Knowing God and responding to Him

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. This is how people share what is important for them today. Actually, this is old hat, because with respect to our life of faith, all we have to do is look in the Psalms and in the prophets. Following is a guideline from a divine service by the Chief Apostle. More

A divided chancel and a design with a history

“You don’t even have an altar.” Members in our church in Hanover-South often hear this sort of thing. Why this is the case and why this is not true … Here is a look at the congregation the Chief Apostle will be visiting this coming Sunday. More

The Church in the world: an eye on global risks

Not of this world, but in this world … A Church is also exposed to world events and needs to think about what all can happen in the event of conflicts, wars, and disasters. Is there a way to prepare for something like this? More

Neighbouring districts to merge 2018

“Not only in Africa are there plans to merge neighbouring church districts, but also in Germany.” This is how, the official website of the New Apostolic Church, announces a pending third merger. More

The making-of: how the New Year’s message is created

It is late November. Christmas still seems so far away, let alone the new year. But Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider wants to record his New Year’s message today. All good things come in threes. More

Sunday School graduation ceremony

The only way children really have a future is with a good education. This not only applies in everyday life, but also spiritually. Featured in this week’s review are these two aspects, as well the Chief Apostle’s recent trip to the USA. More

A remake: Jesus in words and miracles

It was one of the biggest music projects that the New Apostolic Church has ever staged. Now there are plans for a remake. The pop oratorio “I am! Jesus in words and miracles” will be restaged in 2018. More

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