Contributing to a collective solution

The challenges are clear, the objectives are defined. What are the means needed to achieve these? And what are the differences between today and the past? The last part of the interview with the Chief Apostle gives an overview of how the Church is setting itself up for the future. More

When Michael Kraus prayed …

“Switch the machines off, we are going to pray!” the loudspeakers crackled across the company premises. The boss was in and that meant everyone would come together to pray. More

For the love of life and the joy of faith

It is a year of united Youth Days. There was a double premiere this past weekend in Germany. The start, however, was made in South Africa at the beginning of the year. Join us as we look at three events celebrating the love of life and the joy of faith. More

Twelve petitions that God hears

Five petitions more than in the Lord’s Prayer and a promise that God will hear these petitions … Chief Apostle Schneider talks about day-to-day, worthwhile wishes of the believers. More

Cuba, an incredible country

He is the face of the New Apostolic Church in Cuba, the largest Caribbean island. He is a journalist with an alert mind and a big heart: Bishop Alex Michel Reyes Martinez is good for the Church. Learn a little more about him. More

Safe and sound abroad

Five months abroad not only improved Céline’s language skills. Living with a New Apostolic family and being part of the congregation in far away Canada also enriched her faith. More

A faith that lives in cultural diversity

There is no universal cure. The challenges that the global Church faces in the various regions are just too different. Part two of the interview with the Chief Apostle offers an approach: focus on the essentials. And what are these? More

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