Vienna sends signals around the world

Ten satellites and eleven ground stations will make it possible: on Pentecost, the New Apostolic Church around the world will edge closer to one another and form one large congregation. And in the process the central divine service will return to the place of its roots. More

Pentecost 2016: a look back at a feast of thanksgiving

Frankfurt, a place steeped in history; a gathering of all European Apostles; a great Pentecost concert; and a large congregation that celebrated a feast of thanksgiving … This is how Pentecost 2016 will be remembered. More

Let your heart sing!

If they are not practising then they are singing. And that with the right amount of talent, hard work, and stunning warmth and friendliness. Follow us as we take you on an excursion over an extended weekend with members of the Cape Town Children Choir. More

And sometimes words fail them anyway

They have the last word, yet nobody sees them. They listen and talk at the same time and all of this in two languages. How do interpreters experience the transmission of a divine service like we just had over Pentecost 2016? More

Snapshots (5): Heartfelt moments and encounters

Excitement, emotions, surprise—the Pentecost event was not only a festival of faith, but also a celebration of heartfelt warmth. Here are some emotional moments that our photographers were able to capture between arrival and departure. More

Snapshots (4): Concert gallery

The Pentecost concert in the magnificent Wiesbaden concert hall turned out to be a firework of sound. From old masters to new songs, the audience heard magnificent and exciting works. We captured some moving moments on camera. More

Walking in the Holy Spirit: a video of the Pentecost service

Taking a stance and setting an example for the Christian faith. This is the appeal Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider made at Pentecost. The focus of his sermon was: “Walking in the Spirit”. Following are video excerpts … More

Snapshots (3): The Pentecost service

Approximately 2,000 people experienced the divine service live in Frankfurt, and tens of thousands of brothers and sisters across Europe enjoyed a video broadcast of the Pentecost service. What they saw can be viewed in our photo gallery from the Congress Center in Frankfurt am Main. More

Walking in the Spirit: a how-to-guide at Pentecost

God is very close to mankind through the Holy Spirit. This is what Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider brought home in a very impressive way in the Pentecost service. How the Comforter and Helper works, and how the faithful can use this power, are the most important aspects of the sermon. More

Old masters and new songs—an impressive Pentecost concert

“Great! Outstanding! Wonderful voices! A fantastic programme!”—such were the unanimous reactions to the evening’s musical programme. Pentecost concerts are legendary. The special thing about this year was a children’s choir from Cape Town that performed in Wiesbaden. More

Snapshots (2): Set-up begins in the “Harmonie” hall

Preparations for the Pentecost divine service are in full swing. After a good year of planning there remains only a short window of time for this in the end—and there is a good reason. More

Lively exchange at the Apostle Meeting

The New Apostolic Church witnessed an Apostle Meeting of a different kind at the start of this year’s Pentecost gathering in Frankfurt am Main. Instead of giving his usual keynote address, the Chief Apostle focused entirely on listening. And there was only one subject of discussion. More

“A live event for heart and soul”

On site in Frankfurt: the Apostles have assembled from many countries of Europe. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider has invited them for an Apostle Meeting and a Pentecost divine service—a rare celebration. More

Snapshots (1): Participants arrive at Pentecost meeting

“Welcome!” — That is the word of the day in Frankfurt, as today is the day when all those participating in the Pentecost festivities of the New Apostolic Church are arriving. The children’s choir from South Africa—which will be performing at tomorrow’s concert—already arrived yesterday. More

Frankfurt: a focal point in Church history

Official seat, media centre, and starting point: Frankfurt am Main plays an important role in the history of the New Apostolic Church in several respects. Following is a look at the city in which the Chief Apostle will celebrate Pentecost this coming Sunday. More

Pentecost: transmission to almost 50 countries

The Pentecost service in Frankfurt (Germany) will go on air in more than 20 languages. For the first time, the broadcasting centre is working from its new location—and is well prepared. More

A finger on the pulse of time: apostolic councils

One heart and soul: this will be the agenda not only of the central Pentecost service in Frankfurt, but also of the Apostles’ conference that will take place there. But while the service is a public event, the meeting takes place behind closed doors. What takes place there? More

Pentecost signifies life and a new start

What exactly is Pentecost? If you ask people on the street, many have no idea. And yet Pentecost is a prominent Christian feast. It stands for divine service and church, for life and a new start. More

Proclaiming the gospel boldly

“Living in the Spirit” is the motto for this year’s Pentecost festivities in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). District Apostle Bernd Koberstein welcomes participants from all over Europe. More

Pentecost 2016: The countdown is on

Two weeks from now, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will be in Frankfurt (Germany) to celebrate Pentecost. How is the hosting District Apostle? Is this causing him sleepless nights? More