Reliable even in difficult times

He would have been eighty years old today. District Apostle Alfons Tansahtikno did a lot of good in the district of Indonesia and was able to spread the faith, braving difficult conditions. More

Farewell to ‌Unsere Familie

The year 2023 marks the end of an era: after almost exactly 90 years, Bischoff Publishers is discontinuing the German magazine ‌Unsere Familie‌. More

Helpers at work (4): long-term support continues

Stichting Corantijn was previously known for responding to small-scale emergencies. But the foundation from the Netherlands is now venturing into larger projects to provide effective and lasting help. The other New Apostolic aid agencies are also funding long-term projects. More

Committed to the Church and society

When the New Apostolic Church first started to work in Portugal, the ministers had to deal with language barriers, finding places for worship, and building schools. This weekend, many years later, two special divine services await the country’s almost 5,500 brothers and sisters. More

Ministery (35): Receiving the sacrament at the altar

Did the New Apostolic Deaconesses of the early decades carry a spiritual ministry or not? Before we can answer this we have to clear up two further questions. First, were the women ordained? And secondly, what were their duties? Here is the current state of research. More

Ministry (34): A brief history of Deaconesses

Were the Deaconesses in the New Apostolic Church ministers or not? To answer that we first have to look at how this function developed in the first place, historically that is. Join us on our search for historical evidence. More

What counts today is reconciliation

He had been designated as the next Chief Apostle. Even so, he was excommunicated from the Church. Seventy-five years ago today, District Apostle Peter Kuhlen was installed as Chief Apostle Helper and successor—an occasion to pay tribute. But what exactly to? Here are a few personal words on the subject. More

The architect of the New Apostolic Church

He was not the first to hold this office, but the first with to bear the title. Chief Apostle Hermann Niehaus was born on 28 July 1848, 175 years ago. This is the story of the man who turned individual New Apostolic congregations into a church. More

Ministry (33): A lost tradition

Did the New Apostolic Church really ordain only men as ministers until last year? What about the Deaconesses who were active in Europe, America, and Africa for a period of eighty years? Here are some facts and figures to give an initial picture. More

Ministry (32): Done rather than thought out

This much is clear: in areas where the Bible is not clear, it will be sorted out by the Church. This then gives rise to the next question regarding the matter of the ordination of women: how were things sorted out until now? The answer: in a variety of ways and based on weak arguments. More

On the way towards an active apostolate

Called and consecrated, but not yet separated: 14 July marks the anniversary of a milestone in the history of the Apostles in modern times. Read on to find out what’s with this date and what it means for the New Apostolic Church today. More

Eighty years ago: the bombing of Dortmund

The name Magney is well-known in New Apostolic circles in Germany: there were two Apostles with that name. The younger of the two was confirmed by the older one some eighty years ago. And the older Magney died in a bombing raid eighty years ago today. Today we pay tribute to a pioneer. More

In word and deed and a good dose of humour

He was a man of words and action. Who this was? District Apostle Karl Kühnle. Today he would have been one hundred years old. Today we pay tribute to a Swabian who set out to bring his faith to Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Arabian Peninsula. More

Pioneers with priorities

From Germany via Canada to Venezuela, and from there through Central and South America: this is the story of Apostle Lorenz Hans Muth. He was a pioneer in the classical sense and would have been one hundred years old today, 30 January 2023. More

They risked their own lives

He lost everything and found refuge with brothers and sisters in faith: Ernst Kaufmann, who was of Jewish descent, survived because people in his New Apostolic environment hid him from the Gestapo. Here is a short biography of him to mark the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust, which is observed annually on 27 January. More

The sacraments (67): A story behind every sentence

Three years and 66 parts later… The series on the sacraments has given us a lot of food for thought on theology and history in general and on New Apostolic specialties in particular. As a final instalment, here is an overview with dozens of links. More

The mysterious Apostle

One hundred years ago today, Apostle Sadrach is believed to have retired. This is not verified information though. What we do know is that the Europeans at the time were a little suspicious of the Javanese Apostle, and today we cannot say with certainty whether he held divine services until shortly before his death in 1924 or retired on 5 December 1922. More

Twenty years ago: a far too early death

Apostle Albert Mendy died just a few days before his 44th birthday. That was exactly 20 years ago. Time to look back and pay tribute to the Apostle. More

First yes, then no: all beginnings are difficult

Already the name itself is a little unusual, but even more so the man’s actions: Rudolf Rosochacky was invested with the ministry of an Apostle 160 years ago today. Interestingly, he only took up his tasks publicly three months later, only to resign it again after a week. From the beginnings of the apostolic movement. More

Fellowship in name, doctrine, and structure

The "father of unity" was followed by the organiser and protector of New Apostolic unity, namely Chief Apostle Hermann Niehaus. On 23 August 2022, we mark the 90th anniversary of his passing. This is the story of how the erstwhile farmer cultivated the church field. More