Five church dedications in six days

On a recent trip in his working area, District Apostle Charles S. Ndandula dedicated five church buildings in six divine services—a testimony of how vibrant the congregations in Africa are.

Apostle Ignatius B. Luneta is responsible for the nearly 50,000 New Apostolic Christians in the Senanga-Shangombo area. There are 473 congregations, which are looked after by 1,749 ministers. District Apostle Ndandula visited the members in this area in the western part of Zambia from 8 to 13 September.

On the first day he celebrated a divine service in Liangati, where he dedicated the church and dispensed a blessing on District Elder Katutu Kahilu and his wife on the occasion of their fortieth wedding anniversary. More than 1,200 brothers and sisters attended. In the afternoon there was a concert. On the second day the District Apostle conducted a divine service in Libala. More than 2,100 people were counted by the ministers.

On day three of his trip, District Apostle Ndandula dedicated the church building in Mulele. Here too he dispensed a blessing: District Elder Dimmy Kabuku and his wife were celebrating their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Nearly 600 people attended. On 11 September, the District Apostle dedicated the church in Kaungamashi. Here too hundreds attended to the service to praise, thank, and worship God.

More than 1,300 New Apostolic Christians attended the dedication service of the church in Nashangu. A day later, on day six of his trip, the District Apostle dedicated another church in Lyamanyinga. The service was attended by 1,700 people.

Joyful fellowship

Fostering fellowship means more than sitting next to one another in the pew on Sundays and listening to the sermon. Fellowship means making time, it means reaching out to others, and it means giving and taking. And in return fellowship offers happiness, togetherness, and gratitude. In Rosario, 300 kilometres north of Buenos Aires (Argentina) some 160 young people came together for a weekend just recently. On the programme were sports and other activities, workshops, and of course a divine service. The young brothers and sisters used the opportunity to get to know each other better. Also here in South America the congregations are vibrant.

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