Do not forget to do good and share with others

People who do good get more out of life. Doing good, especially in the days leading up to Christmas, opens our eyes for new perspectives and wonderful experiences. Following are some examples of all that is being done for the less fortunate.

South Africa. World AIDS Day is observed on 1 December every year and is dedicated to raising awareness of this horrible pandemic. In South Africa, especially, the disease has taken a heavy toll. Sadly, also many children die of AIDS. But not only there. The disease has claimed the lives of millions of people worldwide. World AIDS Day is not only dedicated to raising awareness but also mourning those who have died.

On 1 December 2017 the New Apostolic congregation Protea Park hosted a special event to commemorate the many who have died of AIDS. Hundreds of people from the surrounding community attended this special commemorative event.

“We are the world”. This song by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie is world-famous. It was first sung and recorded for charity. A benefit concert with this beautiful title took place on 3 December in our Silvertown Auditorium in Cape Town.

The proceeds were donated to St Mark’s Anglican Church, which was badly damaged in an arson attack in September 2017. Reverend Austin Jackson of St Mark’s Church and the Very Reverend Michael Weeder—the Dean of Cape Town—accompanied District Apostle John Kriel, who handed over the proceeds of the concert: a donation of 80,000 rands. Reverend Jackson extended an open invitation to the New Apostolic Church to attend the opening ceremony once the restoration work as been completed at St Mark’s Church.

Southern Germany. In mid November 2017 the north-eastern border region between Iran and Iraq was struck by a powerful 7.3 earthquake. More than 400 people were killed and thousands were injured. The destruction of buildings and streets and much of the infrastructure is massive.

Professional disaster relief organisations and experts are still busy working and helping where they can. One of the organisations involved is Humedica, a Christian-oriented charity, which operates on a global scale. Apostle Wolfgang Zenker presented a cheque for 30,000 euros to Humedica. Also attending the ceremony was District Elder Fritz Schönenborn, in whose Church district the charity has its offices. Heinke Rauscher, a representative of Humedica’s managing board, gratefully accepted the donation.

Apostle Zenker said, “As a Christian church we want to live according to the requirements that Christian love demands of us by supporting disaster relief campaigns.” He expressed his gratitude for the immediate assistance offered to the people in the Iran-Iraq border region, stating that “the suffering of the people there is something that touches all of us very much”.

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