Seeing both God and man the right way

Jesus Christ died so that mankind may live. “Did anyone necessarily need to be punished so that God could be well-disposed to us again?” asked the Chief Apostle. We find the answer in the Bible—and it is rather surprising. More

Spotlight 08/2019: Rich as a disciple of Christ!

Wealth, completely independent of living conditions and bank account. In our Spotlight series, District Apostle Leonard R. Kolb (USA) mentions seven riches which every Christian has in his possession. More

The unity of the church: a sign for Jesus Christ

The sincere celebration of Holy Communion could solve problems. This view was taken by Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider in a divine service in Colonia (Uruguay). Holy Communion is more, much more, than mere liturgical routine. More

From a mere appendage to the central event

In the one hundred years since its introduction the communion wafer has hardly changed. There have, however, been changes in the understanding of Holy Communion in the New Apostolic Church, particularly in its relationship to forgiveness of sins. More

Free will rather than obedience: “I exercised my freedom.”

Obedience? Freedom! “I don’t want to be obedient any longer,” the Chief Apostle said and described a better way of following Jesus Christ. A divine service about the power of free will. More

Spotlight 07/2019: A life for Jesus Christ

Aligning one’s life with the example of Jesus, being there for one’s brothers and sisters in faith … Many commit themselves to the cause of the Lord and even put their own needs aside. District Apostle Edy Isnugroho from Indonesia tells us about Jonathan, a District Elder, who regards this as his personal wealth. More

Don’t get distracted, but trust in God

Our thoughts and God’s thoughts are not always compatible. Many things can change around us, the Chief Apostle says. Despite everything, God remains faithful to His plan of redeeming mankind—regardless of all the changes. More

Christ, the Lord of life

The Christian faith gives security and peace of mind. However, the gospel also highlights the fact that duties await every believer. The Sunday divine services in the month of May describe this interaction. More

Drawing strength from prayer

It isn’t about external volume, but internal intensity. It isn’t only about your own soul, but rather also that of your brother and sister. Chief Apostle Schneider takes a closer look at the Lord’s Prayer. More

Where is God in suffering and hardship?

Where is God now? This is a question many people ask when disaster or misfortune strike. How can we help such people? Certainly not with the wrong answers. In a recent service, the Chief Apostle offered an alternative. More

Spotlight 06/2019: A somewhat puzzling motto

District Apostle Mark Woll’s ideas on this year’s theme are a little jumbled. The Canadian District Apostle bundled his thoughts into a crossword puzzle. Have fun! The solution will follow next week. More

From symbol of torture to sign of love

Just imagine there was this religious community that would gather regularly around a rack. The focus of their devotions would be an electric chair. And whips would hang from the walls of their place of worship. More

Jesus offers eternal life

When does Jesus help? What’s the purpose of the gospel? What are good works good for? There are many ideas about this and some misconceptions. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider clarified what really matters. More

When the substance changes

The groom slips a metal object on his betrothed’s finger. Someone authorised to do so pronounces a few words. What exactly is the woman wearing on her finger? A piece of jewellery, a wedding ring, or a symbol? And what, if anything, does this have to do with Holy Communion? More

The beginning of something new

Jesus entered Jerusalem, and of all things on the back of a donkey. For many of those who witnessed this it was outrageous. After all, the people had been expecting the Messiah, who had been announced as a king. And now this!? By the end of the week, Jesus Christ will have been killed. More

Knowing what’s important

Was everything in the past wrong? Absolutely not! New knowledge is not there to replace the tried and tested teachings, but to complement them—provided it is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Impulses from a divine service with the Chief Apostle. More

Spotlight 05/2019: Wealth requires investments

Those who trust in God are willing to make a contribution without really knowing what to expect. However, they can be sure that they will not be disappointed. Thoughts on our 2019 motto from District Apostle Rüdiger Krause (Northern and Eastern Germany). More

One church, many services – not status, but a mission

What exactly is the church of Christ? It is more than one or the other denomination. What about elites? There are none, only different tasks. And that means collaborating and working together. This is what the Chief Apostle made clear in his most recent doctrinal paper. More

Light shines brightest at night

The period of Lent is approaching its climax: Passion Week will culminate in the triumphant Easter message of the resurrection of Jesus. But before that there is still the cross. More

When our speech betrays us

Jesus had been arrested and brought before the Council. Peter was waiting outside in the courtyard. A girl recognised Him. The record states that his speech had betrayed him. What speech do we use? More