At home worldwide: sincere sympathy – a course for correspondents – a joyful encounter

The world knows both: joy and sorrow. Following the mass shooting at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida, with fifty dead, the Church has expressed shock and deep sadness. We also take a look at a training programme for correspondents that took place in South America and at the national youth convention in Ukraine.

Remembering Orlando

District Apostle Leonard R. Kolb (USA) has reacted to the shooting in Orlando with the following message: “We are shocked and deeply saddened by the news of the brutal killings in Orlando. We share in the suffering and grief of the mourning families and friends. We remember the injured in our prayers and intercede especially for the souls that entered eternity in such a violent manner. May our prayers and thoughts create an environment of compassion and understanding for these distressed souls and a warm invitation to our upcoming service for the departed. May the intensive love and light of Jesus Christ revealed in His divine word and sacraments bring them comfort and salvation.”

Regional meeting of correspondents in Argentina

For the first time in the history of the New Apostolic Church South America (INA Sud), there was a meeting of the correspondents who work at the congregational and district level. It took place on Saturday, 21 May 2016. The correspondents contribute news and pictures to church newsletters and bulletins. There were many participants from various regions of Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay—covering the entire District Apostle Area. The meeting took place at the Church-owned recreation grounds Las Catonas in the district of Moreno (Buenos Aires Province, Argentina).

Editors and photographers, as well as ministers who act as coordinators in their region, met to learn about additional uniform standards for this important work. The session lasted all day. There were interactive presentations on various topics as well as group work so that everyone was involved.

At lunch there was a pleasant surprise: District Apostle Enrique Minio and Bishop Leonardo Berardo joined them.

National youth day in Ukraine

District Apostle Michael Ehrich from the south of Germany is responsible for Ukraine. For the recent youth convention he was accompanied by District Apostle Urs Hebeisen from the Philippines, who had been on an extended visit to Europe. The convention near Kiev started on Saturday, 11 June 2016 and ended with a divine service on Sunday—a highlight for the young Christians in the church year. The New Apostolic youth from the Balkan states of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, and Serbia had also been invited. A varied programme had been put together for this feast of faith, including sports, games, music, various performances and presentations, as well as some wonderful camp fire moments.

The New Apostolic Church in Ukraine has about 5,000 members who gather in 77 congregations. Most Christians in the country belong to the three larger Orthodox churches.

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