Overcoming crises with God’s help

“Why?” is one of the most common questions. Sometimes one asks out curiosity, other times it is out of sheer despair. Here is an excerpt from a sermon on how to deal with the unexplained. More

Pastoral care (14): Emmaus, the mother of all visits

Emmaus, a small town near Jerusalem, was the scene of an interesting exchange between the Risen Jesus Christ and His disciples. And that is precisely what a really good pastoral visit should look like. More

Spotlight 12/2021: Encounters with God

A burning bush, thunder, and lightning. Encounters with God are described as terrifying events in the Bible. Yet, District Apostle Joseph Opemba Ekhuya from Kenya in East Africa looks forward to it in spite of this. More

Love is the standard of our perfection

“Let us trust in God, let us believe in Jesus Christ, let us believe in the effectiveness of the Holy Spirit and act accordingly. Those who do this will benefit fully from salvation. This is nothing new, but I don’t know of anything else that would be more important for us than that.” More

The sacraments (38): Much more than just a receipt

When it comes to its understanding of Holy Communion, the New Apostolic Church is still fairly close to its Catholic Apostolic roots. But it has been quite a journey to get there. Following is an outline of the route. More

What was, is, and remains important

Changes can be unsettling: “This is no longer my church,” people say then. But the essentials always endure. Here is an excerpt from a divine service on how to distinguish between what is absolutely necessary and what is not. More

God has no secrets

What is hidden will be revealed—this also applies to things about God that we do not understand. The Chief Apostle talks about secrets and hidden things that God reveals to those who believe. More

Spotlight 11/2021: A matter of conviction, election, and bearing burdens

None of us know how the future will look. And yet there is one thing we do know: Christ is our future. District Apostle Wolfgang Nadolny of Berlin in Germany tells us about the tasks involved. More

The language changes the thinking

The soul is immortal and the departed can also receive help. This conviction was at first quite foreign to the Old Testament. But then the ideas of the Greeks came along. Here is part two of the IYC 2019 lecture on the immortality of the soul. More

A sceptic as an example

He was a doubter, a man who seemed to fail because he did not endure to the end. At times history depicts him as an antihero—and yet there were so many things he did manage to get right. More

The fire of the Spirit

The church and the faithful are ablaze. And this fire enlightens, warms, purifies, shapes, and gathers. Yet this fire needs to be fed. Here is how from a recent sermon by the Chief Apostle. More

All are created equal

The New Apostolic Church recognises the equality of the sexes. An essay in the new issue of community summarises findings by the District Apostle Meeting from the biblical account of creation. Here is the summary of a summary. More

When love pays the bill

The gospel contains some unbelievable accounts, in a positive sense. For example, there is the story of the Good Samaritan, who not only talked, but also took action. What a good example for Christians today! More

The sacraments (37): The Lord’s Supper in four dimensions

Let each celebrate Communion in their own way? The leap over the church fence is still rather difficult, but there is substantial common ground. This is outlined by the words of consecration and explained by the Catechism of the New Apostolic Church. More

Fellowship with God and with one another

Wambel is one of the congregations in the city of Dortmund in Germany. On 30 May 2021 Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider preached about God’s love there and what our response to His love can be like. More

To the end of the earth

Even though the Earth is a ball it has lots of corners and ends. And this is where the glad tidings are to be carried. Here is a road map from a divine service by the Chief Apostle to show us where this will lead. More

Spotlight 10/2021: Packing for our future

Trust or doubt, forgiveness or bad memories, love for our neighbour or prejudices? When packing for our future with God, let’s only take along what is truly important. District Apostle Michael Deppner of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who worked for the UN refugee agency as a doctor, explains what matters. More

Flashback (4): The power of the Creator

Sometimes frightening and new things crash into our lives, leaving us utterly powerless. But there is a power that can help us. Here is comfort from the Chief Apostle’s Pentecost sermon. More

The importance of Ascension today

There was amazement and wonder at the ascension of Jesus two thousand years ago, but even today a look back at this event can elicit wonder and surprise. Here is a sermon by the Chief Apostle to ponder about. More

The sacraments (36): A leap over the church fence?

Some call it the Eucharist, others the Lord’s Supper. For some it is ministers acting in Christ’s stead, for others it is the universal priesthood. For some it is a transformation, for others the body and blood of Christ are joined to the substance. Here it is Christ, there it is a symbol. Although Holy Communion is celebrated in all churches, it is celebrated differently everywhere. More