Megacity São Paulo: the engine that keeps the country running!

A population of twelve million in the city proper, and twenty million in the metropolitan area: São Paulo is the largest city in South America. And how do New Apostolic Christians live there? More

Glory be to God: giving thanks by forgiving (6/7)

God is merciful and forgives the sinner. This liberates and makes a repentant sinner’s day. At the same time, God expects tremendous things from us. Chief Apostle Schneider with a specific appeal. More

Sharing joy and sorrow

Here there is excitement over a special guest, there someone has to take leave of a loved one or has lost all his belongings in a flood. News from around the world—between joy and sorrow. More

The night at the Jabbok – Jacob wrestles with the angel

To fight against death and the devil—this is nothing new to Christians. But to fight against an angel? An old story retold. More

Five good reasons for hope

Hope is for fools. – Not if you have good reasons. In fact, already the expectation of something shows concrete effects. Thoughts from a divine service by the Chief Apostle on confidence, testimony, and sticking together. More

Spotlight 4/2017: Behave!

Reprimands, pressure, and a stern look—can these measures fire up our enthusiasm for Jesus Christ? District Apostle Leonard R. Kolb (USA) remembers his childhood and finds some parallels. More

All you need is trust

“My life was quite simple: everything was exciting,” says André Miku Mpeti, a retired Priest. Born in the Congo, he came to Belgium as a young man and has now been living in Iceland for many years. More

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