Two chief apostles answer questions from reporters and church delegates

Zurich. The press conference on the New Apostolic Church's change in leadership took around an hour. The questions of the invited representatives from the media and other churches were numerous and very interesting.

Z The two chief apostles—retired Chief Apostle Richard Fehr and incumbent Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber—took advantage of this welcome opportunity to respond in detail to questions and explain the position of the Church on various issues.

The press conference took place last Wednesday in the Church's international seat in Zurich. Church and media delegates from Germany and Switzerland assembled in the NACI Congress Centre. First they heard opening statements from both chief apostles, and then there was a round of questions and answers. In cooperation with Jugend Online [Youth Online] we present a recording of the chief apostles' statements, as well as a summary of the questions and answers from the press conference of 18 May 2005.

Both of these recordings are only available in German. They are available for download in MP3 format:

Statements of chief apostles (approx. 8 MB)

Questions and answers (approx. 12 MB)

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Peter Johanning, Oliver Rütten
Chief Apostle, Personal data, Media