Jesus Christ, the door to life

Here is the weekly overview of the centrally streamed services of the New Apostolic Church this coming Sunday. More

Vivit: He lives!

Jesus Christ has risen from the dead. This is what Christians celebrate on Easter, whether in person in church or in their virtual congregations. More

The weekly update

Changing YouTube channels and upcoming services on Good Friday… here is this week’s update on the central video services offered by the New Apostolic Church. More

Weekly online services

A lot is possible in spite of Covid measures, such as the weekly video services on Sundays. Every week, offers an overview of the worldwide streaming offers. More

One year of digital services: “A blessing!”

Via YouTube, satellite, telephone, TV, and IPTV … The Church broadcasts live on all channels. Over the past year, the Church has expanded its online services considerably. And this brings believers together and comforts and inspires them every week. More

Out of love for God and the congregation

Apostle Helge Mutschler has been assigned a District Apostle Helper for the New Apostolic Church Northern and Eastern Germany. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider was very sure when he said: “This is going to be good!” More

Service for the departed: salvation is free

God wants all people to be saved; He does not exclude anyone. This applies to both the living and the dead. More

Preparation for the service for the departed

God loves all human beings and God wants to save every single one. So what does He need believers for? A divine service packed with Christian basics, a little poetry, and above all pure joy. More

Upcoming divine services

Fluctuating case numbers and adapting to changing Covid-19 measures are challenging people everywhere. But there is a comforting constant in all of this—our online and dial-in services. More

The weekly update

Changed login details, new live streams… Every Friday, offers an up-to-date overview of the centrally broadcast video services that are available. More

In the colours of the rainbow

“Although we have many different cultures and diverse backgrounds, we have one thing in common, and that is Christ.” This is how the New Apostolic Church Southern Africa introduces its logo, illustrating our annual motto “Christ, our future”. More

Across congregational boundaries

Most of our congregational life has moved online because of the pandemic. This also includes divine services that are being offered in live webcasts globally. Here is the updated overview for Sunday. More

Around the world and round the clock

Who knows what will happen the day after tomorrow? The pandemic has shaken up many plans. One thing, however, is sure and that is the possibility of joining online services again on Sunday. More

Church construction is a community effort

Imagine having a church building of your very own—there are many New Apostolic Christians who still harbour this wish. With a support programme worth a few million and some personal initiative, such a dream can indeed come true for many. More

A District Apostle Helper for Northern Europe

Only a few weeks after the most recent retirement, the circle of District Apostle Helpers will receive a new addition: to support one of the largest District Apostle Areas. More

Becoming strong, staying strong

The ups and downs of life often leave one feeling terribly weak. Faith can be a real pick-me-up in such situations, and this can be trained. The upcoming Sunday service offers a kind of spiritual work-out. More

Pastoral care (09): reaching out to the youth

“Shaping the future of the Church” can be achieved by those who win young Christians over to be active in the Church, says Chief Apostle Schneider. Following are some thoughts on the challenges, the opportunities, and a win-win situation. More


“Pray home” does not mean that the individual is alone, on no account. It rather underscores caution and prudence, but it also shows just how much importance the large community of believers places on divine services during the pandemic. More

International media in an international church

Online media have become a welcome companion during these times of restrictions and curfews. They offer us first-hand information, reading material, divine service experiences, and a sense of international community. More

Learning from Jesus

“We spread the message of God’s kingdom. Christian faith is designed to be shared with others.” This is what the Catechism says, and this is how we practise it; also with online services on Sunday. More