Common ground beyond all differences

Finding common ground, being there for one another, celebrating together: fellowship makes us strong—particularly in matters of faith. This applies as much to groups of friends as it does to denominations and even businesses.

Celebrating friendship

The first weekend of September in South Africa was all about friendship. Many congregations had already been preparing themselves for it over the preceding weeks. They had been busy inviting friends and relatives to special “Friendship Divine Services”. And the ministers had made a special effort to visit Church members who no longer attend the divine services. In most locations, the weekend of fellowship already kicked off on the Saturday — with a “Friendship Fun Walk”. Members and their families and friends enjoyed being together, beginning with a bit of exercise and winding down with a meal together.

One house, many dwellings

“Pilgrim Fellowship of Regional and Free Churches”—this is the name of an initiative in Solothurn whose participants most recently assembled on the Day of Prayer and Repentance, a statutory holiday in Switzerland that is observed by all Christian churches. It was on this occasion that 120 believers of various denominations gathered together to pray, make music, and preach in mid-September. The local chamber orchestra provided a dignified and solemn framework for the event. “Following the divine service, the participants exchanged thoughts in conversation and became better acquainted over an aperitif,” the New Apostolic Church of Switzerland reports on its website. “It became quite clear that, while God’s house has many dwellings, all of its residents live under the same roof, within the same walls, all built upon the same foundation.”

Ideas in exchange

“To one another. With one another. For one another. Everything is communication.” — This is the theme of the latest assembly of the NAC Entrepreneurship Forum of Western Germany, which will take place at the end of September. This is an independent association for New Apostolic entrepreneurs, freelancers, and executives. The Entrepreneurship Forum is intended to serve as a platform for dialogue and exchanging ideas. Its aim is to support its members in their personal and business decisions and developments.

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Andreas Rother
Denominations, Congregational life