Small and big celebrations around the world

The southernmost congregation and a large District Church in Africa are celebrating their anniversaries. And an aid organisation is celebrating a successful project—occasions which encourage reflection.

Two years of successful farming

For the last two years, NAK-karitativ and its partner NACRO, has been supporting a project in Malawi that secures water for small farmers. The two aid organisations of the New Apostolic Church Germany and the New Apostolic Church Zambia work together closely. “You cannot do anything without water,” nak-karitativ says, and begins to explain the long chain of providing lasting aid: building wells, training farmers in sustainable farming methods, and teaching them to cultivate crops in season. Money and the know-how of many specialists flow into such projects to help the farmers in making a living for themselves. After two years now, it is beautiful to see how much success there has been—in the fields and in the farmers’ pockets.

The southernmost New Apostolic congregations celebrates its 25th

The southernmost New Apostolic congregation in the world is in Ushuaia. The town is situated in Tierra del Fuego, at the southern tip of Argentina. The congregation recently celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary. Apostle Claudio González came to commemorate the occasion. The congregation went all out in preparing for their special feast. A jubilee choir was formed. In fact, choir members from as far away as Rio Grande and Rio Gallegos joined the choir—a distance of up to 600 kilometres. They not only sang during the divine service, but also gave a concert, which was attended by 120 people.

Ninetieth anniversary in Zambia

The District Church Zambia was founded ninety years ago. The members celebrated this anniversary together with Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider. Some 14,000 people attended the divine service he conducted on Sunday, 29 April 2018, in Livingstone.

In this divine service, the Chief Apostle placed two long-standing Apostles into retirement: Apostle Godwin Lubinda Nyuwa and Apostle Bisenga Ignatius Luneta. Apostle Nyuwa had served the congregations in various ministries for 38 years, and Apostle Luneta for 41 years. The Chief Apostle then went on to ordain District Elders Peter Mukonda (39) and Sabwize Tufule (53) as Apostles. In view of the impending retirement of District Apostle Charles S. Ndandula in 2019, the Chief Apostle assigned Apostle Kububa Soko (50) from Zambia as a District Apostle Helper.