“Do you still remember why I had to suffer?”

Lent and Passiontide… It can feel like pain and sorrow. Compassion is what is called for! At the same time, however, it becomes clear that Christians must never forget why their Saviour Jesus Christ had to suffer: it was for them! More

The sacraments (28): What the churches are serving with supper

Red wine, white wine, grape juice? Pure or mixed with water? As with the bread, Christendom has also come up with a multitude of variants for the second element of the Lord’s Supper. And each has its reasoning—sometimes based on theology, sometimes based on more worldly factors. More

The Sermon on the Mount as a call to action

Bible experts tell us that the Sermon on the Mount is the gospel in short form. There is certainly quite a lot of substance to it! In the space of very few pages, Jesus Christ describes what really matters for Christians: trusting in God and becoming a witness of His love! More

Pastoral care (10): Aging with dignity and how to succeed at it

Once the pinnacle is reached, everything begins to go downhill. At least that is the picture society throws at us all the time. Callous public advertising is constantly telling us that everything has an expiration date. Thank God that our ministers see things differently. It is not one’s age, but rather one’s essence, that defines a person. More

Not one step without Christ

Whatever 2021 will bring, God will not be stopped in carrying out His plan of redemption for humankind. In the process, every human being has a companion from start to finish: Jesus Christ. From the divine service introducing our annual motto. More

A fast with a pleasant aftertaste

First comes Mardi Gras—the Tuesday preceding Lent (also known as Shrove Tuesday)—then Ash Wednesday, and then Lent: a period that stretches all the way to Easter on the calendar. It is not about food deprivation per se, but primarily about introspection, a deeper look into one’s own heart. More

God is only too glad to respond to our supplications

Impudent, brazen, pushy: a few key words to describe the protagonists in the parables of Jesus on the subject of “prayer”. And these adjectives are not necessarily inconsistent with humbleness and the fear of God! A friend, a father, and a judge bear witness. More

Spotlight 2/2021: Looking up – running forward – enduring the race!

Love changes a person, as anyone knows who has ever been in love. Also our love for God changes us. District Apostle Leonard Kolb (USA) explains how in his thoughts on our 2021 motto. More

The joy of anticipation gives hope

A new treatment has been found, a hostage is to be released… What does it trigger in people when they know that help is coming? And what does that have to do with faith? Some encouragement from a divine service. More

When heaven is silent

Wars, earthquakes, Covid-19… The same old question keeps coming up: why does God’s love allow people to suffer? More important than the answer is an absolute certainty— and the light that guides us through dark days. More

The sacraments (27): Definitely something to chew on…

Are you serious, Leonardo? Dinner rolls? The bread on the menu of Da Vinci's famous painting of Jesus’ Last Supper does not quite correspond to the historical reality. And the whole question of what kind of bread was served at the Last Supper is already tricky enough. Nevertheless, let us attempt a foray… More

Spotlight 1/2021: Shaping the present

Our motto for 2021 deals with our future, but this future has to be shaped now, in the present, and this is a task that falls upon all of us, says District Apostle Jürg Zbinden of Switzerland. More

“My God is the greatest!”

The partner for eternal life… Those who build a relationship with God and foster it benefit already today: they receive inner freedom, spiritual balance, and a healthy sense of self. And building such a relationship is not really all that difficult. More

An example and the prospects it offers

They provide orientation, identification, and in many cases also enthusiasm: role models and idols define our lives from an early age on, and sometimes even into old age. But some heroes help even beyond that. More

The sacraments (26): An essential change

The groom slips a metal band onto his bride’s waiting finger. A person with the requisite authority speaks a few words. So what exactly is the bride now wearing on her finger? Is it a piece of jewellery? A wedding ring? A symbol? And what does any of that have to do with Holy Communion? More

Good relationships for our inner life

Finding the right connection with God and our neighbour and taking care of God’s creation. This was the counsel in a recent service by the Chief Apostle. The emphasis is on networking, motivation, and comfort. More

Christ is here today for everyone

The future with Christ begins right now: we need to follow His example and be actively involved in passing His teaching on to everyone. Here is the third and last part of the New Year’s service. More

More than a parable: things we can learn from the sower!

The Parable of the Sower? Wasn’t that about the field of the heart? Yes and no! Actually, the focus is on something else. However, this can only be seen when looking at the whole picture—or by listening closely, as in the following overview. More

The formula for peace and joy

Hope brings peace and joy. The basis is faith. How this all works? Here is a manual on how to achieve happiness and how to stay happy from a divine service by the Chief Apostle. More

From start to finish with Jesus

“Christ, our future”, the way there is a race of faith and requires endurance, but no one is alone on any stretch of the way. Where do we get the strength to keep going? Here is the second part of the New Year’s service. More