Online services in 2022

Also in 2022 the Church will offer video services, like last year. The only difference will be that the video signal will no longer reach the faithful via satellite but via IPTV. More

Pleading our own cause: we want you to share!

The web, apps, and print products are all channels through which conveys information and news. Some people, however, still want to share it in their own way. Is that okay? There is a clear answer to this question—along with three little points to observe. More

Resolutions for the new year

The year 2022 has just begun. In many countries it is a tradition to write down wishes or resolutions for a new year. Psychologists say that wishes that have been written down are more likely to be fulfilled. More

Another year is dawning

Beginning the new year with God—on one’s own or with one’s family, but also in fellowship with our brothers and sisters. Christians are looking forward to it. More

Celebrating Christmas!

Christmas is a feast of joy and love even if numerous things can cloud this joy. For Christians, however, there is always a reason to celebrate: namely the birth of Jesus. More

Thoughts and links for the fourth Sunday of Advent

Traditionally, we can be certain that the fourth candle on the Advent wreath is always lit after the third one. And just as certain are the YouTube services being offered by the various districts. Here are the links for this Sunday. More

Christmas anticipation

Christmas is coming. The joy of anticipation is rising, but so are coronavirus cases in many countries. Some do not want to join the Advent services in their local congregation despite hygiene measures. More

Worship during the pandemic

In-person or online services? In many places the pandemic decides for us. Those joining online services can decide for themselves which service to join. Important is that, where possible, we should not forgo the in-person services offered in our congregation. More

Worldwide online services

As Covid-19 cases rise, especially in Western Europe, people are beginning to stay home more again. However, a small trip around the world is possible even from home these days, and even during church services. More

“We are doing things at our own pace”

The fall session of the District Apostle Meeting has ended. Prominent topics were our concept of ministry, biblical authorship issues, and a new Guide for Ministers. More

Worldwide online services

The video services being offered are intended for those brothers and sisters who have no possibility of attending an in-person service. However, those who feel safer staying home because of rising Covid cases are also welcome to tune in. More

First news item on day one

Zero tolerance. This is the stance taken by the New Apostolic Church towards sexual abuse and assault. And this is what Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider made clear at the conference of the District Apostles in Zurich, Switzerland. More

The weekly update

Changing YouTube channels and upcoming services on Sunday … here is this week’s update on the central video services offered by the New Apostolic Church. More

There’s a place for you here too

Since 2015, members of the New Apostolic Church have been smiling at passers-by from display cases outside our churches. Starting next year, sisters and brothers will still be shown, but only as silhouettes. The project manager explains the idea behind this. More

Webcasts around the clock

Divine services in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Anyone who wishes to join a service can do so practically any time thanks to the many time zones. Here is this week’s overview . More

Reliable broadcasts

The New Apostolic Church streams divine services in all parts of the world. Everyone is invited to join us for these public online services on YouTube. More

Around the world and round the clock

Who knows what will happen the day after tomorrow? The pandemic has shaken up many plans. One thing, however, is sure and that is the possibility of joining online services again on Sunday. More

“This is a collective effort”

A system that runs parallel to the system: How the policy against sexual misconduct works in the New Apostolic Church of Southern Africa is the subject of a double interview by NAC TV—the summary at More

Proven a million times over

Divine service broadcasts are part of the Church’s past and its present. Following is this Sunday’s streaming offer. More

Pen pals become brothers

In 1960 a high school student from Germany wrote to the US Shipping Line in Tokyo. Eleven years later, the first New Apostolic congregation was established in Japan. This year, the New Apostolic Church celebrates its 50-year anniversary in Japan. More