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    Upcoming changes at the top in Australia

    Peter Schulte is the name of the new man in Australia who will succeed District Apostle Andrew Andersen next year. For Australia this is a new era and for District Elder Schulte a new challenge. More

    Professing Jesus Christ

    Without witnesses to the resurrection there would be no church of Christ today. “We hope that many people can still come to Christ,” Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider said. More

    About a fig tree bearing no fruit

    A green fig tree is worth a mint! People in the ancient world already knew that. Its large leaves provided pleasant shade. But what use was the tree and its beautiful leaves if you were hungry? A fig tree without any fruit does not fill bellies. More

    Dying to live: when the seed grows

    To die with Christ means to resurrect with Christ. And this is not something that will happen eventually. It is happening here and now. But no one has to suffer the fate of a martyr for this. On the contrary, this new life is a matter of growth. More

    Democratic Republic of the Congo: on the up and coming

    Vibrant and touching … The Church spokesman, Peter Johanning, experienced a very unique divine service for children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. But the children are not the only ones who captured his heart. Join us for part two of his travel diary. More