Believing passionately

Easter is coming up … and the divine services in March point the way there. There will be talk about mercy and solidarity, fellowship and the rule of God, and examples and precursors. Here is a glimpse at the Passiontide. More

God considers each individual

For God, it is the individual who counts: every single person. The example of the Ethiopian treasurer shows on whom, how, and why God bestows His salvation. Here are some extracts from a divine service for the departed. More

Seeing all the good things

Sometimes there are days that just don’t go all that well: fights with friends, a bad mark, or no lunch money. And then we are still supposed to praise God? Here is a contribution on our annual motto “Prayer works” originally written for parents and children, but we can all benefit from it. More

Spotlight 5/2024: Praying with faith and persistence

In order to be successful, a prayer should meet certain requirements. District Apostle Michael Ehrich (Southern Germany) uses some Bible quotations to show how prayers can come to find hearing before God. More

Believing that God is at work

The hand of God is powerful: it creates, it protects, and it provides. Those who so desire can remain in and at the hand of God, no matter what. It was in last New Year’s Eve service that the Chief Apostle explained exactly how this works, and what one must do in order for this to happen. More

Prayer works: what spurs us on

Pray without ceasing! That does not mean praying non-stop. What it does mean is that we should never miss an opportunity to pray. Because when it comes to praying, the driving force is love. Here is the last part from the divine service that started the year. More

God keeps His promises

There are many similarities between the believers today and Mary, the mother of Jesus, back then, the Chief Apostle says. The point here is faith, trust, and patience as well as powerful people who fall and rich people who come away empty-handed. More

Spotlight 4/2024: Prayer is the best WiFi connection

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is not the only place where prayer is by far the best WiFi connection. In his spotlight article on our annual motto, District Apostle Michael Deppner of the DRC explains how we can establish this connection. More

Prayer works: how intercession helps

If the suffering of our fellow human beings touches you, there is something you can do. Even if the causes have not been eliminated, intercession is powerful and has an effect in some way or other. Here is part five of six from the divine service that started the year. More

The secret lies in the preparation

The goal of all Christians is to be ready when Jesus returns to take His own to Himself. Apostle Peter once wrote that one needs to be spotless and blameless for this. What exactly this means the Chief Apostle explained in a divine service. More

The prophetess who spoke up for herself

She was spirited, strong, and brave. And she was jealous. She was an important figure in the story of Israel’s exodus from Egypt. And God put her in her place. In the end, however, He loved her like a daughter. More

Prayer works: which requests are granted

There is someone whom you can tell everything, absolutely everything, and who can help and do so in a permanent way—at least when it comes to very specific requests. Here is part four of six from the divine service at the start of the year. More

Walking with God

Those who believe talk and share. They talk to God and they talk to other people about their faith. The divine services in the month of February examine our devotion to God. The month will be about profession, praise, gratitude, and intercession. Because prayer works! More

Love and hope need a home

Failure, ingratitude, and exhaustion are things that can cause us to slip—even in our life of faith. ‌In a divine service for ministers, the Chief Apostle offered a psalm full of encouragement and inspiration that really applies to all of us. More

Spotlight 3/2024: The effect increases with trust

Why doesn’t everyone experience the tremendous power of prayer in the same way? District Apostle Jürg Zbinden from Switzerland asks this question in his article for our Spotlight series—the third one on our 2024 motto. His answer has to do with expectations. More

Prayer works: gratitude makes us strong

Prayer creates blessing: this is revealed when there is gratitude. Because contentment and emotional balance do not depend on what we have. Here is part three of six from the divine service that started the new year. More

God will help

Why? There is no answer to the question of why there is suffering in the world or in one’s own life, but there is an attitude that can help. Because there is someone who wants to help for good and has a great plan in place. Here are some insights from a divine service. More

Prayer works: the effects of adoration

“Something happens in our hearts,” the Chief Apostle says, referring to the adoration of God in prayer. And the effect is twofold. Here is the second part of the divine service that started the year 2024. More

Ministry (42): Understanding the concept

What is a ministry? How does it work? Who can be called to ministry? The New Apostolic Church has formulated its definition of ministry. To conclude this series, we present the big picture—as a starting point for a better understanding. More

Love instead of threats

Repentance sounds a bit stuffy and almost like a threat. But that is not what Jesus Christ wants. ‌Here is what repentance really means, how it works, and what it is good for. More