Volunteer work – The sky is the limit

December 5th is dedicated to people who volunteer and do important tasks in society. There are thousands of them. Thank God!

Volunteers play an important role in society, something that benefits the whole of humanity and merits strong support. Today on International Volunteer Day António Guterres, UN Secretary-General, “thanks volunteers for their efforts to leave no one behind”.

Leaving no one behind

So far, so good, but the world looks different. There are wars, conflicts, aggression, class differences, poverty, and envy. Often enough, public officials make the lives of volunteers hard. It is exasperating. And often, volunteers can do little in such cases. But even so, every little bit that is done to help others is time well spent. Here are some examples.

  • Anyone who looks after or works with children knows how little they really need: a bit of time, some attention, peace, harmony, and, above all, good role models. Anyone who helps to contribute to their happiness reaps happiness himself, which is rewarding enough. Basically, everyone can be an example simply through their behaviour and actions. One neither needs money nor a ministry for this. Anybody who asks himself how he can give children a good start in life, is doing a great job.
  • Young people need friends! They want to be taken seriously. It would be good to treat them as equals, which is an important principle. Often the older ones learn from the younger ones that the truth cannot be bent indiscriminately, that efforts to achieve a lasting peace or the preservation of the environment are worthwhile. Helping and guiding them as volunteer friends is an important aspect of volunteer work.
  • Sick people look for support and security. Bringing some joy to them is not difficult: a good word, taking time to listen to them, showing empathy, or simply showing them that we are close to them. The possibilities are endless. A visit to someone who is bedridden has always been a source of joy.

Campaigning to promote Jesus

One important volunteer effort is often overlooked: proclaiming the gospel, professing faith in Jesus Christ. This should be the motto of any Christian—not because one feels forced to do so or because there is the prospect of a reward, but in a totally voluntary way and with inner conviction. The Son of God Himself expressed this testimony of faith quite clearly: “Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven” (Matthew 10: 32). This is not a matter for a confessional rule book, but active faith in Jesus Christ on a daily basis, outside the walls of the church, in the midst of the world.

Changing the world

Today, on International Volunteer Day, let us follow this call: keep the law of love, you humans. Then many things in this world will become better, people will show compassion to other people, the weak will be heard, and everyone will have friends. Volunteers make a difference. In fact, they are the difference.

Photo: Africa Studio - stock.adobe.com

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