The sacraments (13): “Let the little children come to Me”?

Some assigned the death penalty to baptism. And others established their very own “thousand-year kingdom of peace”. And it all began with an issue that still divides the denominations today. More

Eye-opening, uplifting, and liberating

On account of distance rules there were “only” 180 people in the church—a rather unusual picture in the large church in Karlsruhe. The Chief Apostle found the perfect tone to strengthen and comfort the congregation in these difficult times. More

Adhering to the Bible, but in the right way

Sermons, pastoral care, leadership functions—all of these follow the standard of the Bible. But its precepts are not always clear. What Scripture says and what it does not say: a guide intended not just for ministers… More

Experiencing God in difficult times

A thirst for God? It certainly sounds a little unusual, almost like an abstract poem. In fact, it is a poem, a psalm, that describes the longing for God’s nearness, His protection, and support. Good thoughts in dreadful days. More

Spotlight 12/2020: Freedom, the greatest gift of God

Freedom is a free gift of God. But He does not impose this freedom upon us. He only liberates those who want it. This is the experience of District Apostle Edy Isnugroho (Indonesia). More

Flashback (3): The chance for change

What comes after the coronavirus lockdown? There is a lot of speculation about that. What happens depends above all on each one of us, the Chief Apostle made clear in an invitation he extended in the Pentecost service. More

Ranging from the familiar to the controversial

The divine service themes in the month of July are filled with contrast: they range from God’s loving grace to His strict law, from the hallowed Sabbath to the prohibition against killing. More

Capable of doing what others think is impossible

Why did Jesus have such a strong faith? He had inner strength, which we humans would like to have as well. The Chief Apostle mentioned five of these in a divine service he conducted for the congregations in southern Africa. More

The sacraments (12): The durability and resistance of baptism

Acceptance, cleansing, total renewal: Scripture knows many interpretations of baptism. What the sacrament meant to people in concrete terms has changed in the course of history. Often it was a matter of politics and society. More

Giving a voice to the voiceless

What refugees urgently need, besides food and water, medical care, and a roof over their heads, is hope! And prospects of a homeland, friends, and a sense of security. Unfortunately, reality presents to a completely different picture many of them is. Here is a call for reflection. More

God’s fourfold “Come!”

God calls us into fellowship: with Himself and with other people, for the future and right now, into a fellowship of life and suffering—and it all leads to eternal happiness. This is a mission all believers have in common. More

Spotlight 11/2020: Jesus sets our soul free

What does freedom have to do with an eagle? Well, watching such a majestic bird soar higher and higher into the sky with just a few flaps of its wings is a fitting image to describe unlimited freedom, says District Apostle Rainer Storck of Western Germany. More

Flashback (2): God does not discriminate

Two lessons from the coronavirus crisis: what an individual does or does not do affects everyone. And: those who were underestimated showed their true worth. What all this has to do with faith? Here is an eye-opener from the Pentecost service. More

The sacraments (11): Baptism and its five dimensions

The New Testament is largely silent on how a baptism is supposed to be performed. But the Bible has a lot to say about what the sacrament means. Here is an overview. More

When differences no longer matter

On Pentecost 2020 Chief Apostle Schneider preached about the power of the Holy Spirit, which makes it possible that people from different cultures and traditions can be brought together. A commandment also for Christians in modern times. More

Trinity Sunday: three persons in one and the consequences

What makes a divine service a New Apostolic divine service? One possible answer is that it begins and ends with the invocation of the triune God. Who is this triune God? What are the implications of our belief in this? Reflections on Trinity Sunday. More

Flashback (1): Changing the future

Future and change: this is the purpose of faith. But this does not only apply to the spiritual world. Here is a declaration of belief from the 2020 Pentecost service. More

Pastoral care (3): the positive surprises

Pastoral care gives as much as it can. Jesus Christ shows that pastoral care does good, changes people, and can even leave those around us speechless at times. More

Spotlight 10/2020: Those who want to be free must allow themselves to be freed

What are people held captive by? If we know, it is only a small step to freedom through Christ. For only then can His nature unfold in us. Here are some answers from District Apostle Michael Ehrich from Southern Germany. More

Triune, holy, apostolic: divine services in the month of June

The post-Pentecost season is here. This year, it brings us a new chapter in the coronavirus diary: in many countries, divine services are becoming possible again in the local congregations, at least gradually. Following is an overview of the Divine Service Guide for the month of June. More