The sacraments (38): Much more than just a receipt

When it comes to its understanding of Holy Communion, the New Apostolic Church is still fairly close to its Catholic Apostolic roots. But it has been quite a journey to get there. Following is an outline of the route. More

Without men

“God, help the widows and orphans.” This petition has become somewhat of an empty phrase in many prayers. The UN observes 23 June as International Widows Day, and it is an opportunity to take a special look at women in biblical times who had to take charge of their lives. More

A man of many talents

Wilhelm Sebastian was a man who was entrusted with special missions. He was barely 25 years old when he was sent from Hamburg to Brunswick to establish a congregation there. One of the special assignments given him is still of importance to the Church today. More

Potato slices and Communion

Jesus is the bread of life. This knowledge held a special significance for District Apostle Gottfried Hinz, because Jesus and bread also played a very important role in his life. Today he would have been 140 years old. More

The sacraments (33): How often should we partake?

When is the table of the Lord prepared? And how often should believers come to the table? In the past and present of the various denominations, the gamut of when to partake in the Lord’s Supper runs from once a day to once a year—let’s take a tour through some of the churches. More

The sacraments (32): Table manners with bread and wine

What is the real focus of the congregation when celebrating Holy Communion? Fellowship with Christ, or fellowship with one another? The answer is reflected in the manner in which the believers gather for the sacrament and receive the elements. More

He took the helm in the middle of a storm

Suddenly in charge and in trouble. This is what Hendra Tansahsami experienced time and again. As District Apostle he merged the two New Apostolic sister churches in Indonesia. Here is a look back in tribute to a man who would have been 100 years old today. More

A pioneer in the new tradition

Silesia, with its beautiful landscape on both sides of the river Oder still existed in those days. This region, together with the city of Berlin, constituted the working area of the fourth entry in the register of the Apostles of the New Apostolic Church: Johann August Ludwig Bösecke. It was on this day 200 years ago that he was born. More

Images of women throughout the ages

Woman and man—created equally in the image of God? The question of who, or what, women represent has always been defined by men over the centuries. Only in the modern age has this image begun to shift closer to the original intent of creation. Some excerpts from history will illustrate. More

Women in the early church

Woman and man—created equally in the image of God? There is no shortage of evidence supporting that women were active participants in the early church. The question, however, is what these facts have to say about the role of women in the church. More

The sacraments (30): Communion under both species

Communion during COVID: it would be a non-starter if we all shared the same wine chalice. So how can the sacrament nevertheless be celebrated “under both species”—that is, with both bread and wine? For an answer, we turn to history—namely that of the New Apostolic Church! More

Father, doer, and caring minister

His death was a shock for his small flock in Europe and his big flock in Africa. District Apostle Higelin passed away 25 years ago to the day. He was a man of action and a father figure of a unique build. More

The sacraments (29): The clash over the cup

There is to be bread and wine at Holy Communion. Jesus said so. But what about children, people with allergies, and alcoholics? Will one of the two elements do the job just as well? Church history provides some answers. More

Tribute to a US pioneer

J. P. is short for John Peter, and the name Fendt has gone down in American Church history. Today John Peter Fendt would have celebrated his 125th birthday. Here is a portrait in tribute of a pioneer. More

The sacraments (28): What the churches are serving with supper

Red wine, white wine, grape juice? Pure or mixed with water? As with the bread, Christendom has also come up with a multitude of variants for the second element of the Lord’s Supper. And each has its reasoning—sometimes based on theology, sometimes based on more worldly factors. More

The sacraments (27): Definitely something to chew on…

Are you serious, Leonardo? Dinner rolls? The bread on the menu of Da Vinci's famous painting of Jesus’ Last Supper does not quite correspond to the historical reality. And the whole question of what kind of bread was served at the Last Supper is already tricky enough. Nevertheless, let us attempt a foray… More

A missionary with roots firmly planted at home

Fifty years ago to the day he was ordained as a District Apostle. At that time Zimbabwe was still called Rhodesia. He was also responsible for Zambia and Malawi: Andrew James Fernandes was born in Cape Town in South Africa and became an international traveler in Africa. More

The sacraments (25): Being and being there

Bread and wine: “This is My” body and blood. For over 2,000 years, Christians have been racking their brains over these words spoken by Jesus at the Last Supper. “Is”—what is that supposed to mean anyway? The answers to this question have been shaped by the mindset of the respective ages. More

The story of the man who was Chief Apostle for 30 years

These were difficult times in the history of the New Apostolic Church. They included two world wars, internationalisation, consolidation, division, and realignment—a little bit of everything. And he stood firm like a rock in the pounding surf: Chief Apostle Johann Gottfried Bischoff was born 150 years ago today. More

The sacraments (24): From Last Supper to Holy Communion

Breaking of bread, Eucharist, altar sacrament: these are not merely three designations for Holy Communion. These terms also outline the path which the celebration took in its early days: away from the familiar evening meal and toward its place in church service. More