Successful drill: central church evacuated

Dialogue with other religions, making children familiar with the Bible, and practising evacuation procedures. Congregational life is not only about divine services and music. Here is a look at three continents.

Evacuation drill in Silvertown

Building permits, fire safety, first aid … a whole series of regulations directly affect congregational life. The requirements vary from country to country. Ultimately, they serve to protect and can save lives. Every organisation needs to be well-informed and prepared in the event that disaster strikes. That means regular drills.

In the working area of District Apostle John L. Kriel (South Africa) all congregations had an evacuation drill. The Silvertown Congregation in Cape Town posted some photos on Facebook. The rector confirmed that he was pleased with the prompt response from members.

Vacation Bible School in the Philippines

Also this year, the children from the Makati congregation in Manila came together for their annual Vacation Bible School (VBS). Drawings, crafts, videos, games, storytelling and much more was on the agenda. Several Sunday School teachers volunteered to help and, together with Bishop Samuel Tansahtikno, put together a week-long programme. “Jesus and Nicodemus”, “The ten lepers”, “The prodigal son” were some of the Bible stories that were discussed and worked on. On the third day, there was a recorder workshop: members of the Makati orchestra helped teach the children the basics of playing the recorder.

On day six, a field trip was organised to the Kinder Zoo Adventure. It was a fantastic week of VBS, something that the children will long remember.

Observer status in the Council of Christian Churches of Uruguay

Active ecumenism is being practised around the world. Just recently, denominations in South America moved a little closer together. After many years of joint activities, the New Apostolic Church has now been awarded observer status in the Council of Christian Churches of Uruguay (Consejo de Iglesias Cristianas del Uruguay). For a number of years, some New Apostolic Christians and members of the Christian Youth Association had been part of the Committee for Mission and Ecumenism. And it is in this constellation that they are active: in congregational activities, in music—within and outside of the respective churches.

The Council of Christian Churches of Uruguay includes the Anglican Church, the United Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Pentecostal Church, the Methodist Church, and others.

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