Church leaders at work

Working with heart, soul, and mind: discussions by the District Apostle Meeting were on the agenda for day two and three of the 2023 Pentecost council in Cape Town. More

Professing our faith

“I take part in divine service.” Such a post on social media is also a way of professing one’s faith, even if you join online divine services from home. Thanks to IPTV, this is now possible. More

God’s word reaches His children everywhere

Some congregations gather under a tree, others meet in a member’s home, and still others in a large church. And all celebrate divine service. If you cannot be in your congregation for whatever reason, you are welcome to join us for online worship. More

Two Pentecost events to be streamed live

New Apostolic Christians from all over the world can tune into this year’s Pentecost celebration on two occasions. Not only will the divine service on Sunday be broadcast but also the concert on Saturday. And the hosting district is quite famous for its music. More

Far away and yet so close

On a holiday abroad, but you would still like to hear a divine service in your native tongue? This is possible thanks to our online church services. In many cases, you can even join the divine service in your own congregation, if you cannot be there in person. More

The diversity of the word

Global, multilingual, and independent of time and place: these are the features of our online divine services. The New Apostolic Church publicly broadcasts central divine services via IPTV, YouTube, and telephone. More

Ministry (28): “Give no offense”

A no to the ordination of women? There is only one Bible verse that could corroborate this. But this passage contradicts other biblical passages and their respective justifications. Are these ultimately only cultural prescriptions? More

A trip around the world from your sofa

Canada, Romania, Zambia… The New Apostolic Church broadcasts central divine services in over thirty regions and more than fifteen languages worldwide. And those who are on the road and wish to watch the divine services in their home congregation can do so too in many cases. More

Divine services around the clock

Divine services morning, noon, and night. Anyone who wants to can watch divine services around the clock on Sundays. Thanks to YouTube, IPTV, and phone-in options the opportunities to hear God’s word are nearly unlimited. More

Divine services on six continents

In nearly all parts of the world, divine services continue to be streamed online thanks to volunteers in the congregations. Phone options are also available. The only continent from which no services are being streamed is Antarctica. More

Online after six days

Starting on 16 March 2020, all divine services and other Church activities were put on hold because of the emerging Covid pandemic. But a few days later already, on 22 March, divine services could be followed from home via YouTube, IPTV, or phone-in. This offer is still open to all. More

Many online viewers

The first international Pentecost service in 1990 was transmitted to no fewer than 830 congregations. Today, numbers like these make us smile. During the Covid pandemic, these audience figures multiplied. Even now they are still high. More

A true messenger of Christ

From Sub-deacon to District Apostle Helper… John W. Fendt was active as a minister for nearly fifty years, caring for the believers in North, Central, and South America. He just retired. Here is the video covering his retirement. More

From telegraph cable to the internet

It all began with a telegraph cable back in the 1950s. Then, starting in 1990, the New Apostolic Church started to broadcast its divine services via satellite. And since the beginning of 2022, divine services are being live streamed on YouTube or the Church’s own IPTV portal. More

Pleading our own cause: we want you to share!

The web, apps, and print products are all channels through which conveys information and news. Some people, however, still want to share it in their own way. Is that okay? There is a clear answer to this question—along with three little points to observe. More

Odette leaves deep scars

No other country is as threatened by natural disasters as the Philippines. “Yes, indeed, we got our share last year,” it says in the latest annual report of the charity NACSEARelief. More

Always at your fingertips: nac apps

With nac apps at your fingertips your quest for answers is a thing of the past. The New Apostolic Church provides timely answers to concrete questions such as, what is our teaching, what’s new, where is the nearest church? More

Thanks to the many volunteers

There is quite a bit that has to be done so that the word of God can be streamed live: getting an internet connection, setting up and aligning the cameras, and providing good audio quality. Since Covid, countless volunteers in the congregations have been making sure that the live stream works. More

Down from the roof

There is a joke that New Apostolic churches can be identified by the satellite dishes on the roof. But the joke is outdated, as many churches are taking their satellite dishes down. They are being connected to WiFi routers. More

Beyond Babel: online divine services

The record holder is Switzerland. The Regional Church broadcasts weekly online services in three languages. Close on its heels is South America, which offers divine services in Spanish and Portuguese for its brothers and sisters. As always, there are even more languages on More