Rich in Christ (1) – the basics

God is immeasurably rich. And He wants to share His wealth with mankind. How can we participate in it? The Chief Apostle on his motto for 2019 “Rich in Christ”—a divine service in four parts. More

God’s word in all its power and beauty

Living and powerful, sharp and piercing: the word of God is full of surprises. And a single Bible verse makes this abundantly clear: a small lexicology from a divine service by the Chief Apostle. More

The purpose of the church

Success in life and finding one’s personal life balance: something most people certainly don’t need God for. So why do we even still need the church? A clear answer from Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider. More

Like athletes on the road to victory

This race requires commitment, endurance, and willpower. However, the point is not to defeat others. Here is a training plan to follow, based on a divine service of the Chief Apostle. More

You must be able to believe

On 6 January Christianity celebrates Epiphany to commemorate the incarnation of God in Jesus Christ. The Greek word epipháneia was used to designate the arrival of the Roman emperor, and rendered as adventus in Latin. More

When Jesus knocks at the door

“God is in our presence”, is the title of an old hymn. Its original title “Remembering the glorious and sweet presence of God” expresses what people tend to often forget, namely that God is their daily companion. More

Our 2019 motto: Rich in Christ

God is rich, and He wants us to benefit from His wealth. What does this wealth consist of? How can we acquire it? These are the questions we will occupy ourselves with over the coming weeks and months, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider says in his New Year message. More

“Faithful to Christ” and its many facets

An annual motto that has made an impact: "Faithful to Christ". What sounded as though it could be explained in a few minutes has been richly developed by the Chief Apostle and the District Apostles over the past months. Here are the best quotes. More

What does the Chief Apostle say about …

This question is often asked. Answers and advice are typically found in the Chief Apostle’s sermons. Following are core thoughts from divine services in 2018. More

Opening our hearts to welcome Jesus

A stable, a manger, an ox, and a donkey—this is how we picture the night that changed everything. But wait a minute: two of three components in the nativity scene don’t even belong there. The question is therefore very important: do you recognise the sign? More

Pausing amid the Christmas rush

All Jonah wanted was to get away from the Lord. He ran off without a destination in mind. Deep down he actually knew that running away from God was useless. But it was worth a try. Then came a forced break; for someone who needed to calm down. More

Don’t give up on the promise

Can people forget the training and education they have had? It seems impossible. What about their faith? Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider reminds us of our calling, the promise, and our duty. More

The woman who laughed twice

Sometimes Advent takes too long—years and even decades, instead of a few weeks or months. This is when patience begins to wear thin and people are driven to acts of despair. And yet, there may be something to laugh about in the end. This is explained in a Bible classic. More

Creating a perfect relationship

Proximity to God, the relationship among people, and living in harmony with creation are closely related. How can we reconcile what evil has separated ? This good power has a name. More

Mary of Nazareth, waiting to give birth

There is no doubt that Mary was waiting for the birth of her son. Every expecting mother has special feelings during pregnancy. And the closer the due date is, the stronger the bond between mother and child becomes. More

Seeking God’s help with Mary

She knows how it is done. Mary plays a special role not only during Advent. She already did so at the wedding in Cana. To find out what this account has to do with the Church and the faithful today, read on. Explanations from a divine service. More

The patient hero of the Great Flood

Advent—hope, despair, expectation, stress … Here it is again, the time of year in which people want to enjoy the magic of the holiday season and relax and meditate, yet end up to be frazzled once again. Here is how to opt out. An old man showed us how. More

How God’s consolation encourages us to do good works

Do churches make people unhappy so that they can comfort them afterwards? That’s a stupid allegation, the Chief Apostle says, for life certainly serves up enough suffering. On the contrary, faith brings consolation and even gives strength to do what is good and right. More

When light illuminates the darkness

Dark days are often frightening. How good if one has a light at hand. When there is light, one immediately reacts with greater calm and peace. On the way of faith, Jesus is this light. More

Turn around, please!

Changing direction at full throttle? This rarely succeeds. What big ships and religious people have in common—a plea for repentance and a genuine new beginning. More