’s will for man: curse or blessing? The Chief Apostle has a clear answer. More

Glory be to God: respecting the dignity of man (3/7)

Chief Apostle Schneider is asking us to keep our eyes peeled and to make a difference. The dignity of our neighbour is inviolable. Resources must be distributed fairly. This is what the Christian faith calls for. More