Historical meeting in Hilversum

The rapprochement of apostolic denominations is continuing: after declarations of reconciliation in Germany and Switzerland, as well as an initial meeting in South Africa, there has now also been a meeting in the Netherlands—and this one was in a much larger context. More

Taking time to discuss our faith

Parents provide for the natural wellbeing of their children, promote their talents, and support them as they grow into adulthood. But parents are also responsible for the spiritual development of their children. “Take a little more time for this,” said Chief Apostle Schneider as he appealed to parents. More

A matter for parents

Who is responsible for the religious education of children? Teachers, Priests, or parents? For Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider, this is not an open question—there is a clear answer. More

Mourning and comforting together

All interested parties are invited: the New Apostolic congregations in the German-speaking regions of the world will be open to the public for a service for the departed on Sunday, 6 November 2016. The preparations are already underway. More

Letters from the evil one—the best response

We have all experienced it—a thought from outside that feels like a letter straight from the evil one bearing the message, “You don’t have a chance.” How are we to react to this? “Just like King Hezekiah,” says the Chief Apostle. Following are some answers from a divine service. More

Only another 978 days to go

The first International Youth Day of the New Apostolic Church will run from 30 May to 2 June 2019. The rental contracts with the Düsseldorf fairgrounds have already been signed, and the planning committee is making some basic decisions on the programme of events. More

At home around the world – and travelling

“Go into all the world…”— not least of all on their travels through their home countries and the missionary regions in their care do the District Apostles fulfil their Great Commission. In so doing, they often bring along a gift or two in their luggage for the congregations they visit. More

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