A clear stance against hatred and bullying

Hate comments, racial slurs, and bullying … social media is not always a source of joy. Things are faked, there are attacks, and public sentiment is stirred up … We see it and … go to the next page? More

Spotlight 3/2018: Witnesses of Christ

There is a difference between a reporter and a witness. District Apostle Mark Woll (Canada) explains the difference and formulates a clear mission for Christians. More

Electronic offering box: another way to share

From producing communion wafers to providing churches to paying full-time ministers, the church needs money to fulfil its mission. Interestingly, the traditional offering box is no longer the only way that we can contribute our mite. More

Christian dialogue: sharing the Christian belief

Being a Christian does not stop at the church door. This is demonstrated by the many encounters during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in the past month. The common idea: different, but reconciled. More

Beyond the headlines – Helping when disaster strikes

Disaster relief and rebuilding programmes were the primary focus of the NAC SEA Relief Fund in the year 2016. The charity responds to calls of distress from people in need, and not just because of sensational headlines. More

Going through life with Jesus

“If Jesus were standing next to me, would I say this or would I do that?” Chief Apostle Schneider used a simple but clear image to make the notion of discipleship concrete. More

An ambassador of kindness

It is not necessarily the big doers who leave their mark in peoples’ hearts. District Apostle Gotthilf Volz was born 125 years ago. People remember him as being warm and kind, generous, and truthful. More

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