Five examples of temptation — Jesus teaches us about victory

There is someone who really understands us because He Himself was made to suffer. And there is someone who can really help because He Himself succeeded. Jesus Christ showed how we can overcome temptation. Now all we have to do is follow His example. More

Kenya, a country in anticipation of the Chief Apostle

The Chief Apostle will conduct a divine service in Thika (Kenya) on 30 June. He will also celebrate the divine service for the departed in this East African country. The brothers and sisters have high expectations. More

Flashback (2): On fire for Jesus Christ

The power of the Holy Spirit is like a fire. This is what District Apostle Bernd Koberstein (Germany) made clear on Pentecost 2017: “If I am on fire then I will be able to ignite this fire in someone else. ” A look back at a powerful gesture. More

Taking an active role

The Church is alive. The Christian community is active. Taking an active role, living one’s faith, and helping to shape things … This is what characterises Christians—not just participating in divine services. More

Megacity New York: home for people from all over the world

New York City is known for its diversity. As the gate to the New World the city has welcomed immigrants from all over the world for decades. It has become the home for people of many different cultures, languages, backgrounds, and traditions. More

Black on white: our conception of ministry is unfolding

The conception of ministry of the New Apostolic Church is becoming more and more concrete. This is reflected in the publication which the ministers of the Church around the world will be receiving over the next few days. This is not a revolution, but certainly an evolution. More

“All I want is a life” – Thoughts on World Refugee Day

“There is no home without a house and a stove,” Abu says. He is a refugee and lives in a foreign country, far away from his homeland, his culture, and his family. Similar things occur around the world every day. What can Abu expect, and what will his life be like? More

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