Spotlight 07/2018: Well equipped for our journey of faith

Being faithful to Christ involves effort. It requires planning, guidance, and endurance, District Apostle Enrique Eduardo Minio from Argentina says. Reflections on our annual motto.

As I reflected on the motto which the Chief Apostle gave us for this year, the following thoughts came up.

Knowing where you are going and walking the path

Following implies that you know where you are going. If we are not clear about where we are going in everyday life—in our family, at work, or on a personal level—things can quickly lead to failure.

As a small boy I remember a scene from a film in which the main character, a girl, had lost her way and eventually came to a fork in the road. She asked the man with her, “Which way should I go?” He responded with a question, “What is your goal?” The girl replied, “I don’t know.” The man said, “Then choose a random path. But that will likely take you to a place where you don’t want to be.”

In our case, God has already made His plan and chosen and invited us to reach the goal He has promised us. The promise which we as children of God have been given leads us into eternal fellowship with Him, a wonderful and precious goal. We know where we are going, but are we ready to walk the path? Every day anew we have to decide whether we want to walk the path or not.

Choosing our guide

In order to reach our goal we must be clear about who can guide and help us along the way if we are disoriented or get lost. The guide whom we should follow is not a person, but Jesus Christ. With Christ as our example we can be sure that there will be no fluctuations or changes. God’s plan will be fulfilled and we will safely reach the goal. Deciding for Christ is our daily task.

Persevering until we reach the goal

In order to reach a goal you need persistence and endurance. There is a saying: “Constant dripping wears away the stone.” Persistence accomplishes things. On our path of faith it is not any different. In order to attain the image of Christ we must follow Him faithfully. And that means overcoming ourselves, not through our own strength, but through the strength we receive from God bit by bit until we have managed to crucify the old creature in us and have assumed the likeness of Christ. That is our daily task.

In a nutshell: we know where we are going, are prepared to walk the path, and have a perfect guide. Now all we need to do is decide for Christ every day and persevere in this until we have reached our goal. A beautiful challenge!

Photo: INA Argentina

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