No attempts at an explanation, no cheap comfort

Pastoral care is complex and individual. Sometimes it is a single prayer, but often it is a special and close relationship, and continued support. In a meeting of ministers, Chief Apostle Schneider talked about his conception of pastoral care. More

At home worldwide: to church by boat

Navigating the Congo River by motorboat sounds like an adventurous holiday, but for many ministers in the Congo this is the norm and the only way they can reach congregations to celebrate divine services. More

The Church’s first church building

His name is not really all that well known, but he was one of the pioneers of what later came to be known as the New Apostolic Church. Apostle Friedrich Wachmann bought the first church building and published a devotional book. He was born 175 years ago to the day. More

The queen of Sheba’s visit to Solomon

About a thousand years before the birth of Christ there was a legendary encounter between two wealthy rulers, one that has been immortalized in three world religions and one that people still talk about today. This encounter is recorded in the Bible and in the Koran, and it has been the subject of films. More

Spotlight 15/2016: Standing firm on a solid foundation

Those who stand firm will not be thrown off balance easily. District Apostle Bernd Koberstein from Germany talks about an essential skill that will help us gain victory with Christ. More

Burial funds in South Africa: help in the event of death

Three years ago, the NAC Burial Fund of the New Apostolic Church Cape celebrated eighty years. The fund was established in 1933 by the then Assistant Chief Apostle Heinrich Franz Schlaphoff (1894−1965). It was his wish that the members of the Church receive a dignified burial. More

Hungry for God’s word: the Chinese community in Canada

Practising the Christian faith in China is difficult. But in Canada Chinese Christians can live their faith publicly and do so full of enthusiasm. Within the New Apostolic Church in the country they constitute a separate ethnic group. More

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