New: online services in Lithuania

The range of online services has been expanded. The Church in Lithuania is now also broadcasting services on YouTube on Sundays. More

Aid organisations amid the corona pandemic: aid workers in an ongoing deployment (Part 2)

For months at a time, aid workers toil in remote regions, only to find that they cannot even return home to their families owing to recent lockdowns. It is a crisis that stops people in their tracks, and yet still allows them to grow… More

nacmaps: update of the congregation search app

Are you looking for a congregation in a specific city or all the congregations near your current location? With nacmaps you have the information at your fingertips. More

Online services on all continents

Here is this weekend’s helpline for those who cannot go to church. Video services will again be offered in all countries and in many languages. More

Aid organisations amid the pandemic: miracles and innovations (Part 1)

Aid organisations fight against need and suffering in the world. The coronavirus pandemic has made this battle significantly more difficult for them, however. Following are some insights into the lives of helpers who have learned to master entirely new challenges. More

Thriving in diversity

When two readers are talking about community, they are not necessarily talking about exactly the same magazine. And that is intentional. Here is a look at the broad spectrum that a single magazine covers. More

Prayer, sermon, absolution, and blessing

Many things are still possible despite the COVID-19 pandemic, among them online services on Sunday mornings. Here is the weekly update on the worldwide live streams for this coming Sunday. More

naccatechism: an update on the mobile Catechism

Whether you want to check the wording of the Ninth Article of Faith, learn more about the immortality of the soul, or read up on a thought from a sermon in chapter 10 of the Catechism—it’s all very easy with naccatechism. More

Back to church

There is a sense of relief in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The state of emergency imposed to contain COVID-19 has been lifted. Starting on 15 August, the congregations can once again gather for divine services. For the time being, online services will continue to air worldwide. Here are the current links. More

Staying up to date with

News from around the New Apostolic world is released on every day except Sunday. How do you find out when the articles go online without constantly having to manually check the website for new content? More

God’s word within our own four walls

Divine services with Holy Communion. This is beginning to be possible in more and more congregations. But because this is still not possible everywhere and not for everyone, online services continue to be streamed. Here are the links for the coming Sunday. More

Divine services continue to be aired live

On its new website, the New Apostolic Church Western Pacific offers direct links to its online services from four locations in the district to accommodate the various time zones. Other District Churches across the globe also continue to broadcast divine services. Here is an overview for Sunday, 12 July 2020. (update: Southern Africa) More

Changes in the circle of the Apostles (1/2020)

Chief Apostle Schneider ordained three Apostles in the first half of the year. Two Apostles went into retirement and one died while still active. More

The word of God remains audible

Preaching comes through the word of God. Believers know this experience and appreciate it. Here is an overview of where the word of God can be heard and seen this coming Sunday. More

Online services in 17 languages

This coming Sunday the New Apostolic Church will again broadcast divine services on YouTube. Following is an updated overview, including two new countries and a new language. More

Welcome to the virtual church

Part of our congregational and church life has moved online because of COVID-19. Here is a look at some of the means used and what online offers are available this coming Sunday in terms of divine services. More

Reunion at Holy Communion: “Unforgettable!”

The first in-person services after the lockdown have taken place. And although everything is a little different than before, there was joy all around at being reunited in the congregations and being able to celebrate Holy Communion again. Also the Chief Apostle experienced this. More

Better safe than sorry: in-person services and online services

In some regions, the first in-person services will resume this Sunday. Central online services on YouTube, television, or telephone will, however, continue to be offered. More

The link for the Pentecost service

Whether by telephone, television, or Internet … there are a number of possibilities to participate in the divine service which Chief Apostle Schneider will conduct this Sunday. Just click on one of the YouTube links below. More

A Pentecost sermon for the whole world

It is always quite a lot of work, but it is worthwhile in any event. When the Chief Apostle steps behind the altar on Pentecost Sunday, there will be hundreds of thousands who will see and hear him—despite the corona crisis. More