Spotlight 3/2019: Managing God’s blessing

Only those who know how to manage their finances will remain rich. This applies both in the natural as well as in the spiritual. District Apostle Enrique Eduardo Minio (Argentina) shares his thoughts about our 2019 motto.

“Not those who have more than the others are rich, but those who consume the least and appreciate what they have.” True wealth has to do with appreciation. We should take time to reflect on the wealth that has been given to us. What we possess we can neither buy with money nor can it be sold. Luke 12: 15 speaks to the point: “One’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses.” Being aware of this will help us recognise all the spiritual riches that God gives us: one of which is blessing. In Proverbs 10: 22 it says: “The blessing of the Lord makes one rich, and He adds no sorrow with it.”

First of all we must understand what blessing is. “By blessing we understand God’s loving care. Blessing is synonymous with God’s saving and healing activity upon both mankind and the creation. … By grasping the gifts of God in faith and allowing the Lord to lead them, human beings can partake in blessing. … Whether it is of lasting effect depends not least of all on the attitude and conduct of the person being blessed. If the latter acts in accordance with God’s favour, he will in turn become a blessing to others” (CNAC 4.6).

God’s blessing exists—whether we are well off or going through distressing circumstances.

Blessing is the continuous loving care of God on our way of life: but in order for God to be able to bless us we need to follow the path of God’s will.

Blessing does not create sadness, but joy, peace, and happiness.

How can this objective be achieved? When I was young, a Priest once told me, “If you decide to work towards achieving material wealth in life, remember to first ask God to give you wisdom so that you can manage your money. Otherwise, what is so obviously positive will end up causing you problems.” Learning how to manage material possessions properly is important in order to be able to appreciate and enjoy what we have.

This is also true for our spiritual riches. If we strive to keep God’s word, which we receive every time He calls us to come into His house to teach us how to follow this path, then we will be blessed. How many things are there that we must leave at the altar in every divine service in order to create room in our hearts for Christ!

As we learn to appreciate and handle the blessing of God under His word, we will be able to appreciate and enjoy our life as His children, and then we will attain joy and peace in the Lord. We will become rich in Christ ourselves and, in addition, can be a channel of blessing for others (Genesis 12: 2).

Photo: INA Argentina

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Enrique Eduardo Minio
District Apostle, motto