“You feel as at home as though you were at home”

Russia, Croatia, Argentina: his success as a pastry chef and confectioner takes him around the world. Right now the native Frenchman lives in Hong Kong. What gives him stability both at home and abroad is his faith. This is a portrait about Priest Gaël Majchrzak. More

Paths that do not end

This week we pay tribute to two members who passed away, and we join District Apostle Isnugroho on a journey to Malaysia. More

Preventing violence and sexual assault

It is a burning social issue, and it doesn’t stop at the doors of the church either. Nevertheless, everyone is to know that the New Apostolic church condemns violence and sexual assault in the strongest possible terms. Such actions are violations of human personality and dignity. More

The kingdom of God: both a present and a future reality

“It is Jesus who rules over His church. Let us therefore be careful that we do not act like kings.” Strong words from the Chief Apostle in a divine service in Santo Domingo. How it came to this … More

Raising awareness against sexual assault

A certificate of good conduct as a confidence-building measure: District Apostle Michael Ehrich (Southern Germany) explains the concept of awareness in advance. More on preventing violence and sexual assault on nac.today tomorrow. More

Impulses from the IYC – Help! My husband is a minister

How can I be a good example in faith for my children, if there is no time to look after my own soul? What can I do when my work-life-church-balance is out of balance? There were some answers at the IYC 2019. More

Given for all: wafers for people with special needs

Not everyone can be so carefree when they partake of Holy Communion: some of the ingredients in the wafers can be harmful for people with certain illnesses. But even here, Germany’s main wafer bakery can provide assistance. More

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