A Pentecost that inspired people all around the world

Music, divine service, and fellowship: the 2023 Pentecost festivities electrified New Apostolic Christians around the globe. The conditions for the South African hosts, however, were anything but easy. More

The sounds of Pentecost 2023

“The Lord ist my light” was one of the highlights of the Pentecost concert in Cape Town. A children’s choir, mixed choir, orchestra, and soloists thrilled the audience in Silvertown and across the world via Internet. Enjoy the excerpts. More

The divine service in pictures

First in 2006, then in 2010, and now in 2023: Pentecost celebrations in the large Tafelsig church are special. Enjoy the pictures from the latest central divine service conducted by the Chief Apostle in Cape Town. More

With power, love, and self-control

“Trust in the gift of the Holy Spirit.” This was the appeal made by Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider in the central Pentecost service he conducted in Cape Town in South Africa. For in this way, believers are equipped with everything they need to reach their goal. More

A unique way to say thank you

The feast before the feast: twenty-two congregations across the Western Cape had their midweek service conducted by a District Apostle or a District Apostle Helper. The congregation in Tafelsig experienced a special surprise—and for good reason. More

United in the Lord’s Prayer

A congregation offers support in good and bad times. Even during Covid believers were able to join virtual divine services. The Lord’s Prayer was heard everywhere. Today we look back in gratitude. More

Ascension: so far and yet so close

An end that marked a beginning: by ascending to heaven Jesus Christ did not create distance between Himself and us, but actually came closer to us. Here are some thoughts on Ascension Day, which falls within Eastertide. More

“It starts in our hearts”

Do not stop with the Old Testament, but listen and accept the message of Jesus Christ. This is the appeal Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider made during the divine service in Athens in Greece on 2 April 2023. More

Spotlight 8/2023: Each one serves the other

Already as a twelve-year-old, District Apostle Mark Woll from Canada made the experience that even the boss of a company is really nothing but a servant. In his Spotlight article he explores how much serving there really is in reigning. More

Invitation by audio sample

Music lovers and anyone else are invited to join the live webcast of the 2023 Pentecost concert from South Africa. Rehearsals are in full swing; stopped by and listened in. Enjoy the sample. More

Ministry (29): For want of a doctrine it becomes a question of order

Jesus, women, and the apostolate… While the biblical findings are indisputable, they do not provide clear answers. How does the New Apostolic Church treat this? Here is the first interim conclusion on the question of what the New Testament says about the ordination of women. More

Sharing the mystery of eternal life

Persevere in the Apostles’ teaching! This is an exhortation that believers are quite familiar with. But what exactly does it mean? Here are some answers from a divine service about serving, following Christ, and the question of who really is the boss here. More

The Holy Spirit was promised, sent, and is active

Ascension Day and Pentecost—the month of May speaks for itself. And so do our divine services: the brothers and sisters will learn more about the announcement of the Holy Spirit and how God reveals Himself to them as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. More

Sorrow will turn to joy

The weeping of the disciples over the suffering and death of Jesus was transformed into joy: Jesus is risen! Back then, as today, suffering is transformed into joy. This is the message that Chief Apostle Schneider conveyed in a recent divine service. More

Spotlight 7/2023: Relinquish – retain

To reign with Christ is a higher form of service. This is what District Apostle John Kriel from South Africa says in his article on our annual motto. What exactly this means he explains by telling us what we need to let go of and what we need to hold on to. More

Why we are together

Can Christians or children of God be compared to a fan club or a group of people who share the same interests? It is much more than that, says the Chief Apostle, and refers to the two miracles that unite everyone. More

“This shall not happen to You!”

Jesus prepared His disciples for a situation that would unsettle them completely and leave them helpless: His suffering and death, and His resurrection. Chief Apostle Schneider addressed the different reactions of the disciples in a divine service in the congregation of Lüneburg in Germany. More

God and image of God: the difference

Some Bible passages paint a very contradictory picture of God. How does the New Apostolic Church see this? Quite simply: like Jesus. This is the answer from an essay that was just published. More

What counts is God’s will

What exactly is sin? Is there a definition? Is there a catalogue of sins? And what does the Bible have to say about all of this? Answers are provided in part two of the lecture series on “Sin and guilt” presented at the International Youth Convention in 2019. More

How Jesus helps us to bear up

Everyone is confronted with suffering one way or another. But how do we deal with it? There are many questions, but few answers to be had. Yet there is one particular source of comfort and strength. And there is a role model whom we can follow. More