When communion is not a foreign concept

A lively and active Church always produces surprising news. This week we look at an architectural prize, an additional Bible reading, and a full-time position for a youth worker.

An inviting and open aesthetic

The New Apostolic Church in Dessau (Germany) has just been awarded the architectural prize of the City Dessau-Rosslau. The building is an example for the art of construction propagated by Walter Gropius already, “building for the community”, the expert jury stated in its evaluation. The church building is an inviting and open synthesis of necessary building structure and free space, and reflects the harmonious image of an open community. Also praised was the fact that all functional concerns of the congregation had been considered, as well as the well-proportioned and acoustically efficient church hall, the accessibility for senior citizens, and the expandable parish space for small children. The church thus represents an interesting architectural intervention in the fabric of the city, the jury said.

The city received eight applications for the architectural prize, including the church building of the New Apostolic Church. The citizens were able to cast their vote for their favourite building online. Almost 1,000 votes were cast. The audience award went to the New Apostolic Church in Kantor Street 51 with 370 votes, not least because of numerous supporters from other areas who cast their vote following a social media campaign..

Bible study services with Bible readings

In the month of July there will be an additional Bible reading in our divine services. In the last midweek service of the month the topic will be Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians. The different reactions to the joyful message of the resurrection of the Lord and the activity of the Apostles of Jesus in the churches caused problems at the beginning of church history. There were those who wanted things to remain as they had always been, including dietary rules and circumcision, while others we. impressed by the new doctrinal developments, according to which Gentiles could also belong to the people of God and based on their own culture.

The Bible reading in this evening service will therefore look at the question of what is more valid before God: the law or faith? By means of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, differences that would otherwise have to remain on account of the law, lose their meaning.

Since their introduction in the New Apostolic Church, Bible readings have always taken place on church holidays. However, in November 2018 the District Apostle Meeting extended this.

Looking for a full-time youth worker

The New Apostolic Church Northern and Eastern Germany is advertising a position for a full-time youth worker. He or she will be based in Hamburg (Germany). The core tasks include the development of a strategic concept for the District Church’s youth work as well as the support of volunteer youth leaders in providing pastoral care to young people. The job profile also includes the interweaving of pastoral care of children and youth, as well as support in the field of confirmation instruction. The District Church is looking for a candidate (m/f/d) with a bachelor’s degree in social education, religious education, or a comparable qualification. An additional qualification in congregational studies is desirable.

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Peter Johanning
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