Setting out to make a difference

Some have already reached their goals, others are still under way. People wanting to make a difference have set out to do just that.

IYC promotional tour in France

There is excitement and a lot of preparation going on in France for the IYC2019. The youth have come up with a promotion schedule in order to use the remaining time to make sure that everybody knows about the International Youth Convention next year. They have already been to Huningue and Grenoble. Tours are planned to Colmar, Mulhouse, Lyon, and other cities. During these meetings there is always time for rehearsals, fellowship, divine services, and fun. And there is time for the one or other snapshot showing how excited they all are.

FIRE is the slogan the youth have come up with. It is an acronym formed from the first letter of the following French terms: fidèle, investi, reconnaissant, engagé. In other words faith, giving their all, gratitude, and commitment.

Australia and New Zealand are moving for a good cause

There will be a remake of the successful 2015 Moveathon that will begin tomorrow, Saturday, 17 March 2018. Brothers and sisters have organised themselves in teams and will be getting together for walking, running, skating, swimming, or just a casual walk in the park. Whatever suits the participants best. The proceeds will go to NACare. Registration is complete, and everybody is waiting to get moving.

The first Moveathon was held in 2015. The participants covered more than 3,000 kilometres at the time and raised over 20,000 dollars. The money then was used to establish the charity. Starting in 2018, the Moveathon will be a major annual fundraiser for NACare, and help finance projects of the charity. NACare provides disaster assistance and help for other projects.

Ex-youth invited to celebrate jubilee

Easter this year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the first National Youth Convention in the Australia district. It was conducted in 1968 in Brisbane. “To celebrate this, a big reunion is planned for all the ex-youth who have ever attended a youth convention in our district since then,” District Apostle Andersen writes in the autumn edition of the Australia District News, inviting everyone to attend.

The Chief Apostle in Argentina

A national Apostles’ meeting, a festive concert, and two divine services: one in our central church in Buenos Aires and the second one in a convention centre in Rosario City. This is the Chief Apostle’s programme for his trip to Argentina this weekend. Some 100,000 members live in this South American country. They are spread over nearly 500 congregations and are cared for by 5,000 ministers. In Buenos Aires there are 18 New Apostolic congregations, among them also the central church at 682 Casero St., which seats 1,400 people. District Apostle Enrique Eduardo Minio is the host.

Buenos Aires is the capital of the country and the city with the biggest population. The city has 48 neighbourhoods, called barrios, with a population of three million, correspondent Viviana Aloy writes. The city was founded twice. The first time in 1536, when it was named Nuestra Señora Santa María del Buen Ayre (literally “Our Lady Saint Mary of the Good Air”). The site was abandoned by the settlers. A second settlement was established in 1580 by a Spanish explorer who dubbed it Santísima Trinidad and named the port Puerto de Santa María de los Buenos Aires.