Sunday School children meet hero

A cuddly toy, vocational training, a choir leader … Effort, love, and sometimes even imagination are needed to reach out and do a good deed. Many have proved this and, in the process, have met special people.

Toys create joy

In a fire that gutted the Edith Benson Children’s Home in Durban (South Africa) on Tuesday evening, 20 February, 57 children aged three months to six years lost everything they owned. No one was injured thanks to a three-year-old who raised the alarm after seeing smoke coming from the roof. The children and staff regularly do fire drills so that the staff were able to evacuate the children safely and quickly. The children have been moved to other childcare centres until the home is rebuilt.

When the children of the Wentworth congregation in Durban heard about the fire in the children’s home, they donated some of their toys. The Sunday School children’s faces beamed with joy when they saw how excited the children from the home were upon receiving their toys. The Sunday School children were particularly happy to meet the three-year-old hero who alerted the adults and prevented a disaster.

Support for education

The two congregations Kpotame and Aflao in Ghana have been supporting two orphans and two needy but brilliant youths to complete their education and their apprenticeship.

The same brothers and sisters also demonstrated commitment and enthusiasm when it came to giving the church grounds a facelift. A new fence was built and new shrubs planted. With meticulous care and dedication they cleaned up and beautified the church properties. The congregation in Aflao is located on the eastern coast, directly on the border with Togo. The dry, hot climate with temperatures up to 35 degrees Celsius made the work far from easy. In a divine service with the Apostles Samuel Oppong Brenya and Wilson Dzattah, some 200 brothers and sisters celebrated the completion of the work in Aflao.

Guitar, violin, and a lot of singing

This month, the Church in the region of Natal (Brazil) celebrates ten years of musical training. Training of young musicians started in Rio Grande do Norte in 2007. Directly associated with this at the time was an invitation by the District Apostle to the youth to study music in Natal. Today there are many small choirs, instrumental ensembles, and orchestras, who over the last few years have regularly been invited to perform in divine services by the Chief Apostle.

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