Charting the course for a joint future

The two independent District Apostle Areas in South America will merge in 2019. This announcement was recently made by the Church leaders. More

Advent – You get what you give!

Advent spirit and Christmas joy? Unfortunately, this is not the case everywhere. In the time leading up to Christmas conflicts, war, egoism, and bullying do not cease. Reflections on Advent. More

Do not forget to do good and share with others

People who do good get more out of life. Doing good, especially in the days leading up to Christmas, opens our eyes for new perspectives and wonderful experiences. Following are some examples of all that is being done for the less fortunate. More

New Year, new motto – Attention! You're on

Monday, 27 November. A session of the International District Apostle Meeting has just ended, as has a meeting of the Finance Committee. By the time the Chief Apostle arrives in the recording studio it is already three o’clock in the afternoon. More

“We cannot help but love”

There are many reasons to ignore, despise, or even hate our neighbour. “But be steadfast in love, don’t give up,” the Chief Apostle says. “We believe in the final victory of love. That is our conviction.” More

Kinshasa: people build their own churches

Seventeen-hundred congregations and ten Apostle districts in one city alone. A look at a New Apostolic stronghold which the Chief Apostle will visit this coming weekend. More

Get up!

A mathetria, a female disciple, is mentioned in the New Testament only once. Her appearance on the biblical stage lasts only seven verses, but her fate makes an impact. It is a situation of life and death. More

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