The task of the Apostles: to serve and bring joy

“Jesus Christ defines the rules of the game! He is the Lord!” clarified Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider. In a divine service in Stockholm (Sweden) the Church leader preached about the tasks of the Apostles—as well as the things that are not part of their task—and the personal responsibility of the believers. More

God blesses those who trust Him

“The resurrection of Christ is a crazy story,” young people have told tell the Chief Apostle. Human beings generally know very little about the omnipotence of God. But the Chief Apostle is sure that there are no limits to the power of God. More

Walking in the footsteps of young Samuel

A grey-haired person is lying next to the altar asleep. A boy walks up to the sleeping figure. What is going on in the church? This is a divine service for children with the Chief Apostle. The topic: hearing a very specific voice and understanding it. More

Ministry (3): A matter of authority

What exactly is a ministry permitted to do? Anything that is part of its authority: where do these powers come from, and what purpose do they serve? The answers to these questions constitute the focus of part three in this series on the New Apostolic concept of ministry. More

Spotlight 11/2019: Beyond the grave

In our “Spotlight” series, District Apostles share their thoughts about the respective yearly motto. This year’s “Rich in Christ” prompted District Apostle Joseph Ekhuya (Kenya) to remember a young Ugandan martyr. More

Retrospective (3): The divine service of the IYC

“Here I am,” God says. The believer should not only experience this but also pass it on and share it with others. But sometimes it is the Apostles and ministers who get in the way of experiencing God. Here is what the Chief Apostle says about this. More

It’s Sunday again …

This coming Sunday the New Apostolic Church will celebrate the divine service for the departed. This special service not only commemorates the departed, but in it the sacraments are dispensed to souls in the realms of the departed. More

The concept of ministry in a nutshell

The concept of ministry is on every channel: in addition to the latest issue of community , the Divine Service Guide and are busy explaining the most current doctrinal statements—sometimes more exhaustively, and sometimes more succinctly. Here is the abridged version for those who are in a real hurry. More

Tomorrow starts today

The divine services in the month of July focus both on the faith of the individual and the whole of the church of Christ—reflections on the future that are supposed to have repercussions on the present. More

Ministry (2): the key to understanding

The divine and the human (or the all-too-human) are joined together in ministry. How are these entities supposed to fit together? We gain insight into this question by looking at the model behind it all, namely Jesus Christ, who not only defines ministry by way of word and deed, but also by way of His nature. More

“There are no dead ends for God!” Concerning the resurrection of Jesus …

Christians believe in the resurrection of Jesus. Really? More and more doubt is being cast on this core statement of the gospel. Some think it nothing more than a nice story, others consider it to be symbolic. But for believing Christians, it is more than that. More

Spotlight 10/2019: Peace, an immeasurable wealth

Living together peacefully is how man and society can bring about a change for the better. District Apostle Rainer Storck (Western Germany) urges us to search for and grasp divine peace and apply it in a targeted fashion. More

God’s story with the refugees

He is much more than a fellow traveller: God the Father feels particularly close to the refugees, so close in fact that His Son made Himself equal to them. Let us take a look at what the Bible has to say about this as we observe World Refugee Day today. More

Five good reasons to rejoice

Reaching for success is a wonderful thing. But what happens if it fails to materialise at some point? There are better reasons to rejoice: here are the top five from a divine service with the Chief Apostle. More

One Pentecost and five international messages

Pentecost 2019 will enter New Apostolic history as a feast of internationality. Hardly ever before have so many impulses of such international significance been aired. Here are some of them to re-read. More

Ministry (1): Rooted in its model

Ministry, do we really need it? And why? Different denominations give different answers. This is the beginning of a series on the concept of ministry in the New Apostolic Church. More

Working along on our salvation

It has been twelve years since the last visit of a Chief Apostle to the Central African Republic. There was a lot of excitement and joy both in the congregations and on the part of the Chief Apostle that he was able to conduct a divine service in Bangui, the national capital, on Palm Sunday. More

Spotlight 09/2019: Preserving our wealth

A house that is unoccupied decays. And relationships that are not fostered threaten to fall apart. What about our faith? Care instructions from District Apostle Wolfgang Nadolny (Germany). More

“You are our joy” – the Pentecost video 2019

The Chief Apostle had a special message for the believers around the world in the Pentecost service. Here is the video. More

Snapshots (3): Pentecost 2019 in pictures

No matter how many believers gather, “the Holy Spirit is active with His full power in every divine service”. Pictures from the Pentecost feast 2019, celebrated by the Chief Apostle in the congregation of Goslar (Germany). More