More than just sharing accommodation

“Fellowship of life with Christ” is the overarching theme of the Sunday services in February. And that means more than just leaving a little room in our lives for Jesus and His gospel. Fellowship with Christ fills our whole life—today and in future. More

Serving and reigning: determining our future

To reign also means to take control over our own life, our own person, and our own future. Jesus Himself provides the necessary strength and wisdom. Here is the fourth and last video from the New Year’s Day service with the Chief Apostle. More

“The fire must be kept burning”

People celebrate Christmas and Easter. Is there more behind it than tradition? People are aware of the problems and know how to solve them. So who really needs a Saviour? However, there is only one path that leads to lasting happiness and peace. More

The crown as an exclusive symbol of power?

Two striking slogans, “Christ, our future!” and “Together in Christ”, are followed by a somewhat more ambitious motto this year: “Serving and reigning with Christ”. The motto is worth examining more closely, as are the corresponding logos. More

Serving and reigning: ruling over sin

Reigning. This is the second part of our 2023 motto. But it has nothing to do with exercising power over others, but with controlling our own thoughts and actions. Here is the third of four video clips from the New Year’s Day service. More

A woman of great courage saves her people

This is the story of a brave woman: Esther risked her life by going to the king without having been invited. And she did so twice. More

Jesus illuminates the darkness

A divine service brings light into the darkness: Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider brought a festive glow to the congregation of Saxonsea in South Africa shortly before Christmas by preaching about the light of Jesus Christ. More

Ministry (22): Man and woman and what the Church teaches

The Bible has quite a bit to say about the relationship and the responsibility of man and woman. What doctrinal conclusions does the New Apostolic Church draw from this? Here are the relevant passages from the Catechism and teaching documents. More

Serving and reigning: serving God in divine service

Serving is one aspect of our 2023 motto and it begins in divine service. Because a divine service is actually not about God serving us. Here is the second of four videos from the New Year’s Day service conducted by the Chief Apostle. More

God’s plan is not a mystery

On 27 November 2022, a day after the divine service in Orhei in Moldova, the Chief Apostle conducted a service for the brothers and sisters in Chișinău. Ukrainian refugees were also part of the congregation, as some of the church premises had been converted to accommodate them. More

Serving and reigning: tomorrow’s questions answered

“Serving and reigning with Christ” is our motto for 2023. The idea behind it the Chief Apostle explained in the New Year’s Day divine service. To begin with, there is a journey through time. Here is the first of four videos. More

Ministry (21): The alleged law

The man “shall” rule over the woman. A few words from Genesis are cited by some to oppose the ordination of women. However, God does not formulate a creative will here nor a commandment, but rather predicts the consequences of the fall into sin. This is shown by a careful look at the Bible. More

“That’s the only thing that matters”

What does divine salvation have to do with riding a bike? An answer can be found in the book of Micah, an Old Testament prophet. The book talks about threats and bad times, about a helpful attitude, and a clear decision. More

Jesus is our best friend

Jesus can be experienced everywhere: in everyday life, in our congregation, in emergency situations—this is the message the divine services in January will convey. The sermons in January will look at the relationship that we believers have with our Lord Jesus Christ and explore it from different angles. More

Motto 2023: Serving and reigning with Christ

This is God’s plan for His own: “Serving and reigning with Christ”. It is also the motto issued by the New Apostolic Church for 2023. In his New Year’s address, the Chief Apostle explains just how little this has to do with exercising power or ruling over others. More

2022: Together in Christ

How can we implement the motto that the Chief Apostle issues at the beginning of each year? Our Spotlight series with contributions from District Apostles across the world gives impulses. The articles are linked on the right. More

Together in Christ makes us strong

“Together in Christ” is not free, but it gives infinitely more strength than it costs. To close the year, we look back on the different aspects emphasised by the District Apostles in the Spotlight series reflecting the 2022 motto. More

Coming soon: women in ministry

The year 2022 will go down into the New Apostolic history books. For the very first time, the Church has provided a doctrinal answer to a 160-year-old question. And the resulting decision will begin to take effect in the year 2023—when women will also be given the opportunity to be ordained into ministry. More

Comforting and clarifying: the divine services of the year 2022

The Chief Apostle held almost 60 divine services in 2022, always finding the right words to comfort and clarify. Here are all the messages from January to December. More

The birth of Christ gives freedom, peace, and love

A Word that becomes flesh? What exactly does that mean? The key is found at the very beginning of John’s gospel. This famous prologue speaks about the logos who dwells among us. And that has a lot to do with Christmas. More