Ministry (12): Called and ordained

A person is chosen for a ministry by God, and ordination through a human being is the way he receives it—what exactly this is and how it differs from appointments and assignments is described here. More

“Back to Jesus—don’t allow any distance to come up”

The fall session of the International District Apostle Meeting ended with a divine service for the ministers of Europe. The focus of the Chief Apostle’s sermon was our nearness to Jesus Christ. More

How to get Sunday School to the children

The new Sunday School teaching material is ready and is to be introduced everywhere. But in Africa this is not quite as simple as it may sound. This is what the District Apostle Meeting Africa is currently talking about. More

“Everyone is to know: we will not tolerate this!”

The New Apostolic Church strongly condemns violence and sexual assault. A clear signal is now coming from South Africa. Yesterday the District Apostle Meeting Africa dealt with this issue. More

Getting the picture (12): Dos and Don’ts

Photography in divine service. It not only raises questions, but sometimes also eyebrows. But the series shows that there are good answers and ways of doing things. As the final article in this series, here are a few dos and don’ts to make photography a memorable experience for all involved. More

Ministry (11): Perceiving whom God has destined for a ministry

Decisive is the will of God, but first of all humans have to perceive His will. Here are some answers to the question of how the ministry comes to its bearer. More

Impulses from the IYC – Ideas for the Church of tomorrow

The Apostles wanted to know, how do young New Apostolic Christians want their Church to be? Answers were given during a moderated exchange of ideas and experiences at the International Youth Convention 2019. More

Ministry (10): What advantages does the reform entail anyway?

It is far more than an exercise in theological principles or structural management: the reform in our concept of ministry has some very concrete benefits—for Church leadership, for the ministers, and for every individual member of the congregation. More

“We will work together as a team”

Kububa Soko is the new District Apostle for Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe. In the interview he shares some of his experiences to date and talks about what he will be concentrating on in future. More

“I take nothing for granted”

For fourteen years he was active as a District Apostle. In the following interview, Charles Ndandula, the now retired District Apostle of Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe, looks back gratefully and takes stock. More

Historic conference in the USA

Priests from the USA came together for a national conference in September. “Mosaic” was the theme for a conference that kept the North American ministers busy over a whole weekend. More

Not in your room …

Recognising and addressing the needs of others, praying together, and making music together to praise God—this is the weekly programme of many Christians. They are out and about to make a difference. More

Ministry (9): Adapting ministry to the times

Can the Apostles just go ahead and do that? Are they even allowed to reorganise the ministerial structure? Not only are they allowed to do so—they must! Read on to find out why they did so in the first place, and where the limits are—ministry between the past and the future. More

Fresh out of the oven

Enough for more than 220,000 churchgoers … This is how many wafers the wafer bakery in South Africa produces in one day. How this bread of life is produced and where it goes is shown in this video. More

Liberia, a Christian country with potential

When the head of the international Church flies to Liberia this coming weekend, it will be the first ever visit of a Chief Apostle to this country in West Africa. There is excitement and joy all around. More

Getting the picture (10): the work after work

The photos are in the box—but the work isn’t quite done yet. Which photos are best suited to publish? And how do you prepare them for publication? Here are a few simple tips from the field. More

Ministry (8): Messengers of Jesus

Not every gift requires a ministry in order to unfold. And not every duty requires a ministry for its implementation. This is always a question of the respective duty—and there are some clear distinctions here. More

Team player rather than lone wolf

Shared leadership and collective decision-making: that is the programme in the New Apostolic Church. And this is not only the way things work in the International District Apostle Meeting, but rather also in the various governing bodies of the District Churches. More

Baking wafers outside of Bielefeld

Something has to happen when the machines run twice as quickly as originally planned. But even elsewhere, baking wafers is anything but child’s play – how production started in Africa, America, and Asia. More

Sending a clear message—together

Prevention, education, and intervention—these are the three pillars of the “Awareness” concept in the battle against sexual abuse. In a video interview, District Apostle Michael Ehrich (Southern Germany) explains exactly what is being done. More