Silvertown celebrates – Memories between joy and sadness

A divine service for the departed on the congregation’s anniversary? Sure! It is not out place, at least not in Silvertown (South Africa). Joy and grief go hand in hand there. More

They called him Papito

When congregations in Argentina today celebrate anniversaries, you often hear the names Gantner and Toplisek mentioned. As pioneers, these two friends and Apostles laid historic foundations. In all of this, a special kind of processed cheese and a widow played a decisive role. More

A soul whose legacy shines far into posterity

Philanthropist, publicist, and founding Apostle: Heinrich Bornemann was born 160 years ago. The anecdotes surrounding him are beyond number. Some history—and stories—from the life of “Gentle Heinrich”. More

A vibrant congregation: Bielefeld turns 150!

It is one of the oldest congregations within the New Apostolic Church. Barely five years after the international Church celebrated its 150th anniversary, this honour now also goes to two congregations in Bielefeld (Germany): Bielefeld and Quelle. More

“Faithful to God and Jesus Christ, our Sender, alone”

“Carl Wilhelm Louis Preuss is an outstanding personage in our Church,” emphasised District Apostle Rüdiger Krause in response to a question about him. In his time, Preuss was the Apostle from Hamburg—a courageous anchor in a stormy sea. Today is the 140th anniversary of his death. More

The congregation as a living epistle of Christ

The Apostle ministry holds special status In New Apostolic doctrine. Apostolic thinking really only began to take hold on 14 July 1835, when the number of twelve Apostles was complete in the ranks of the Catholic Apostolic Church. And it has endured to this day. This must be evident in congregational life. More

When Michael Kraus prayed …

“Switch the machines off, we are going to pray!” the loudspeakers crackled across the company premises. The boss was in and that meant everyone would come together to pray. More

Keeping the ship on course

“The programme is called: Maranatha – O Lord, come!” With these words, Chief Apostle Richard Fehr officially assumed office thirty years ago. A look at some of the highlights in the seventeen years he led the New Apostolic Church. More

Where divine services became a motion picture

This year’s Pentecost festivities will take place in the United States. Historically, the New Apostolic Church in the US goes back almost as far as its European roots. Technically, the District Church was instrumental in making video transmissions a firm establishment around the world. More

Soft words, great impact: the dawn of a new era

Banished from the table of the Lord, excluded from the meal of fellowship: there was still such a thing up until the mid-1980s. But then along came Chief Apostle Hans Urwyler. He retired 30 years ago, and today we take a look back at his activity. More

Reinvented over time: our conception of ministry

Nothing is as constant as change: this is the insight gained from records which the District Apostle Meeting will soon be deliberating over. They will be discussing our conception of ministry of the future. Here is a look at the developments to date. More

Ninetieth anniversary celebrations in Zambia

The name of the city the Chief Apostle will visit this coming Sunday is Livingstone: the cradle of the New Apostolic Church in Zambia. It was here, ninety years ago, that the Church was established. Following is the story of a District Church with a fascinating history. More

An architect of historic foundations

Karl the Great is what many called him affectionately: today, 25 years to the day, one of the most influential District Apostles passed away. He did not only leave the New Apostolic Church with a historic self-image, but also with a few cultural peculiarities. More

An ambassador of kindness

It is not necessarily the big doers who leave their mark in peoples’ hearts. District Apostle Gotthilf Volz was born 125 years ago. People remember him as being warm and kind, generous, and truthful. More

His era: one of development and stability

For nearly thirty years, he steered the affairs of the New Apostolic Church in Australia: District Apostle Otto Gerke, who was born 110 years ago. Follow us as we take you back to an eventful period in church history. More

A diplomat adept in dealing with red tape

Deputy of the Chief Apostle, his right hand in handling official matters, and a man for all seasons. But he was far more than a bureaucrat: Apostle Arthur Landgraf. Tomorrow he would have been 130 years old. More

Three drops with a hundred-year history

The year 2017 marked an anniversary year. Exactly one hundred years before, the New Apostolic Church had started to officially celebrate Holy Communion without sharing the cup. Here is a brief recap of our wafer history. More

A trip to the first congregation in South Africa

Many brothers and sisters—and a significant piece of history—await Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider as he travels to South Africa this week. More

The centenary of the communion wafer: a real treasure trove

What started as a single article has developed into a ten-part series. It shows how much can be gleaned from our rich Holy Communion history. In conclusion we will look at some of the interesting bits and pieces we came across as we researched the topic. More

A harsh sentence

They were young, far too young to die, but their lives came to a sad end. They were executed one hundred years ago. They died with a heart full of hope and longing, it says in a farewell letter. More