More than bread

Man does not live by bread alone. That goes without saying. But there are many people who do not even have that. And then there are those who possess so much that a piece of bread means little to them. In the Bible, bread symbolises life. More

Spotlight 05/2018: So that separation never blurs our faith

Distance, time, and fellowship are some of the factors that can influence our faithfulness to Christ. How can our love stand the test of time? Thoughts from District Apostle Michael Deppner from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. More

New Apostolic Church in Cuba finally recognised

In Cuba, the road to formal recognition for a church is long. However, the first success on the long road to recognition of the New Apostolic Church has been achieved: it has been officially constituted. More

Setting out to make a difference

Some have already reached their goals, others are still under way. People wanting to make a difference have set out to do just that. More

Professing Jesus Christ

Anyone who is convinced of their faith wants to share it with others. While the profession of faith is still the same, times have changed as has the way of calling attention to our church. A look back at the developments in Europe. More

Building bridges between inside and outside

Who is inside and who is outside? “Let’s not waste any time over this,” the Chief Apostle said. Other questions are far more important: what is inside, and how does it penetrate outside? More

The church of Christ explained

The church of Christ. What is it? And how does the New Apostolic Church fit into this concept? On two separate occasions recently, the term moved into the focus. More

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