Praying together

Hearing the word of God and the absolution, receiving blessing, and worshipping God together… These are some the key elements of divine service. And all this is possible virtually, even during the pandemic. More

Bringing people together again in church

From “lockdown since March” to “divine services almost everywhere” it’s all there. This is how differently Covid-19 is affecting the church life of New Apostolic Christians around the globe. And the solutions are just as varied. More

The Divine Service Guide turns over a new leaf

Brighter, more modern, with a better overview—this is how the latest edition of the Divine Service Guide presents itself. The most frequently translated publication of the New Apostolic Church is undergoing a relaunch. And this applies to more than just its design. More

Divine services round the clock

Participating in a divine service when the neighbours are still asleep … There is a positive side to the Covid-19 pandemic for people who have to work on Sundays. They can join an online service that is being streamed in a different time zone. More

Divine Service Guide: who’s who

So who actually prepares the Divine Service Guide? Naturally, the Chief Apostle plays a significant role here, but he is certainly not alone. What are all the elements involved—and who is involved—in accomplishing this task? Part 2 introduces all the actors on the stage. More

Divine services on six continents

There are members everywhere who are doing what they can these days to ensure that divine services are transmitted via Internet and telephone. There is only one continent from which the New Apostolic Church does not transmit online services. More

Divine service guaranteed!

Who knows what will happen the day after tomorrow? Making plans these days seems impossible. But one thing is guaranteed: our Sunday service. More

… And preach the gospel!

Proclaiming the gospel—that is where Christians enthusiastically do their part. After all, they have been commissioned to do so! Everyone is to know that God is near to all people and that He loves them! This can be preached, explained, and lived in practice. More

Mozambique: mapping the New Apostolic Church (Part 3)

Thousands of pictures, GPS coordinates, addresses, phone numbers. Bishop Alvin Witten and his wife, Jean, are gathering enormous amounts of data. What is going to happen with all the data and who will have access to it? More

The word of God in multimedia form

A hundred years ago it would have been unthinkable: divine services via phone-in, on television, via satellite, or the Internet. Today divine services are just a click away. Quite a lot of work goes into this to make it possible. More

Mozambique: in search of congregations (Part 2)

Alvin Witten and his wife, Jean, now live in Mozambique. They travel across the country, visiting hundreds of congregations, recording GPS coordinates, taking pictures of rectors and churches. Their to-do list has 1,326 congregations on it. More

Divine Service Guide – the basics

The Divine Service Guide? You might have heard about that somewhere. But what is it exactly? Where does it come from? And what does one do with it? Answers to these questions are provided in a seminar from the International Youth Convention 2019. Part 1 revolves around the unexpected challenges associated with the publication. More

On the air for half a year

In mid-March, the first churches begin closing in response to the corona pandemic. The Church responds immediately: from then on, members are able to participate in divine services live-streamed on YouTube. More

Mozambique: setting off into a new country (Part 1)

“We are happy to finally ‘get on the map,’” explains Apostle Robert Worship enthusiastically. The administrative director of the District Church of Southern Africa is supervising an extraordinary project: the very first mapping of the New Apostolic congregations in Mozambique. More

nacfaq: update of the Questions and Answers app

Darkmode makes it perfect for night-time reading. And it is ideal for occasional reading as it provides specific answers for specific questions. The digital version of the Catechism in Questions and Answers has just been relaunched. More

First female Church president appointed

Esther Kompare is the new president of the New Apostolic Church Slovenia. This is the first time that a woman has taken on this responsibility in this country. More

Continuity in turbulent times

Fluctuating case numbers and adapting to changing Covid19 measures are challenging people everywhere. But there is a comforting constant in all of this—our online and dial-in services. More

Challenge accepted: India celebrates

It all began with a woman who became New Apostolic while on a trip to Denmark fifty years ago. Upon returning to India, she did not keep her faith to herself, but rather told many others about Jesus and living Apostles. And against all odds, there are around 45,000 New Apostolic Christians living in India today. More

... the church comes to the believer

Lockdown, bans on assembly, no divine services—in many places, believers cannot gather together in the church. For them the offer of divine service by video continues. More

nacnews: an update to the news reader

New Apostolic news from around the world—but only the articles I want to read! Anyone at all can choose for himself. It’s a piece of cake with nacnews! More