Take heart!

“What is God like?” children sometimes ask. A justified question. Finding an answer is easier than it seems at first. Let’s ask Jesus Christ. He knows what God is like. This will be the topic in our divine services on the second Sunday of Advent. More

The sacraments (23): The Lord’s bountiful table

The New Testament says little about how, but all the more about why and what for. So how does the Bible interpret Holy Communion? Here is a look at the words of the one who instituted it, Jesus Christ. More

Jesus dries our tears

The sermon was about weeping, but the situation was anything but sad! On the contrary, those who weep are to be consoled. This was the message of the Chief Apostle during a divine service in Strasbourg (France) on 15 November 2020. More

Jesus Christ is our friend

Life is full of change: there is a constant flux between doubts and cares and strong faith and joy. But there is one thing we can always count on, says Chief Apostle Schneider. More

What repetitions say about God

Liturgy is more than just a prescribed pattern for worship. It also conveys the message of God to the believers. The Chief Apostle explained what it is for in a divine service this past August. The answer in a video. More

Stages on our way to perfect freedom

God wants to take every believer out of prison and lead him to perfect freedom. The Chief Apostle highlights important stages along the way and what is so wonderful about them. More

The sacraments (22): Soft or solid, just a question of time

Was the Last Supper of Jesus a Passover meal? This question helped ignite one of the greatest divisions the church has ever seen. And to this day, it is this question that determines how we celebrate the sacrament. The underlying problem: the Bible contradicts itself. More

Where’s the fire?

The return of Christ: this is the goal of faith for all New Apostolic Christians. Yet the fire of Christian anticipation of His imminent return was ignited long before the modern age. Following is a summary of 2,000 years of history. More

Faith alone

“Homeless” is how Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider described himself as he stepped behind the altar in our church in Montreux (Switzerland). His planned trip to Brazil had been cancelled because of the pandemic. The focus of his sermon was Abraham and the shining example he set. More

Pastoral care (7): one student, many teachers

Who cares about the children? Who is responsible for their religious upbringing? Many, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider says. A look at love, responsibility, and the structures of the Church. More

The church year is quietly drawing to a close

This year, the month of November has five Sundays. The church year ends on the last Sunday of the month, meaning that the Advent season begins at the end of November. How quickly a year passes! Reason enough to occupy ourselves with future things. What is meant here is a fundamental theological concept. More

Giving thanks? Now is precisely the time!

Giving thanks to God? In difficult times this may not come to us so easily. Yet it is part of the battle against the crisis, says the Chief Apostle. He also explains how to manage this and what we get out of it ourselves: a divine service in two groups of five thoughts. More

The sacraments (21): At the table with Jesus and the disciples

A farewell dinner among friends—with some far-reaching implications: for 2,000 years, Christians of all denominations have been celebrating this festive meal over and over again. Here is what the New Testament has to tell us about the last supper of Jesus Christ. More

A pleasant surprise

It certainly brought joy to the congregation in Sarrebourg when their countryman and Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider entered the church sanctuary as an unexpected surprise. Such divine services live on for a long time in the heart. It seems that coronavirus restrictions can even have some positive effects every now and then. More

The divinity trap

Not omniscient, but certain of their own superiority. Not omnipotent, but securing and defending their rights with all their might. It is in this way that human beings set a trap for themselves. Paul shows how to get out of it—a letter that warrants reading together. More

Why we are together

Can Christians or children of God be compared to a fan club or a group of people who share the same interests? It is much more than that, says the Chief Apostle, and refers to the two miracles that unite everyone. More

The sacraments (20): Too comprehensive for a single word

Lord’s Supper, Communion, the Eucharist: these are some of the most familiar designations for this sacrament. Yet these terms never appear in the Bible in this sense—other words are used instead. This article is all about the wealth of the various designations for the sacrament—and what they mean. More

Those who keep at it will enjoy the reward

We have all heard about the first love. But what do we mean when we speak about the “beginning of our confidence”? A divine service on conviction, trust, and hope, and the answer to the question, where does it all lead? More

Gratitude not only on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day commemorates the creatorship of God. This is what the New Apostolic Catechism says. Once a year, a Sunday is set aside for this in the church calendar. But gratitude is something that Christians can show God on all the other days of the year as well, the Chief Apostle says. More

Prayer needs to be learned

Actually, the Chief Apostle wanted to be in the United States for a divine service on 13 September 2020, but had to cancel his plans on account of the pandemic. Instead, he held a divine service in the congregation of Thann in France. A small group of 26 people were overjoyed when Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider walked to the altar. More