Catechism 3 – The actual work

The Catechism did not fall from heaven. A lot of work by many contributors went into the texts. Here are some insights into the work process. This is part two of a video series featuring the IYC lecture. More

Spotlight 8/2022: A motto that takes a lot of practice

Our 2022 motto “Together in Christ” comes with lots of learning objectives. District Apostle Kububa Soko from Zambia took a deep look at its contents and shares his insights with us. He reminds us of Jesus’ appeal: “Learn from Me!” More

Thinking, feeling, and speaking clearly

Clarify things between the two of you, just you and God, openly and honestly without any go-betweens. You will find what you have lost. This is the invitation the Chief Apostle extended recently, not because he is paid to do it, but out of love. More

The sacraments (55): God’s boundless love

There are three pillars that support the New Apostolic Church’s understanding of salvation for the departed. The first one is the answer to the question: “What does God desire?” — The Bible has a great deal to say on that subject, namely that all human beings are to be saved. More

Pastoral care (24): A guide for effective intervention

Detail is vital to pastoral care. And listening is an absolute priority. Ministers must learn to understand the people who come to them. Recognising their state of mind and exploring possible solutions is not magic. Listening does not mean remaining silent, but speaking from the heart. More

God creates new things (3) – Blessing

What is blessing? Prosperity on earth? Anyone who believes that will eventually be saddled with one or the other problem. But the New Testament has something new to offer, something that replaces the old things from the Old Testament. Explanations from a sermon by the Chief Apostle. More

To live like Christ lives!

“Easter reminds us: ‘Brother, sister, don’t worry, the Lord is here!’” This is the summary of Chief Apostle Schneider’s Easter message for 2022. The divine service took place in Bünde (Germany). More

Spotlight 7/2022: New dimensions of togetherness

How can we be close to someone without being together? Opening new horizons for our annual motto “Together in Christ”. A new perspective from District Apostle John Kriel of South Africa. More

“I’ll stay with You no matter what!”

Sometimes it doesn’t take long to find the lost sheep. In fact, sometimes a look into our own heart does the trick. There is a good reason, however, to listen to the call of the Good Shepherd. More

Anticipation of the Holy Spirit

Eastertide is the period extending from Easter to Pentecost. The divine services in May will deal with both the effects of the resurrection of Jesus as well as with the impressive intervention of the Holy Spirit. Here is a glance at the subjects of our divine services in May. More

God’s great love and our response to it

The sacrifice of Jesus, as cruel as it was, shows God’s unconditional love for His children. And the best way for the believers to respond is to love back. That was the content of the Chief Apostle’s sermon on Good Friday. More

Sacraments (54): The chances in the hereafter

Sacraments for the departed? That only makes sense if people can still change in death. Judging by the teachings of their church, the majority of Christians believe in a chance in the afterlife. But there are big differences between the churches. More

Catechism 2 – Why we needed it

Why do we need a New Apostolic catechism in the first place? The answer to this question opens up a glimpse into the workings of the Church’s leaders. Here is part two of a seven-part video series featuring the IYC lecture. More

Christians too have a responsibility

Those who believe in the thousand-year kingdom of peace know: we still need our good old Mother Earth. And this knowledge entails a mission. Today, 22 April, we mark International Mother Earth Day. More

Seven angles of looking at the cross

Recognising that you need help and knowing who can help is a good start to solving a problem—and even more so the basis for eternal redemption. Yet there are even more useful ways of looking up to the cross. More

Spotlight 6/2022: Together at the table of the Lord

It is a beautiful picture: Jesus is sitting at the table with His disciples and passes the cup to His neighbour, who passes it on to his neighbour, and so on until all have drunk from it. For District Apostle Mark Woll from Canada this is a concrete idea that is connected to our motto for 2022. More

Good Friday: Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani

The Friday before Easter is a silent day. Anyone who has ever had to cope with grief and loss knows how good silence can be. Jesus’ companions were also in mourning. They had had to look on as their Master was tortured, crucified, and killed. They were right there and witnessed these barbaric acts… More

You are not alone!

“I have never enjoyed going to school on a Saturday that much.” This is how Chief Apostle Schneider said goodbye to the congregation of Ho in Ghana, where he had conducted a divine service in the assembly hall of Mawuli School. More

The sacraments (53): On the way to immortality

Sacraments for the dead? It would be unthinkable without the immortality of the soul. Yet this notion is only beginning to evolve in the Bible. Here is how today’s understanding of an afterlife came into being. More

The salvific paradox

Between Palm Sunday and Good Friday, Jesus receives some unusual visitors to whom He announces great things. He talks to them humiliation and exaltation and about the peoples of the world. Here is a Bible study video from South Africa’s NACTV. More