Spotlight 4/2017: Behave!

Reprimands, pressure, and a stern look—can these measures fire up our enthusiasm for Jesus Christ? District Apostle Leonard R. Kolb (USA) remembers his childhood and finds some parallels. More

All you need is trust

“My life was quite simple: everything was exciting,” says André Miku Mpeti, a retired Priest. Born in the Congo, he came to Belgium as a young man and has now been living in Iceland for many years. More

Glory be to God: expressing gratitude through sacrifice and trust in God (5/7)

Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider is convinced: the extent to which we trust in God becomes apparent in the way we behave—in our conversations and how we treat our neighbour. More

Small pieces make the picture big

Many small stories from around the world testify of the everyday joys and the strength of faith of New Apostolic Christians. Here they are. More

Pastoral care in Senegal

It takes a whole village to raise a child. This African proverb also exists in Senegal. Following are some experiences from this West African country which the Chief Apostle will be visiting this coming Sunday. More

Making God’s will happen

“Your will be done!” That is easily prayed, but what exactly is it that we must do to move from words to deeds? The answer is fourfold and was given by the Chief Apostle in a recent divine service. More

One name, two denominations: New Apostolic in South Africa

For more than a decade, there were two denominations that carried the name “New Apostolic Church” in South Africa. Between 1913 and 1926 Apostle Carl Georg Klibbe, who was the more senior of the two, and Apostle Schlaphoff each led one of the New Apostolic Churches. The case was finally settled in court. More

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