Great comfort waits beyond all the cancellations

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly upset many plans and events. But one event has not been cancelled, nor has it been postponed. Which one? The Chief Apostle recently talked about it in the online service he conducted for East Africa. More

Pastoral care (6): Trust needs space

Children are our future—this sentence is not only true, but it must also be verifiable. This also applies to the Church’s pastoral care, which may be confidential, but should not take place in secret. A great deal of mindfulness is required of all involved. More

The sacraments (18): The whole baptism in eight sentences

Baptism—such a simple act and yet so rich in significance and history. More than half of this series so far has revolved around this sacrament alone. It is time for a summary: here are eight key statements to remember. More

How miracles happen nowadays

Miracles are not the solution—they are merely a reference to it. Rather, it is more about performing miracles of our own and sending a signal—or showing a kind of sign—in the process. How, why, and to what end? Following are some points from a divine service with the Chief Apostle. More

Spotlight 16/2020: Allow your eyes to be opened!

Seeing who we really are … without others judging us. That is not easy, seeing that we humans are social creatures and therefore depend on the benevolence of others. Jesus opens our eyes for reality, District Apostle Helper John Fendt from the USA says. More

Carrying on together with God

God knows everything—and long before anything happens. How does He react to the fact that human beings are constantly making the same mistakes? And what question does He ask them? Answers from a divine service by the Chief Apostle. More

Whether celebrating or mourning, Jesus’ love is not dependent on the situation

Jesus drank wine and John the Baptist was an ascetic. In that case neither of them could have been sent by God, could they?! Nevertheless, Jesus’ actions prove that He was indeed sent by God. And whoever follows the path that Jesus established has grounds for true joy. More

The sacraments (17): commonalities and differences in black and white

Naturally the churches acknowledge each other’s baptisms, even though this step has taken centuries to achieve. After all, the question of sacraments is intimately linked to the respective understanding each one has of what constitutes church. And yet they have all managed to approve sound papers on the subject. More

Only a few sentences, but so much substance!

The Lord’s Prayer is 2,000 years old and is considered the central prayer of all Christians. It has maintained its place in Holy Scripture and in Christian churches around the world to this day. So what does it express? More

Pastoral care (05): with and without a ministry

Who can provide pastoral care? Here are some thoughts on the motivation, passion, and ministerial mandate behind pastoral care, and the fact that everyone can be active in it. More

Spotlight 15/2020: Only Christ makes free, nobody else

From the vastness of paradise to a small labyrinth of selfish goals, from great freedom to close confinement. How man has changed! He could do better for himself, District Apostle Helper David Devaraj from Bangalore in India writes. More

Pastoral care must be learned

Expert skills are not imparted by ordination or appointment—these are things that must first be learned. Nevertheless, the Church strives to support and guide its ministers and teachers in their endeavours. In some ways, the various District Churches pursue this task in similar ways, but sometimes they take quite a different approach More

The danger of being scattered

Being a Christian means trials, distress, and hardship, the Chief Apostle stated in a recent divine service. But believers don’t have to fear, for the Son of God will help them, just as the Father helped Him. More

The sacraments (16): the road into the baptismal community

Acknowledging the baptisms of other denominations is not as simple as it sounds, and the journey there has had its ups and downs in church history. A number of things had to be set into motion before the New Apostolic Church was in a position to acknowledge the baptisms of other Christian denominations. More

Casting your care upon the Lord

On Sundays we can forget about our cares for a few moments in the divine service. But God wants to do even more for us: He wants to liberate us from our cares altogether. What the Chief Apostle explained in a recent divine service was how believers can do their part in the process. More

Who is your God?

“One time doesn’t even count,” people often say in an attempt to diminish the weight of individual decisions and put them into a broader perspective. And indeed, what counts in the long run is not the individual misstep, but rather the fundamental inner values of the person. More

Fellowship and music is by no means a given

Coming together with members of our congregation to have fellowship and sing is by no means a given. Even Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider misses it. He makes it clear: much was and is grace. More

Being prepared when the Lord returns

“Extraordinary times call for extraordinary answers,” says the Chief Apostle. And one of these is: “Get ready for the return of the Lord!” This will bring certainty in uncertain times! More

The sacraments (15): The travels of baptism

Naturally baptism belongs inside the church—doesn’t it? Not necessarily: the sacrament has spent a good part of its history just outside the church doors, or in other spaces altogether. This is the story of how baptism made its long journey into the church, only to slip back outside again briefly, and finally end up back inside. More

Christians proclaim Christ

What was the lifeworld of the early Christian congregations like? And how can it be compared to our own today? Acts 2: 42 gives us a good idea. This is where the core values of the gospel are listed in a single sentence. These will be explored in the sermons in the New Apostolic divine services in the month of August. More