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    Farewell Chrissie! — The daily tragedy

    Chrissandra is dead. The youth leader was killed in the crossfire of a gang shootout—a tragedy that is part of daily life in some parts of South Africa. What does it mean to live one’s faith while surrounded by poverty and violence? — The following provides some insight. More

    A trip to the first congregation in South Africa

    Many brothers and sisters—and a significant piece of history—await Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider as he travels to South Africa this week. More

    Photography in the divine service—a service in itself

    Do I snap photos of every individual flower of the altar decoration with a macro lens and ring flash two minutes before the start of the divine service? Should I hide four radio-controlled flash units in the floral arrangements to create better lighting for the altar space? – What works and what doesn’t? More

    Issue 2017/04 of community is now online

    Knowing what the District Apostles are discussing, reading what new things the Chief Apostle has written on our conception of the departed, and casting a glance into the congregations around the world—all of this is possible with community. More

    Comfort from our belief in God’s love

    Our conception of the departed is one of the treasures of the New Apostolic faith. But where does it come from? What are its biblical sources? And how are we to deal with it in practice? Some notes on our doctrine… More