Service for the departed goes public

Making a guest service out of the service for the departed? Across Europe this will be a first and take place on 6 November 2016. But a congregation in Africa is going even further—and will number more participants in the end than all of Europe put together. More

Good Hope: several generations under one roof

The New Apostolic Church operates child care facilities in a number of countries. In some areas, the Church even runs retirement homes. The multigenerational project Good Hope in Oberhausen is a combination of the two, and it is celebrating its fifth anniversary. More

Bridge-builder between churches, cultures, and generations

There has been a lot of talk about reconciliation over the past weeks. One man in particular was instrumental in quietly paving the way for this. Fifty years ago today, he was ordained into the ministry that preaches reconciliation: Hermann Engelauf. More

There is music in the air

A flashmob in the city, a charity concert in a shopping centre, and a singing contest sponsored by the radio. There is music in the air and New Apostolic Christians are right in the middle of it all when it comes to professing their faith or doing something good. More

Our conception of ministry: questions and answers

Apostles around the world are involved in building our conception of ministry. What has been gathered in meetings and working groups to date is currently being discussed by the District Apostles in Perth. Here is an overview. More

“Without God’s help I would not be where I am today!”

Rebekka Hartmann first began playing the violin at age five. Today she gives concerts around the world on her Stradivarius. Despite hard work and success, Rebekka Hartmann has never forgotten who gave her the talent. More

The cost of being a disciple

Everything has a price—even following Jesus Christ. Are you prepared to pay this price? What do you get in return? Questions and answers from a divine service by the Chief Apostle. More

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