Pastoral care (16): When belief in signs leads astray

“Belief in miracles is a sign of lacking humbleness,” saysChief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider. After all, man is not greater than God, and thus cannot prescribe to Him what He should do or when He should do it! A pretty clear statement, isn’t it? More

Proclaiming the gospel to the dead

The soul is immortal, and even the departed can still be helped. What later became the basis of New Apostolic doctrine developed on the foundation of Jesus and through the teaching of His Apostles. Part five of a lecture presented at the IYC 2019. More

Spotlight 16/2021: Hope is the friend of faith

Twelve eggs for a month’s worth of wages! Unbelievable and yet bitter reality. The only thing that can help in circumstances such as these is hope for a better future. District Apostle Helper John Fendt (USA) reports on his work. More

“At Your word…”

A life-changing experience: it was not just a fisherman who made such an experience 2000 years ago. People can still make them today. It just depends on how we encounter Jesus Christ. More

A firm foundation is required

The valley is extremely dry and hot, the houses there are cheaply built. Then the torrential rains cause a flash flood that picks up speed as it tears through the valley … The chosen ground decides over death and life. This is what Jesus declared 2,000 years ago. More

The sacraments (42): Within reach of the Spirit

Whether it is considered a rite, a sacrament, or merely a side effect of baptism, the churches have very different ways of understanding how a Christian receives the Holy Spirit. And this diversity of perspectives has a tradition that goes back nearly 2,000 years. More

How becoming perfect works

It sounds like a paradox: only those who are perfect can enter the kingdom of God. Yet no human is perfect. The Chief Apostle explained in a recent service how Jesus solves this. More

Spotlight 15/2021: Our future lies in the resurrection

What does “future” mean for the individual? While some fret about the future, others are optimistic about it. District Apostle Helper João Uanuque Misselo from Angola describes his perspective. More

In the firm embrace of powerful arms

From the cradle to the grave, every human being has one Companion who will never leave his side. And He not only accompanies us on our path, but also plays a pivotal role in life—for anyone who wants Him, that is: an excerpt from a sermon in moving letters. More

How God inquires about us

All these questions… One of them is hardly worth answering, but the rest are worth paying close attention to and waiting for the echo from our own soul. Here is how God the Father and the Son lead and guide us with their questions. More

The sacraments (41): Is Holy Sealing merely a New Apostolic phenomenon?

What distinguishes the New Apostolic doctrine from that of other faiths? This question and others like it come up time and again. Depending on the context, the answer to this question can be longer or shorter. But most often it involves one key concept: Holy Sealing. More

Paying attention to the fine print

How do Christians believe? What do Christians believe? When do Christians believe? Difficult questions? Not exactly. Actually, the respective answers are quite simple: genuinely, everything, and always! That’s the theory in any event. But as is so often the case things can be different in practice. More

Knowing the gift of God

The soul is immortal and that means that the departed can receive help. What was still a foreign idea in the Old Testament only began to catch on and develop in the New Testament. This is what the New Apostolic doctrine is based on. Join us for part 4 of the IYC 2019 presentation. More

Tired? Then come here!

Come here, this is Jesus’ call to the weary and burdened. Who they are and what Jesus has to tell them is something Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider revealed in a divine service that not only lends the weary and burdened strength. More

Spotlight 14/2021: A marathon, not a sprint!

Our motto is not about the future in general, but about the future in Christ. There is a big difference, District Apostle Tshitshi Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of the Congo says. We are talking about God’s plan of redemption, the beginning and end of which we know. More

Pastoral care (15): The Bible is not a book of oracles

What is there to discuss when a minister meets with believers for a pastoral care visit? That depends on the particular situation. It would certainly not be entirely absurd to think that they might talk about content from Holy Scripture. Or perhaps rather not? More

The substitute religion that destroys

Having brought in a bountiful harvest, he leaned back satisfied; and yet he landed in heaven empty-handed. The story of the rich fool seems a bit old hat. But it is far from that. Let’s take a look at what this parable has to do with neurotheology and neuromarketing. More

From thoughts to words to deeds

Are we really expected to constantly offer up praise and thanks? That is demanding indeed. In fact, today it comes close to a provocation. How this can be done and why it is good for us… Here are some explanations from a divine service by the Chief Apostle. More

The sacraments (40): a twenty-course menu of titbits

A menu in twenty courses—that’s what the series on the history and theology of Holy Communion has served up. Following is an overview of what has been covered—before we move on to Holy Sealing. More

“You are very valuable”

Jesus Christ’s call is addressed to the suffering, the disadvantaged, and those who are different. The Chief Apostle pointed this out and went on to explain what really gives a person value: for God, those who appear small are very big. More