Together in Christ: learning to share

Living in fellowship also means sharing with one another. That’s certainly not easy. For some, taking is more difficult than giving. Here is the third part of our video series on our 2022 motto. More

The sacraments (48): The double Spirit

From a spontaneous flash of inspiration to the regulating apostolic hand: this is how the Catholic Apostolic Church developed its sealing. The theological foundation only developed over time—and not always uniformly. More

House-hunting with God

He does not only want to come for a visit, but move in right away. So what should we do when God says: “I am coming to dwell in your midst”? Here is the Chief Apostle’s explanation from a recent divine service. More

Together in Christ: overcoming what divides

Together in Christ… to accomplish this we must learn to live together in fellowship. That is not so easy. Here is the second part of our video series on our 2022 motto. More

Alert, sober, and jointly

There is no such thing as a free ticket to Paradise. This is what the Chief Apostle said in a recent service and went on to explain to the congregation what all is required to be accepted on the day of the Lord. More

Pastoral care (20): Depression—a chameleon that likes to hide

Depression is an illness no one would ever wish to have, but it is one that many people have to battle nevertheless. Pastoral care cannot cure it, but can indeed help alleviate it. But how? More

Together in Christ: divine life

What God and human beings essentially have in common… In his first divine service of the new year, the Chief Apostle developed the motto he issued for 2022. This is the first part of our video series. More

The Church says yes to life

Family planning and contraception? Actually, these things are a private matter. And given the variety of cultures worldwide, the Church is a little reluctant with recommendations, but it does advocate an important guiding principle. More

Jesus is the core

If I had the chance to meet Jesus, then… This is what people sometimes say, especially when they are despairing over their faith. They want to meet the author of it all. And this is possible, even today. More

Together now for the future

“Together in Christ” is the motto of the New Apostolic Church for 2022. The Chief Apostle takes a closer look at four levels of togetherness. The New Year’s address in video form and for reading. More

Spotlight 2021: Christ, our future

“The coming Christ is the goal of our faith,” Chief Apostle Schneider says. This motivates the believer and has an impact on the relationships within our family, our congregation, as well as to our neighbour. More

2021: Ministry, women, and the Bible

Now that we’ve covered the question of what, it’s time to tackle the question of who: expanding on our understanding of the concept of ministry was also high on the Church’s list of things to do in 2021. And some initial answers have indeed been found since, along with a detailed roadmap for the rest of the journey. More

The year 2021 in review: divine services with the Chief Apostle

In good years, the Chief Apostle travels to congregations all over the world. On account of the coronavirus pandemic, however, this was not possible in 2021. Most divine services therefore took place in Europe. Here is a chronology. More

Pastoral care (19): Confidentiality creates trust

The Latin term sub rosa—literally meaning “under the rose”—signifies that any content discussed remains under the seal of secrecy. Often these words are found carved into confessionals. They are intended to convey the idea of confidentiality. More

Opening up wide with Christ

God’s blessing, grace, and glory are so magnificent that humans have difficulty grasping it all. Thus for anyone who is willing to receive Christ, the following principle applies: “Widen your heart, widen your mind and your frame of mind.” More

Believe, love, and remain focused

What exactly is the mission of the Apostles? Not only did the District Apostle Meeting discuss this question, but the Chief Apostle devoted an entire service to it. For in the answer lies the principal commission given to all believers. More

Spotlight 19/2021: Double future, double hope

Future can mean the next minute, the next year, or even eternity. This is also true for the future in Christ. District Apostle Peter Schulte from Australia points out similarities and differences. More

Determination leads to the goal

What do a widow seeking justice and a mountaineer have in common? Both need determination to reach their goal. Christians too need to be persistent in order to prepare adequately for the return of Christ. More

The kingdom of peace explained

Recently, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider engaged as a “futurologist” and brought the kingdom of peace “down from its pedestal”, as one of the assisting ministers put it, and “back into our reality”. More

Pastoral care (18): Personal responsibility and its many misconceptions

Human beings can choose what to do and what not to do. We are not free to decide, however, whether we sin by our decision and thus incur a debt before God. Personal responsibility also means being willing to bear the consequences of our actions. More