Feeling God’s love and guidance

Living, working and believing in Malaysia. This is what Evangelist Loganathan Ramaurty Lawrence (51), the rector of the congregation in Kuala Lumpur, tells us about. And he reveals what gives him strength to dedicate himself the way he does.

What was your childhood like?

I was born into a Hindu family. I grew up in modest circumstances in Cheras, a district in Greater Kulara Lumpur. When I was twelve some Chinese friends and I started to work for a construction and cable company during the summer holidays. I also worked in restaurants and car washes or sold cookies that my mother had baked. This way I could help earn some money for the family.

Today you run your own company. How did your career path develop?

At the age of 19 I began to study at the branch of a German technical college in Kuala Lumpur. After graduation I started to work in an electrical company. Several years later, I set up a company that acted as a partner of this electrical company. In 2001 I started my own company.

When did you become acquainted with the New Apostolic Church?

A close friend introduced me to the New Apostolic Church. I started to attend the divine services and was baptised in August 1988. In November that same year I was sealed by Apostle Leslie Latorcai. I was quite surprised when I received the Sub-deacon ministry the same day.

What fascinates you about the New Apostolic faith?

I found Christ here; I responded to His call. The work of the Apostles strengthens my faith. I can feel the love and guidance of God. This is the source of my strength. 

What is life like in Malaysia as a Christian, a religious minority?

Malaysia is a democratic country; Christians can practise their religion freely. There are no disadvantages in everyday life. Society accepts us. Also our relatives and friends accept us and respect us as New Apostolic Christians

Since 2000 you have been the rector of Kuala Lumpur. Tell us a little bit about your congregation.

The New Apostolic congregation Kuala Lumpur was founded in the year 2000. In the beginning we gathered in the backroom of a business. In July 2012 we were able to move into new premises in a new office complex. Today the congregation has about 110 members. Three Priests support me in caring for the members. Everyone is welcome in our congregation. Sunday services begin at 10 a.m. and are held in Tamil and English.

What task is your favourite as rector?

I enjoy organising activities for the Sunday School children and the youth. By working with the children and the youth I learn a lot, especially when I go along with their way of thinking; it is really enriching.

In addition to this, the pastoral care of all brothers and sisters is important to me. I try to have an open ear for everyone. It brings us closer together, something which in my opinion is very important for congregational life. 

What does ministry mean to you?

I have learned how important daily prayers are, the dialogue with God. The ministry has taught me discipline and commitment.

How do you experience God?

God stands above everything. He is in full control over everything. That is what I am convinced of. My daughters were still small when I was starting up my own company and suddenly found myself up against a few challenges. All I could do was work hard—and I continued to serve God and trust Him with all my heart. Today my business is doing well. I am grateful for God’s grace and blessing. God is not only stands above everything, but He is also infinitely wise. I always advise my children to put God first in everything they do, for then He will guide them accordingly.

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Dinara Ganzer
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