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    The congregation as a living epistle of Christ

    The Apostle ministry holds special status In New Apostolic doctrine. Apostolic thinking really only began to take hold on 14 July 1835, when the number of twelve Apostles was complete in the ranks of the Catholic Apostolic Church. And it has endured to this day. This must be evident in congregational life. More

    Jesus Christ defines our lives

    “Egoism, egocentrism, and individualism are incompatible with the gospel,” declared Chief Apostle Schneider. Following are some concrete examples of a life with Jesus Christ. More

    So that the youth can build their future

    What would the Church be without its youth? A church without a future! The Chief Apostle and District Apostles repeatedly emphasise the importance of our offers to young people. But what does this mean in concrete terms? What offers are these? More

    Making sure everyone knows: IYC ambassadors get to work

    Heeeeeey! — A joyful shout provides a foretaste of things to come in 2019: at the end of May, eight young New Apostolic Christians tested out the positive atmosphere in the Düsseldorf arena. They are ambassadors for the International Youth Convention (IYC). More

    Audio-visual transmission to a tree trunk

    Divine services can be held in a church or in the open air. But that a service is transmitted to a congregation that worships under a tree does not happen very often. More