Christ makes free (3) — the six-point programme

A free man already today—just like Jesus Himself! This is what Christ will do for each and every one who follows His example. Six steps on the path to liberty—here is the last part of the opening divine service on the annual motto for 2020. More

Nothing is possible without hope

What would a person be without hope? That is why it is of such crucial importance to know what to hope for! Straight from the Chief Apostle: “The Holy Spirit nourishes our hope in eternal life. We wait for the return of the Lord and hold fast to this hope in trust and love.” More

The sacraments (1): Signs of the love of God

There are moments in our life of faith when heaven and earth practically touch. And these moments are so important that they have a name all to themselves: sacraments. What are these? Where do they originate? What do they accomplish? — Introducing a brand new series. More

Earn nothing and receive everything

What do you mean: “God is righteous”? When things go so well for some and so terribly for others? Where some are elected and others are not? How does it all fit together? The answer is: “there is grace for all”. More

Christ makes free (2) — the example of Jesus

Jesus desires to liberate mankind, not only in the far distant future, but already now, already here and today. How will He do this? By serving as our example! Featured here is the second part of the opening service on the annual motto for 2020. More

What we can learn from John the Baptist

John the Baptist prepared the way for the arrival of the Messiah—today the congregation prepares the way for the return of Christ—two core statements from the Fellbach sermon conducted by the Chief Apostle. And he also went on to explain how it all works. More

Back to Jesus

“We must be careful to ensure that this does not happen to us,” appealed Chief Apostle Schneider. A sermon about pitfalls that is nevertheless encouraging — and not only for ministers. More

Christ makes free (1) — the love of God

There is only One who is absolutely free: God. He is so free that He can even love each and every human being unconditionally and without limits. And He has a plan—here is the first part of the opening divine service on the annual motto for 2020. More

The poor in spirit will enter the kingdom of heaven

Anyone can be poor in spirit. But why would anyone want be poor in spirit anyway? In order to attain eternal salvation. After all, this kind of poverty is a fundamental prerequisite for salvation—for both rich and poor alike! More

Interpreting signs — a vote of non-confidence

So the signs of the time are frightening. Which means that the return of Christ must be near, right? The Chief Apostle responds to this notion in a recent article: such attempts at interpretation are doomed to fail. Following is a summary. . More

The year 2020 will be a good one

A new year brings new reasons for gladness. Will 2020 be an “acceptable year”? Yes—because grace means we are permitted to experience fellowship with Jesus Christ. And there is always so much grace with Him—enough for everyone. More

"Christ makes free" — Motto for the year 2020

Freedom — this is a sublime and precious commodity! There is only one who can provide true freedom: Jesus Christ! "Christ makes free"—this is the motto for the year 2020. The Chief Apostle explains its content in his address for the New Year. More

Gems from the treasure chest

The motto for the year 2019 has exposed a true vein of gold: The annual watchword “Rich in Christ” has inspired many valuable thoughts. Here are some highlights from Spotlights as we bid farewell to the old year. More

Divine services 2019: No one should feel unloved!

Twelve months in the year—twelve messages from Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider to the global Church. And all of them published in the church magazine! Just to help everyone remember them… More

Ministry (15): Review and outlook

The year of reform to the ministerial order: that is how the year 2019 will go down in the history books of the New Apostolic Church. But there is something much more fundamental behind this. And the topic is still current. . More

Mercy by helicopter is impossible

For many people, Christmas is the “feast of feasts”. Nevertheless, there are also many who do not celebrate it, either because they belong to another religion, or because they do not feel like it at the moment and cannot enjoy it. Where do we stand? More

Jesus is the reason for the season!

Just give thanks again! Right before the celebration of Christmas is a good time to do so. Why? Because Jesus Christ has come into this world and has become Man. He alone (!) is the reason we celebrate Christmas. More

My Jesus — the Word, the way, and the truth

“Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!”—So it is that the second-last sentence of the Bible heralds the great Advent of Christendom. Can the fourth perspective completely capture the essence of the One for whom believers wait? More

For us, in us, with us — God does great things

“Well, where is your God now?” Scorners are most fond of making these sorts of remarks when things happen to be going badly for believers. But we find the response to this question in a time-honoured psalm. Here is what this hymn of praise has to tell us today. More

Ministry (14): Not without a mandate

Designated and called: but authority alone is not sufficient to permit someone to actually exercise a ministry. This requires something more—something that also plays a role in retirement and transfer from one area to another. More