Following the example of Jesus

Faith in the sacrifice of Jesus and in His love is essential. From there it is only a small step to responding to His love by doing good works. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider mentions seven ways we can combine our faith with works. More

IYC 2019: In search of artists and other contributions

Preliminary ideas for large events, possible accommodations, and a welcome package have already been set. Now the search is on for artists, soloists, and good ideas. More

From Europe to Papua New Guinea: looking beyond the horizon

Christian has been living in Lae, the second-largest city in Papua New Guinea since February 2017. Born in Graz, the Austrian is only now becoming acquainted with a completely different world. Here his report: looking beyond the horizon. More

At home around the world: even teachers have to learn!

Nothing works without training — anyone who wants to perform well will have to practise! This even applies to teachers, for example, in Sunday School. Our news overview from around the world reports on seminars according to the “train-the-trainers” principle. More

Talitha, cumi! — Arise!

“It’s too late! It’s no use anymore!” That was the response of the people to Jesus some 2,000 years ago—just before He raised a young girl from the dead. And this dismissive response can still be heard again and again even today, said Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider. More

Photography in the divine service—a service in itself

Do I snap photos of every individual flower of the altar decoration with a macro lens and ring flash two minutes before the start of the divine service? Should I hide four radio-controlled flash units in the floral arrangements to create better lighting for the altar space? – What works and what doesn’t? More

“I wish I had sufficient vocabulary to describe it!”

How will the future kingdom of God actually be? In response to this question, the Chief Apostle simply stated that he was at a loss for words. But it might helpful for our understanding to read what the Bible has to say on the subject. More

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