A journey through the liturgical year

The liturgical year is an annual cycle of feasts that focus on Christmas and Easter. The New Apostolic Church also follows the liturgical year. What is this exactly? More

The centenary of the communion wafer – Boosting productivity

Once the decision was made the problems started in earnest: how will the wine get on the wafers? The long road from handmade applicators and waffle irons to fully automated production facilities. More

For as often as you eat this bread …

Proclaiming is far more than gossiping, making public, or posting on Facebook. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider surprises with a logical but demanding implication. Thoughts about Holy Communion. More

The future of the Church is … little!

Councils, meetings, events—one Church event chases another. And much of that which is essential and important is often inconspicuous and maybe not even at eye-level. More

From the inside out

Charity begins at home and should not stop inside our own Church. This is an approach that many congregations across the globe practice. More

Mandatum novum do vobis: A new commandment I give to you

“It took ages,” says Michael. He is one of a group of youth, who re-enacted the washing of the feet on Maundy Thursday. “I thought it would go a lot faster.” We can draw lessons from this all the more. More

The secret of success: buy, put on, and apply

Being rich, looking good, and having excellent prospects … The key to such heavenly success is found in a well-known piece of biblical counsel. Following is invaluable advice from a recent divine service by the Chief Apostle. More

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