The sacraments (27): Definitely something to chew on…

Are you serious, Leonardo? Dinner rolls? The bread on the menu of Da Vinci's famous painting of Jesus’ Last Supper does not quite correspond to the historical reality. And the whole question of what kind of bread was served at the Last Supper is already tricky enough. Nevertheless, let us attempt a foray… More

A missionary with roots firmly planted at home

Fifty years ago to the day he was ordained as a District Apostle. At that time Zimbabwe was still called Rhodesia. He was also responsible for Zambia and Malawi: Andrew James Fernandes was born in Cape Town in South Africa and became an international traveler in Africa. More

The sacraments (25): Being and being there

Bread and wine: “This is My” body and blood. For over 2,000 years, Christians have been racking their brains over these words spoken by Jesus at the Last Supper. “Is”—what is that supposed to mean anyway? The answers to this question have been shaped by the mindset of the respective ages. More

The story of the man who was Chief Apostle for 30 years

These were difficult times in the history of the New Apostolic Church. They included two world wars, internationalisation, consolidation, division, and realignment—a little bit of everything. And he stood firm like a rock in the pounding surf: Chief Apostle Johann Gottfried Bischoff was born 150 years ago today. More

The sacraments (24): From Last Supper to Holy Communion

Breaking of bread, Eucharist, altar sacrament: these are not merely three designations for Holy Communion. These terms also outline the path which the celebration took in its early days: away from the familiar evening meal and toward its place in church service. More

A man who said yes and stayed true

A faithful servant of the Church, that sounds like the perfect caption for the life of Johann Rissik Kitching, who was responsible for the fate of the New Apostolic Church in Southern Africa for many years. Who was this man? Let us take a look back in honour of his 100th birthday. More

The sacraments (17): commonalities and differences in black and white

Naturally the churches acknowledge each other’s baptisms, even though this step has taken centuries to achieve. After all, the question of sacraments is intimately linked to the respective understanding each one has of what constitutes church. And yet they have all managed to approve sound papers on the subject. More

The sacraments (15): The travels of baptism

Naturally baptism belongs inside the church—doesn’t it? Not necessarily: the sacrament has spent a good part of its history just outside the church doors, or in other spaces altogether. This is the story of how baptism made its long journey into the church, only to slip back outside again briefly, and finally end up back inside. More

The sacraments (14): Somewhere between immersion and sprinkling

Water is life. And baptism is new life. But how much water does baptism require? And how is one supposed to perform the act anyway? Theologians have arrived at three answers—and archaeologists are offering a fourth. Is there a single right answer? More

From the “new light” to the “message”

It is not all that uncommon for a pendulum to swing to the other side. This too is part of the story of Chief Apostle Johann Gottfried Bischoff, who died on 6 July sixty years ago—to the dismay of many brothers and sisters. More

The sacraments (12): The durability and resistance of baptism

Acceptance, cleansing, total renewal: Scripture knows many interpretations of baptism. What the sacrament meant to people in concrete terms has changed in the course of history. Often it was a matter of politics and society. More

Changing the form of divine services

Incense, candles, ornate robes? Without Apostle Menkhoff, divine services in the New Apostolic Church would perhaps still look like this today. Here is a tribute on the 125th anniversary of his death. More

“A sensitive man with a heart for eternity”

A true protector who engaged his gifts with all his might for the sole mission of “perfection and completion”: that was District Apostle Arno Steinweg. On 28 February, he would have celebrated his 100th birthday. A portrait… More

A journey to African roots

Desert and sea, wide open spaces and narrow confines, wealth and poverty—this weekend, for the very first time, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will visit a land of contradictions: Namibia. More

A hundred years of common features

With the end of the anniversary year, our series draws to a close. Since 1919 bread and wine have been united in Holy Communion throughout the New Apostolic Church. Interesting bits and pieces in conclusion. More

Like a father

It was always there, a large capital “F” in his calendar. And it did not stand for “free”, but for the word “family”. This is how Chief Apostle Hans Urwyler regularly scheduled time for his loved ones. More

The communion cup over time

Form is subject to content. When the wafer sprinkled with wine replaced the chalice, the communion vessels also began to slowly change. More

About a man who set out to fulfil his dream

On 19 October 1879, Frederik Lodewijk Anthing received the Apostle ministry in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) from Apostle Schwarz. This was the go-ahead for the New Apostolic missionary work in Indonesia. More

A stone of stumbling in front of the church door

In front of the New Apostolic Church in Besigheim, Southern Germany, there is a “stone of stumbling” that commemorates Frida Dippon. She was the wife of the former rector, who was murdered as part of the National Socialists’ euthanasia programme in 1940. More

They called him “Papa Ghana”

He came to West Africa without a clue, but his heart filled with love left traces that are still evident to this day: Apostle Rudolf Schilling would have celebrated his one hundredth birthday on 14 September. More