Taking one’s belief beyond church walls

There are number of ways one can live one’s beliefs. This is something that is not necessarily restricted to the official setting of the church. Here are some examples where sisters and brothers took the initiative.

Singing for a good cause

NABENE, a choir in Switzerland that supports charity projects, recently celebrated its fifteenth anniversary with four concerts in Switzerland. NABENE is made up of 60 to 80 members who love to sing right across all musical genres and styles and in various languages. The choir was founded spontaneously in 2003 in connection with a charity project, and gave its first concerts in 2004 under the name Choir for Romania. Its first concert under its current name—derived from “NAC” and “benefit”—was given in 2006. After deduction of expenses, the proceeds from the concerts go to humanitarian and charitable projects.

Christian ethics in a business environment

The NAC Business Forum (“NAK-Unternehmerforum”) has invited its members to a conference on 19 May on the topic “Generation Y: insights and experiences”. The forum offers a platform for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and executives who seek dialogue in a New Apostolic context. The objective is the development and support of members in personal as well as business decisions and processes. In their professional activity, the members of the forum have committed themselves to upholding Christian values. They have set themselves the objective of aligning their economic and social practices with the gospel.

Assistance from a network

Child protection and welfare, preventing addiction, conflict management: these are three topics from the latest meeting of the association Neuapostolisches Sozial- und Bildungswerk (SBW). It is closely affiliated with the Church and reaches out to members who have fallen on hard times. According to its statutes, the SBW is an association of women and men who want to provide concrete help to people who regard themselves as needy. The association helps people to look for jobs or training opportunities, for example. It also promotes vocational training and cultural literacy. A particular focus of the SBW is assistance for needy families who are socially excluded, and it provides qualification offers for people who volunteer.

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Andreas Rother