A few more votes away from winning

The 43 choristers have been making great music for a number of years already. The New Apostolic chamber choir is currently participating in a choral competition and asking for support. All they need are a few more votes.

Support the best choir

The 2018 German Choir Competition is currently being held in Germany. It does not happen very often that a church choir competes against school, jazz, and boys’ choirs and other vocal groups. But this is exactly what is happening right now. A total of 46 choirs from all over the country have made it into the final round of the competition. Who the winner is will be decided by public online vote. There is time until Sunday, 4 November.

A group of New Apostolic Christians from Wilhelmshaven, under the direction of Gerrit Junge, have taken up the challenge to compete against other choral enthusiasts. The Kammerchor Wilhelmshaven, a chamber choir, performs in public as a church choir. Thanks to a video, everyone can convince themselves of the group’s passion for music, as well as the exceptional quality of their voices. They are just a few votes short of winning, and are grateful for every vote!

Update of the congregation search app, nacmaps

nacmaps not only shows the nearest New Apostolic congregation, but is also a valuable aid in planning your holiday or business trip. Once the congregation has been selected, the app—designed for smartphones and tablets—displays GPS data and contacts. Congregations from 53 countries are included in the database.

There is a new update for iOS and Android devices. Once installed, the app will support the current operating systems perfectly and also make optimal use of larger display surfaces. The update also includes bug fixes. The app can be downloaded from iTunes and the Google Playstore.


The brothers and sisters in Papua New Guinea are mourning the death of their Apostle. Zuhuke Hungito passed away suddenly on 19 October at the age of 59. He is survived by his wife, Mary, and their six children. The funeral was held this past Wednesday in Lae by District Apostle Peter Schulte from Australia, who is responsible for the Western Pacific district.

In a letter informing the Apostles of their fellow Apostle’s death, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider expresses his sincere sympathy to the Apostle’s family and all the mourners. “May our heavenly grant them much comfort, strength, and confidence during this difficult time.”

Apostle Hungito was born on 16 April 1959. It was not until 1988 that he got to know the New Apostolic Church. He was sealed in the same year and ordained a Priest on 26 November 1988. Other ministries followed. In a divine service in Toronto (Canada) on 25 May 1999 he was ordained a Bishop, after which he worked for the Church full-time. On 11 December 2011 Chief Apostle Leber ordained him into the Apostle ministry.

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