Music, the universal language

Martin Luther was convinced that music is the best balsam for a sad and hurting person. However, even happy and cheerful people love music—then as now.

Music to the honour of God

There was relaxation and fun, a divine service with Holy Sealing, and lots of music at the Day of the Youth in the north-eastern part of Brazil. More than 100 young New Apostolic Christians gathered with Apostle Reinaldo Milczuk on 15 November 2019. They used the weekend to talk about their faith, to praise God with singing, and to enjoy each other’s company.

The day fell on a national holiday so that the Apostle conducted the service in the evening. In this service he sealed two young people with the Holy Spirit. In his sermon the Apostle called on the youth to have courage like Peter did and follow Jesus.

Reaching out to people with music

La noche de los templos (“The night of the churches”) presented an opportunity for the members of our central church in Buenos Aires (Argentina) to open their church to the public. The New Apostolic Church gave two concerts that night, drawing many people to our Church for the first time. Many people make their way to the various participating churches in and around Buenos Aires during this annual cultural event.The website of the City of Buenos Aires described it as a “magical night, in which religious traditions and cultures that co-exist in Buenos Aires are celebrated”.

“Many guests entered our church for the first time and were amazed not only by the music that our brothers and sisters performed, but also by the architecture of the building, the pipe organ, the different activities that are carried out here, and the order and peace that reigned there,” the New Apostolic Church South America writes. The two concerts that evening drew more than 800 people. The audience was able to enjoy performances by the choir, the orchestra, a brass ensemble, and they were able to hear the magnificent pipe organ.

A musical memento of the IYC

“The DVD and BluRay are coming.” The youth convention team has accomplished the almost impossible. They spent months reviewing 12,000 single videos, choosing the best clips, and cutting the material into an almost two-hour long documentary. It includes 60 pieces of music that allow you to relive the IYC in all its artistic diversity. The documentary offers a comprehensive cinematic overview—as probably only very few of the IYC participants even experienced the event.

“In addition to the major events in the Arena, the documentary features parts of the programme in the exhibition halls, it gives viewers a tour around hall 6, and shows excerpts from the sports programme. There is also a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the catering halls and the youth camp. In addition, the documentary tells many short stories, gives young visitors from all over the world a chance to speak, and carries the excitement and atmosphere of the youth convention straight into your living room.”

Both the DVD and BluRay are now in production and will be released on 18 December 2019. The DVD can be pre-ordered from Bischoff Verlag for 19.90 euros. BluRay offers a much sharper picture quality in HD resolution and sells for 24.90 euros. The DVD and BluRay can be ordered via the IYC website or directly from Bischoff Publishers at