From the lowest of depths to the greatest of heights

“When I think about Ascension Day, I think about a cloud that slowly makes its way heavenward with the Lord Jesus on top of it,” says fourteen-year-old Michael in Confirmation Class. Fair enough! After all, that is how the Bible describes it. More

Pleading our own cause: we want you to share!

Whether on the web, using an app, or in print – news is available via many channels. But there are still others who want to share news in their own way. Is that all right? There is a clear answer to that question—along with three little points to observe. More

A health check-up for our life of faith

Joyless and weary? Set in your ways and irreconcilable? — These are symptoms of a sickness in our life of faith. But there is a very simple cure: saying “yes” to Him who wants to—and will—help everyone. More

Vienna sends signals around the world

Ten satellites and eleven ground stations will make it possible: on Pentecost, the New Apostolic Church around the world will edge closer to one another and form one large congregation. And in the process the central divine service will return to the place of its roots. More

“A very solid, quiet worker”

Preserving unity is the greatest challenge. With Apostle Edy the Church in South East Asia will receive an energetic Helper. More

“Let’s get together”—in Brazil for 90 years

It all began with a newspaper ad… This year, the New Apostolic Church in Brazil is celebrating its 90th birthday—with a lot of music, a youth convention that transcends borders, and an unusual invitation to all. More

At home around the world: “Yes” to faith and working in the congregation

Older members take their well-deserved retirement and younger helpers take on responsibility. That is how life is everywhere, even in New Apostolic congregations. More

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