Preserving memories (1) – Testifying with the camera

To share means to communicate. Photos do not just preserve memories. They can also picture and testify of faith. But, please, no cameras in divine services! But why not? Maybe we should have them, but then with the corresponding know-how. Here is the first article of a new series. More

IYC preparations are in full swing

In just a little over five months from now the exhibition grounds in Düsseldorf will throw open their doors for the International Youth Convention 2019. What has been planned? Who is invited? Here is an overview. More

“I have been welcomed warmly”

About a hundred days into his new task as District Apostle in the newly established District Apostle Area Western Pacific, we asked District Apostle Peter Schulte what has changed for him and what his expectations are for 2019? An interview with Peter Schulte. More

Changes in the circle of the Apostles (2/2018)

Nine Apostles were ordained by Chief Apostle Schneider in the second half of last year. He also appointed two new District Apostles. One Apostle passed away, seven Apostles and two District Apostles retired, and one Apostle was dismissed. More

Individuals who have left their mark

The past year was marked by changes in the governing body of the Church. Four District Apostles retired in 2018. A brief retrospective on men full of generosity and energy. More

A new step on our way to a concept of ministry

The definition of ministry remains a prominent topic: in 2018, the focus was above all on the priestly ministry. New regulations will come into effect on Pentecost 2019. The Chief Apostle himself will inform the members in detail in advance. More

Together and well-positioned for the future

Christ comes before the Church, the gospel before rules, salvation of the soul before tradition. In June 2018, the Chief Apostle gave an exclusive interview and answered the question, “Quo vadis, NAC?” Following are the most important excerpts from the three-part interview. More

Update for the Catechism app

The Catechism at your fingertips … Whether in the pew, on the road, or at home, this mobile app is an essential tool. Get the latest version of this free app now. More

Inner wealth—now that’s something worth talking about

To be rich would be a Utopia for many people. But there is also a state of wealth that can be assessed inwardly: I am rich because of my joy, my children, or the fulfilment of wishes. Inner wealth: there are many possibilities. More

The numbers behind charity

About four million euros went to one hundred projects in 24 countries: this what the 2017 annual report of NAK-karitativ states. The report was published recently and describes some of the fates behind the figures. More

Not uniformity, but unity in Christ

Many countries, many nations, many cultures … It is not an easy task that Edy Isnugroho has taken on as the new District Apostle for South-East Asia. How he can accomplish it, the Chief Apostle addressed during his appointment. More

The “gnashing of teeth” is going to stay

“Weeping and gnashing of teeth” is one of those typical neologisms favoured by Martin Luther. And this pithy formulation will also remain in the new 2017 Bible translation. Other expressions, however, will change. More

“A blessing for the global Church”

District Apostle Urs Hebeisen (South-East Asia) has retired after 36 years in the Apostle ministry. When Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider said goodbye to him, he summed up his work in three attributes: passion, love, and trust in God. More

A globetrotter full of love and creativity

Urs Hebeisen is always on the go—across geographical, technical, and sometimes even mental barriers. As District Apostle he has left his mark on many people, congregations, and the international Church. On Sunday, the Chief Apostle will be retiring a man who has a heart of gold. More

More Bible readings and meditation in divine service

Reading the Bible is essential for Christians. In future, people who attend New Apostolic services will experience even more of this. At the recent session of the District Apostle Meeting International, the District Apostles adopted three changes. More

Concept of ministry to be launched on Pentecost 2019

Our new concept of ministry has reached the priestly ministry. Starting Pentecost 2019, the separation of spiritual ministry and leadership function will also come into effect at this level. This resolution has just been passed by the District Apostle Meeting. More

Staying up to date with

News from around the New Apostolic world is released on every day except Sunday. How do you find out when the articles go online without constantly having to manually check the website for new content? More

Happy birthday, nacworld!

For a theologian who wants to explain the kingdom of God, ten years is no time at all. For a social network in the twenty-first century, however, ten years are ages. nacworld has made it! Congratulations! More

Giving it your best shot

People love nothing more than capturing and sharing memorable experiences. And pictures tend to say more than a thousand words. But taking pictures at church? How can that work? Answers can be found in an e-book that has just been published internationally for the first time. More

The birth of a new district: Western Pacific

Even before his official appointment, Peter Schulte, the designated Australian District Apostle, paid his first official visit to congregations that did not even belong to his predecessor’s working area. There was a good reason. More