Actions that speak louder than a thousand thank-yous

Giving away wealth: there is no end to what God gives. And there are no strings attached. How should we react? Answers were given on 12 January 2019 in Huambo in Angola. Excerpts from a sermon by the Chief Apostle on Romans 2: 4.

One could say that what Paul said to the Romans was harsh: “You know that God is rich in goodness, patience, and in long-suffering; but don’t scorn this wealth! Appreciate God’s riches!”

“God grants us salvation in His house! He has created the possibility for us to enter into His kingdom and gives us what we need for this in the divine services. Let us see the Saviour in Jesus Christ, who gives us eternal life.”

“God grants us salvation in His work. Let’s focus on the salvation that He offers us in His church.”

Patience? Make an effort!

“God is patient and does not punish the sinner. But because God doesn’t punish, some people think: ‘What I did wasn’t so bad after all.’ And they continue to violate the commandments. They despise God’s patience.”

“God is patient with us, and that is something we really appreciate. Let’s use the time He grants us in order to fight against sin and to overcome it.”

Grace? Forgiveness!

“Those who do not try to forgive their neighbour despise the grace that God has granted them.”

“We value the wealth of His grace and thank Him that He forgives us our sins. Out of gratitude we forgive our neighbour.”

Help? Serve!

“We come to God again and again and say, ‘Dear God, I need this, I need that, please send me Your angels, give me bread to eat, and grant me good health. And God hears our prayers and gives us all kinds of things. Let’s not say: ‘Yes, that’s normal, other people have that too.’”

“We appreciate the help and blessing that God grants us, and we thank Him by putting our strength and all that we have into the service of God.”

Love? Share!

“God loves man and wants to lead him into fellowship with Himself. We are to love our neighbour as God loves him. That means that we want our neighbour to enter into the kingdom of God. That is what Christian love is all about: the salvation of my neighbour’s soul.”

“We value the love of God and return His love. We prove our love to Him by loving our neighbour and putting ourselves at the service of our fellow human beings.”

“Anyone who acts in this way will truly be rich in Christ. Whoever recognises the riches of God properly, will come to God.”

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Andreas Rother
Angola, Chief Apostle, Divine service