Having food to eat means peace

The sun rises on this day just as it does on every other—many people enjoy breakfast, many people do not. And yet it does not take all that much to be there for other people in times of need. Today is World Humanitarian Day. More

In joy and sorrow

Good days, difficult times, and very sad news—this is something that the Apostles and their families experience too. News from the circle of the Apostles: attacks in Spain, a wedding anniversary, and two unexpected deaths. More

Steadfast in prayer

Divine services involve more than merely hearing the word of God, celebrating Holy Communion, and enjoying fellowship. There is something else: the communal prayer of the congregation. And this is really powerful stuff. Seven reasons why we should fold our hands together. More

The centenary of the combo-wafer – beyond Bielefeld

Something has to happen when the machines run twice as quickly as originally planned. But even elsewhere, baking wafers is anything but child’s play. This is the story of production facilities beyond Bielefeld. More

Dying to live: when the seed grows

To die with Christ means to resurrect with Christ. And this is not something that will happen eventually. It is happening here and now. But no one has to suffer the fate of a martyr for this. On the contrary, this new life is a matter of growth. More

About a fig tree bearing no fruit

A green fig tree is worth a mint! People in the ancient world already knew that. Its large leaves provided pleasant shade. But what use was the tree and its beautiful leaves if you were hungry? A fig tree without any fruit does not fill bellies. More

Democratic Republic of the Congo: land of hope

Between joy and fear. The Democratic Republic of the Congo has been in the grip of war and violence for years. The Chief Apostle knows the fears as well as the hopes and makes a point of addressing these issues twice on his trip there. Join us for part three of Peter Johanning’s travel diary. More

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