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    Message on International Youth Day

    The United Nations’ International Youth Day is observed annually on 12 August. We asked Paxton Fielies from Cape Town for a short message this year. Here it is. Thanks, Paxton! More

    “It comes down to our willingness.”

    Only if we ourselves forgive can we receive grace. Really? But what if you really are not able to forgive a terrible deed that has been done to you? This video excerpt provides an answer from a divine service by the Chief Apostle. More

    Peace offerings: human, divine, perfect

    Everyone wants peace—but which peace, exactly? The peace Jesus left mankind or the peace which He gave mankind? Here is what we need to do so that the tender shoots can grow and bear fruit: care instructions from a divine service. More

    Don’t forget heaven!

    The transfiguration of the Lord is a revelatory event in the beginnings of the church. It leads Christians into a supernatural dimension and wants to tell them: there are goals worth striving for even outside of your daily lives. Don’t just seek to reach your earthly goals; remember heaven. More

    The greatest event under heaven

    In recent days, small and big premières determined the life in various congregations as well as the work of charities and Church administrations. More