The greatest event under heaven

In recent days, small and big premières determined the life in various congregations as well as the work of charities and Church administrations.

Making our doctrine understandable

The Catechism of the New Apostolic Church in Questions and Answers is now also available in Tagalog. It has just been published. Tagalog is the most widely used language in the Philippines. A free copy of this book is available from the Church offices in the Philippines:

Seminar and training centre opened

“Jordan is a haven for many refugees fleeing the war-torn neighbouring countries of Syria and Iraq. Most come to Amman, the capital. That there are also more than half a million elderly people, who rarely receive care, is not an important issue in Jordanian society,” NAK-karitativ says, the aid organisation of the New Apostolic Churches in Germany. The context: there is no social health care; people still have to work at a high age, but rarely find a job after age 55 or when they have disability.

In the new training centre, hundreds of participants from 25 organisations are now being trained in how to care for and advise elderly people. These measures were put in place so that the elderly can lead an independent and dignified life. For this project, NAK-karitativ has partnered with HelpAge Germany e.V., as well as two other charities, German humanitarian assistance and Aktion Deutschland Hilfe.

Children’s home renovated

Children who can no longer live with their families because of significant physical or psychological neglect, violence or abuse can find a new home with ZeroSei. The project was started 13 years ago in Milano (Italy) by the foundation Alberto della vita (Tree of Life). The home can accommodate up to nine children at a time and provides loving care 24-7. NAK-Humanitas, the charity of the New Apostolic Church Switzerland, supported the renovation of the home with a financial contribution of 15,000 Swiss francs.

Church dedicated

Fifteen months of construction, a seating capacity of 1,800, 3,000 guests at the dedication. District Apostle Rainer Storck dedicated the new church in Uíge (Angola) in June. It is a big building and will serve a number of congregations, who have been merged, as their new home. The name of the new congregation: Mbemba Ngangu. During the service, the District Apostle confirmed a Shepherd in his ministry and commissioned him as rector.

The greatest event

Committing oneself and becoming involved is good and important. It improves people’s lives and makes congregational life possible. As part of society, as part of the congregation, people get involved and contribute what is needed to help others. “The greatest event under heaven”—the return of Christ—was not, however, part of it.

At the end of July, Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu made reference to the greatest event in human history when he was together with ministers for a week-long workshop in Lagos (Nigeria). The Apostle is not the only who makes reference to this: the return of Christ is an essential element of Christian faith. In every divine service we hear about the imminent return of Christ, and the plea for this is an integral part of every common prayer. And until then we will continue to teach, support, build, dedicate, and help.

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