Cuba, an incredible country

He is the face of the New Apostolic Church in Cuba, the largest Caribbean island. He is a journalist with an alert mind and a big heart: Bishop Alex Michel Reyes Martinez is good for the Church. Learn a little more about him. More

Safe and sound abroad

Five months abroad not only improved Céline’s language skills. Living with a New Apostolic family and being part of the congregation in far away Canada also enriched her faith. More

A faith that lives in cultural diversity

There is no universal cure. The challenges that the global Church faces in the various regions are just too different. Part two of the interview with the Chief Apostle offers an approach: focus on the essentials. And what are these? More

Successful drill: central church evacuated

Dialogue with other religions, making children familiar with the Bible, and practising evacuation procedures. Congregational life is not only about divine services and music. Here is a look at three continents. More

Flashback: And they continued …

Pentecost 2018: between District Apostle Meeting, exhibition, and divine service. Behind-the-scenes footage of the four days in Washington (USA). More

Stages on the way to heaven

To die, serve, and love: this is a simplified description of the path that leads to eternal glory. There is a role model we can follow, someone who has walked this path before. Here is a step-by-step guide from a divine service by the Chief Apostle. More

You can love everyone!

A District Apostle is responsible for the leadership of the Church, the development of the congregations, the purity of the doctrine, and that there are enough ministers. On Sunday, 3 June 2018 Chief Apostle Schneider appointed a new leader for the district of Switzerland. More

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