When the form of divine service changed

A church? Well, it was rather two centres with very different cultures. One man brought the two ends together and laid many additional foundations. Friedrich Wilhelm Menkhoff was called as an Apostle 150 years ago. More

“Do not hinder me!”

Apostle Albert Güldenpfennig passed away a hundred years ago, on 13 May 1922. He was the 33rd Apostle in the New Apostolic Church and always there for his flock. Join us as we pay tribute to the Apostle by looking at his eventful life. More

The sacraments (53): On the way to immortality

Sacraments for the dead? It would be unthinkable without the immortality of the soul. Yet this notion is only beginning to evolve in the Bible. Here is how today’s understanding of an afterlife came into being. More

A pioneer in Berlin and East Prussia

Eight believers in an attic room: this is how the now twenty congregations in the city of Berlin (Germany) started. And closely connected to it all is one name in particular: Ernst Traugott Hallmann, who died hundred years ago on 20 March 1922. More

The sacraments (51): Two handfuls of spiritual gifts

Sealing is a sacrament with a history. And its roots can be traced back to the early Christian centuries. Here is an overview of the ten articles in our series on this topic and a look ahead on what is up next. More

The long road to Auschwitz

At first, Harry Fränkel sought refuge in South Africa then in America. His last years, however, took him via Belgium and France to his death. We pay tribute to his memory as the world marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day today, January 27. More

“Everything always came from the heart”

District Apostle Pablo Alfredo Bianchi from Argentina would have turned 100 years old this 24th of January. From the very first time he ever set foot into a New Apostolic congregation, the rector thought of him as a gift from heaven. More

The sacraments (48): The double Spirit

From a spontaneous flash of inspiration to the regulating apostolic hand: this is how the Catholic Apostolic Church developed its sealing. The theological foundation only developed over time—and not always uniformly. More

His mission: to protect and keep

He led the New Apostolic Church out of a crisis and brought it forward. Chief Apostle Walter Schmidt would have celebrated his 130th birthday today. Lest we forget, here is a look once more at how he managed to deal with the situation. More

The sacraments (47): Conveying the Spirit

It happened in 1840/41: the apostle unity fell apart and so did the masterplan. The charismatic movement had to reinvent itself as a church. Here is the background to sealing in the Catholic Apostolic Church. More

Tribute to a trailblazing pioneer

He was born in Wetzlar, Germany, and died in Riverleigh, Australia. A widely travelled and very interesting man would have celebrated his 150th birthday these days. As one of the pioneering Apostles of the New Apostolic Church in Australia, Jakob Dietz had a great impact. More

The sacraments (45): One baptism, two sacraments

The rebirth out of water and Spirit: what began as a rite in two parts developed into two independent sacraments. The catalyst was the overwhelming success of Christendom. More

The sacraments (44): The second part of baptism

How does the believer receive the Holy Spirit? The Bible remains ambiguous and leaves quite a few gaps with respect to this question. Answers begin to develop of the early church. And this foundation stands to this day. More

The man who wrote Church history

He was and remains an example not only in terms of pastoral care and leadership qualities. Also as a researcher he proved his mettle and how things can be done: District Apostle Karl Weinmann would have celebrated his 120th birthday today, 14 September 2021. More

Liturgical milestones in book format

What role does the timing of the Our Father play in the worship service? Why are the prayers spoken without a script? Why does the organ play softly prior to the divine service? Answers to these questions can be found in the early liturgies of the Church. More

The sacraments (40): a twenty-course menu of titbits

A menu in twenty courses—that’s what the nac.today series on the history and theology of Holy Communion has served up. Following is an overview of what has been covered—before we move on to Holy Sealing. More

Spiritual father of millions

Figuring out the correct dates of his life is a challenge. But then the pioneers of those days had more important things to do than writing down numbers for posterity. What matters is the spiritual legacy: Apostle George Henwood Mkandawire would have celebrated his 120th birthday in a few days. More

The ascent and exit of Ernst Güttinger

It was 70 years ago, on 5 August 1951, that the then Chief Apostle Johann Gottfried Bischoff retired him. Today, Ernst Güttinger would have been 144 years of age. Who was this man who left behind such a mixed legacy? More

The sacraments (38): Much more than just a receipt

When it comes to its understanding of Holy Communion, the New Apostolic Church is still fairly close to its Catholic Apostolic roots. But it has been quite a journey to get there. Following is an outline of the route. More

Without men

“God, help the widows and orphans.” This petition has become somewhat of an empty phrase in many prayers. The UN observes 23 June as International Widows Day, and it is an opportunity to take a special look at women in biblical times who had to take charge of their lives. More