A midwife without borders

Angela’s walkie-talkie squawks: “A woman’s haemorrhaging. Can you come quickly?” It is midnight. She has just gone to bed. She jumps up and runs over. More

A diplomat adept in dealing with red tape

Deputy of the Chief Apostle, his right hand in handling official matters, and a man for all seasons. But he was far more than a bureaucrat: Apostle Arthur Landgraf. Tomorrow he would have been 130 years old. More

Joyful, expectant, full of hope

The year 2018 has more to offer than work, the daily grind, and to-do lists. Many congregations are preparing for small and big events. There is a hive of activity. And there is joy, enthusiasm, and hope—something that is quite becoming to Christians. More

Our 2018 motto: Proving our faithfulness to Christ

“Christ is faithful, and we are faithful to Him.” Behind this simple message is not only the 2018 motto of the New Apostolic Church, but an answer to the question how this faithfulness reveals itself. More

Steady growth in membership

The membership of the New Apostolic Church grew slightly in the year 2016. This is indicated by the most recent membership statistics. The figures hold a few surprises. More

There is a need for solidarity among churches

What exactly is church? Only the building? Only a certain denomination? An organisation? There are different definitions. Paul speaks of a “body of Christ” in Scripture. Following are some thoughts from the Chief Apostle on this subject. More

Children are a heritage from the Lord

The country does not need mini-theologians nor saints, but young Christians who have a good relationship with Jesus and are excited about God. And this is what parents and teachers want for their children. More

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