People after the heart of God

He was anything but perfect. And nevertheless, the biblical David was a man after the heart of God. This makes him an example for believers to this day. Here are five things we can learn from David. More

Ministry (8): Messengers of Jesus

Not every gift requires a ministry in order to unfold. And not every duty requires a ministry for its implementation. This is always a question of the respective duty—and there are some clear distinctions here. More

Spotlight 16/2019: Fruits of the Spirit

Rich in Christ? District Apostle Kububa Soko of Zambia found riches aplenty, seven to be exact. In his contribution to our Spotlight series, he tells us how and where to find them. More

The right choice: God has priority!

“God help me!”—a call that is often expressed aloud in times of decision. It was concerning times such as these—and what they are good for—that Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider preached in a divine service he conducted in Lusaka, Zambia. More

Insubordinate teenager explains the future

Unruly and unwilling to integrate—that is how the young man presents himself—and almost ruins his chances with all the important people. And then he even misses out on an opportunity to show himself in a good light. A story with quite a few surprises. More

Ministry (7): the gift as a duty?

Change has its tradition—even in the ministerial order of the New Apostolic Church. But how far is this allowed to go? For example, aren’t pastors and Evangelists a biblical must? Following are some answers to some frequently asked questions. More

Doing good: from sowing to harvesting

Deep down everybody wants to do good. Unfortunately, we fail more often than not. Let’s not give up though! In the end, our efforts will have been worthwhile. Here is a how-to guide from a recent service. More

Spotlight 15/2019: Through mountains of dirt to a big treasure

Faith in everyday life can be compared to a gold deposit in rock. Before you can mine the gold, you have to clear away a lot of rock. District Apostle Peter Schulte of Australia explains why it is still worthwhile to mine it. More

Is being holy even possible?

People are people—and all of them have their faults and weaknesses. Period. This is true for everyone. And yet faithful, believing Christians are also described as the “communion of saints”, or “the community of the saints”. How do these disparate concepts fit together? More

God knows you personally

God knows every human being in and out. He knows our strengths, our weaknesses, our nature, and conduct. And that’s good, because He doesn’t just know us: He has plans for us. More

Hardship today, glory tomorrow

A comforting letter for the suffering church then, a comforting service for those who are suffering today: God is active there where people experience need. But sometimes this occurs in a way that is completely different to what we expect. More

Continuing to seek an intimate connection with God

What God wants is impossible to achieve. Nobody can do it. No wonder the people of Israel failed at Mount Sinai. And yet, there is definitely a way of getting around the golden calf. More

Spotlight 14/2019: Poverty and wealth

Can you be rich and be a Christian? Exegetes have been squabbling about this for centuries. District Apostle Raúl Montes de Oca (Brazil) picks up on this thought in our Spotlight series that highlights the Church’s annual motto. More

The kingdom of God: both a present and a future reality

“It is Jesus who rules over His church. Let us therefore be careful that we do not act like kings.” Strong words from the Chief Apostle in a divine service in Santo Domingo. How it came to this … More

“A wonderful shepherd of the flock of Christ”

Forty-seven years in the ministry, 16 of these as an Apostle, but it wasn’t the numbers that made District Apostle Raúl Montes de Oca (Brazil/Bolivia) who he is. The Chief Apostle paid tribute to a man with special gifts. Here is a video clip of his retirement. More

Knowledge that strengthens

The more the better: recognising divine gifts gives strength and comfort. This is a thought that fascinates the Chief Apostle. Here are some thoughts from a divine service on the richness of grace in Christ. More

Faith or the Law—a delicate topic

Right or wrong, real or fake, pure or impure? There was a time when these questions played an immense role for the people of the early Christian period. The transition from the old covenant to the new covenant was not so easy. More

Spotlight 13/2019: The wealth of diversity!

In his reflections on our annual motto, District Apostle Tshitshi Tshisekedi from the Democratic Republic of the Congo calls on us to value the diversity of gifts and abilities, rather than seeing them as differences … More

Faith goes deeper than the surface

Can we declare something to exist that we can neither explain, nor touch, nor even see? There are many reasons that speak against it. However, faith makes it possible. More

Christians should act as Christians!

People say that handsome is as handsome does. What does that have to do with the Christian faith? A great deal, as it turns out. After all, only those who act in Christian fashion are truly Christian. Following are some highlights from Sunday sermons in the coming month. More