How God says: “I love you.”

Who could claim that he always feels God’s love? However, there is plenty of evidence that it is always there. This is what the Chief Apostle made clear in a divine service in Brazil recently, riveting people’s attention. More

A good servant does the will of God

Are small congregations and a small membership a sign for weak ministers? No, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider says, and explains that success can never be quantified in numbers. More

Grateful not for suffering, but in suffering

For people who are healthy and happy it is easy to be grateful. But what if illness and distress are the dominant factors in our lives? We can be grateful even then, Chief Apostle Schneider says. More

Faith or works? Faith!

If God were to judge man solely by his works, most of us would have a problem. But there is hope. The Bible is full of shining examples who were saved because of their faith and perseverance and not because they were the better human beings. More

A mission from God: well equipped and well trained

An entire divine service in one sentence. “You have been chosen, ordained, commissioned, and authorised to preach the gospel: out of love for God and mankind.” What this involves and why it applies to every believer … More

Don’t be sad, our future is so promising!

We are approaching what is called “quiet time”. At the end of the church year, Christians should do some critical introspection and draw new courage by considering the prospects of a better future. More

The truth about reality

One who comforts, explains, and helps, and is always close by? He really exists! Some clues from a divine service by the Chief Apostle about a companion who will never abandon anyone. More

On the road to our eternal inheritance

Inheritance seeks heir: it is of immeasurable value and is incorruptible. Here is what applicants have to bring along and how they can benefit from it already now … Thoughts from a divine service by the Chief Apostle. More

Celebrating a truly holy Communion

No accusations, no reproaches … forget all the old stuff and experience the presence of Jesus Christ in Holy Communion. Chief Apostle Schneider has a special congregational project that he would like us to get involved in. More

Called by God irrespective of money or fame

The greatest wish of many people is to be with the Lord forever. God elects and calls to this great future. However, there is still a second call we need to hear. Thoughts from a divine service by the Chief Apostle. More

Spotlight 18/2018: Faithfulness has to do with love

Faithfulness without love is hardly possible. District Apostle Peter Schulte (Australia) has taken a glimpse into the Bible and penned down his thoughts on the Chief Apostle’s 2018 motto. More

From servant to friend of God in five steps

Friends of God … The Bible mentions quite a few. But is this still possible today? It is a question of proximity to God or remoteness from Him. Here is how to become a friend of God—not only for the ministers. More

Between worlds: how the incomprehensible becomes comprehensible

The “dear God”—an often expressed name for the Creator of heaven and the earth. Unfortunately, it may also lead many people to reduce the almighty God to fit in with their personal conceptions. Following are some thoughts on the divine service theme for October. More

When man and God turn to one another

God hears and God responds: how can prayer be experienced in this manner? A doctrinal article written by the Chief Apostle, which currently appears in the community member magazine and its sister publications, provides answers. More

Before and after — How Holy Communion changes us!

The divine service in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on Sunday, 12 August was broadcast on national television. On that occasion, the Chief Apostle preached before an audience of thousands about the significance of Holy Communion. More

Spotlight 17/2018: called to a higher purpose?

Are there any who are pompous, arrogant, or narcissistic among us? — No! God’s call to follow is a call to faith and service. So explains District Apostle Raúl Montes de Oca (Brazil)—with a glance into the lexicon, the Old Testament, and daily life. More

Not of this world, but in it

The large tent on the church grounds of the congregation of Malaika, Tanzania held over 2,500 worshippers on 10 August 2018. In the divine service he conducted there that day, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider spoke about the evil in the world and the power to resist it. More

Not every hero of faith dies a martyr

Stephen kept on going until the bitter end. But whose threshold for pain actually goes that far? Not to worry. It doesn’t have to. After all, it is less a martyr’s death than his life that makes him an example. Following are some references from daily life—for daily life. More

Spotlight 16/2018: “Where are You, God?”

Mastering daily life, finding a good job, being successful in life—such are the wishes of our young people in the Democratic Republic of Congo. However, these requests often remain unfulfilled, unfortunately. — Our young brethren in faith are asking for the assistance of God. District Apostle Tshitshi Tshisekedi (Democratic Republic of Congo Southeast) responds. More

More than believing: bearing witness of the truth

Only witnesses can testify of the truth. And who bears witness for Jesus Christ? The Holy Spirit, the Apostles, and each and every individual believer. But this requires more than just faith. More