The top ten of the first thousand: reading tips from the editors

Six days a week, except on Sundays—and sometimes more often. has been reporting about New Apostolic life around the world since it was first launched on 1 January 2015. Article number one thousand today recalls the ten most important, interesting, and touching moments.

Farewell Chrissie! — The daily tragedy

The 30-year-old youth leader was shot and killed in the crossfire of rival gangs—a tragedy that is part of daily life in some parts of South Africa. Many people live in the midst of such violence in the Townships. To find out how they and the Church deal with it, go to …

“We are not going to turn our Church upside-down!”

This has never happened before: in the middle of a decision-making process regarding a central chapter of New Apostolic teaching, the Chief Apostle Himself has given an interim report. Learn what the Apostles and District Apostles have already agreed on, what is currently being discussed, and what the Chief Apostle’s thoughts are.

Violence is never the answer!

“The New Apostolic Church rejects any form of violence!” This is a statement, and a bold one at that, in a country that has been rocked by civil war for decades. Watch a video clip of the divine service …

God’s word in human words

The sermon is a central element of worship for New Apostolic Christians. But it is more than a religious discourse addressed to a congregation. More on the proclamation of God’s will and understanding it. Read …

From outcast to saviour

Stereotypes, pride, and xenophobia … Is this story really two thousand years old? Or did this happen just recently? A textbook example of how relevant the Bible still is today. More …

Children are a heritage from the Lord

Who would want their children to grow up without values? The imparting of religious-based values offers much more: making experiences with God, learning to trust God, and living one’s life with God. Read …

A concert after a concert

“Amen” can be whispered. “Amen” can be shouted out. And you can also sing Amen and dance to it. Joy is contagious, something that this video clip of one of Africa’s best loved melodies, “Ameni”, proves. It was sung after a divine service by the Chief Apostle in Homabay (Kenya). Watch …

Holy Communion is celebrated everywhere

They have lost everything: their possessions, their home, and many of their loved ones. But even in the refugee camps they live their faith. A look at New Apostolic Christians in East Africa’s refugee camps. A look at another world. Read …

Church etiquette for photographers

Sure, special moments have to be captured on film: baptisms, church dedications, special visitors. But for photographers a divine service can quickly become a balancing act. How can you take good photos without disrupting the sanctity of worship? Practical tips …

A church building moves brick by brick

In a huge joint effort, the members of a congregation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo moved their entire church building to a new location brick by brick. Read the story here.

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