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    Celebrating a truly holy Communion

    No accusations, no reproaches … forget all the old stuff and experience the presence of Jesus Christ in Holy Communion. Chief Apostle Schneider has a special congregational project that he would like us to get involved in. More

    Called by God irrespective of money or fame

    The greatest wish of many people is to be with the Lord forever. God elects and calls to this great future. However, there is still a second call we need to hear. Thoughts from a divine service by the Chief Apostle. More

    Twelve petitions that God hears

    Five petitions more than in the Lord’s Prayer and a promise that God will hear these petitions … Chief Apostle Schneider talks about day-to-day, worthwhile wishes of the believers. More

    Spotlight 18/2018: Faithfulness has to do with love

    Faithfulness without love is hardly possible. District Apostle Peter Schulte (Australia) has taken a glimpse into the Bible and penned down his thoughts on the Chief Apostle’s 2018 motto. More

    Register for the IYC 2019 now

    The registration period for the International Youth Convention in the coming year has finally started. About 30,000 young people are expected at the exhibition grounds in the city of Düsseldorf (Germany). They will come from many countries to celebrate together for four days. More