Founders, fathers, pioneers

They established the Church, often under enormous difficulties. And we have not forgotten the founders, fathers, and pioneers of the New Apostolic congregations around the globe. A selection of news items that remind us of bygone times.

District Apostle Tshitshi Tshisekedi was walking in the footsteps of New Apostolic pioneers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on his most recent round trip in the south of the country.

The road conditions on the way to Nongo, situated in the boot-shaped southern tip of the country, were so bad that the divine service could not begin before twelve noon. And once he was there, the District Apostle was told that this was the first visit of a District Apostle to the congregation since it was established—in 1947.

This is not really surprising if you know the following: to conduct a Sunday service in each of the congregations in his working area, it would take District Apostle Tshisekedi nearly 200 years to cover them all.

On his recent trip to Ghana, District Apostle Michael Ehrich paid tribute to the pioneers who helped establish the Church in the country. Following a divine service in Adarko Jachie, he visited the graves of Apostles Joseph Bernard Kankam and Isaak Nantwi Kankam. The two men were among the first members of the Church in Ghana and were instrumental in building up the congregations—together with the then District Elder Rudolf Schilling, who later became an Apostle. He was affectionately called Papa Ghana by the people.

A founder of many congregations has passed away: Apostle (ret.) Basile Nsankitu Nkokila from the Democratic Republic of the Congo passed away on 25 February 2017 at the age of 61. He came into contact with the New Apostolic Church as an adult, was sealed in 1985, and ordained as a Priest at the same time. “On account of professing his New Apostolic faith he lost his job as a teacher. This did not discourage him. Instead he pursued the work of God with even more zeal,” the Chief Apostle writes. District Apostle Michael Deppner adds: “Apostle Nkokila was an example to all who worked with him.”

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