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    Changes in the circle of the Apostles

    In the first six months of 2018, nine Apostles were ordained by Chief Apostle Schneider. He also assigned a District Apostle Helper and appointed a District Apostle. Seven Apostles were retired. More

    The congregation as a living epistle of Christ

    The Apostle ministry holds special status In New Apostolic doctrine. Apostolic thinking really only began to take hold on 14 July 1835, when the number of twelve Apostles was complete in the ranks of the Catholic Apostolic Church. And it has endured to this day. This must be evident in congregational life. More

    Six gifts of God’s undeserved grace

    One sentence from the New Testament defined the divine service on 10 June 2018 in Luanda (Angola). It was powerful, and so was the Chief Apostle’s sermon. Here are the most relevant extracts. More

    So that the youth can build their future

    What would the Church be without its youth? A church without a future! The Chief Apostle and District Apostles repeatedly emphasise the importance of our offers to young people. But what does this mean in concrete terms? What offers are these? More

    Step by step: the way to freedom

    Getting up, putting on one’s garments, and following the Lord. That is all it takes to break free from a spiritual prison. Is it really that easy? Yes, if you believe in the strength that God provides. Following are some helpful tips from a service by the Chief Apostle. More