Delight over success and progress

Life and faith always involve change: sometimes you take a step backwards, sometimes you make great strides ahead. Here is an overview of some happy news from recent days.

Young Christians receive their confirmation blessing

In many countries around the world—for example, in the Philippines, Germany, Ghana, and Nigeria—young Christians stepped up to stand in front of the altar for their confirmation. With their vows, the young members made their pledge to remain faithful to God, and received a blessing on their confirmation. We welcome them all to the ranks of the New Apostolic youth!

The NAC now has guest membership status in the ACC of Thuringia, Germany

Members from various denominations assembled recently for a devotional in the prayer hall of the Moravian Church. After a year-long process of becoming better acquainted over many meetings, the time had finally come: Pastor Christian Theile, who hosted the event, and Church Councillor Charlotte Weber, the chairperson of the Association of Christian Churches in Thuringia, expressed their delight in welcoming the New Apostolic Church into its ranks with a guest membership.

After the devotional, the member and guest churches gathered for a delegates’ meeting. Some reports on the recent activities of the various churches and communities were presented, and other upcoming events in the ACC were discussed. This was followed in the afternoon by a discussion focussing on how to deal with extremist and populist views and ideas in the communities.

A joyful congregation despite heavy rains

By commission of the Chief Apostle, District Apostle Helper David Devaraj retired Apostles Lazrus Patel and Christranjan Nanda in India. Both ministers had reached the retirement age. In a separate divine service, the District Apostle Helper transferred the working area of Apostle Nanda to Apostle Prem Mohan Ray. In addition, four Deacons were ordained for the congregations in the Turlakhaman district.

The congregation was thankful and joyful—even though the local heavy rainfalls barely left a dry spot in the venue. Those who participated in the divine service stood for its entire duration.

Abundant harvests and lots of sunshine

In September 2018, Typhoon Ompong ravaged vast expanses of land in Vietnam, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Taiwan, The Mariana Islands, and Southern China. The storm, with a powerful diameter of 900 kilometres and a category-5 hurricane classification, took many lives and destroyed thousands of livelihoods. Many relief organisations joined in to help with the reconstructions efforts, among them also a number of New Apostolic organisations. NAC SEA Relief is grateful to relate some notable successes. Now the photos are no longer showing devastated fields, but abundant harvests.