Where two or three gather…

…I am there with them. This is what Jesus promises all those who take part in a divine service—whether online or in person in their congregation. More

Almost no changes

A reliable range of video services has accompanied the faithful since the beginning of the pandemic. The changes in the weekly overview are becoming fewer and fewer. Here is this week’s list of countries, languages, and links. More

Changes in the circle of the Apostles (01/2021)

Once again the Chief Apostle was hardly able to travel in the first half of the year and was therefore only able to ordain and retire a few Apostles. Instead, he commissioned the District Apostles to perform ministerial acts. At the end of June 2021 there were 337 active Apostles around the world. More

Pastoral care survey: women for women

Is there a need for women in pastoral care? There sure is! This is the conclusion reached by an official work group in the New Apostolic Church Western Germany—and the group has concrete figures to demonstrate the need for a response to this demand in the congregations. More

Worshipping together

The celebration of divine services is something that, outwardly, has changed in the course of Church history. Now circumstances have forced us to go online as well. But can online services even provide a dignified setting? More

Across borders

“There is no place like home.” This is something that many people have discovered also in terms of online services. If you cannot be together with the members of your own congregation, you can draw joy from the plurality of languages and personalities. More

Proven a million times over

Divine service broadcasts are part of the Church’s past and its present. Following is this Sunday’s streaming offer. More

Pastoral care (13): anything from boring to exciting

“Bah, was that ever a boring evening!” The Priest had announced his visit and blabbed on and on about nothing more than personal preferences. The verdict on that visit was devastating. Real pastoral interest looks quite different. More

Better safe than sorry

As case numbers rise and fall measures are tightened or loosened as required. Countries all over the world experience the pandemic differently. To help people stay safe, many districts offer online divine services to complement their in-person services. More

Women in ministry: a debate full of contrasts

There was certainly plenty of buzz on the social media sponsored by the New Apostolic Church. The subject of women in ministry generated hundreds of comments. And the reactions could hardly have been more different. More

Online services at a glance

The central divine services that the Church broadcasts are a global and multilingual offer that is independent of time and place and the current development of the pandemic. More

Ordination of women: the decision-making process

The deliberations on the topic of women in ministry are entering the next round. This is what the Chief Apostle says in his annual interview of 2021. He gives a concrete roadmap and an update on the current status of the discussions. More

Proven and up-to-date

During the pandemic, they have proven themselves to be a reliable offer: the central online services in the various time zones and countries. All changes have been taken into account in our weekly overview. More

Video services at a glance

This Sunday too, the Church will stream divine services. The current links for the central services are published weekly by More

A hymn of thanks despite the pandemic

Just imagine, Pentecost is here, and no one is going! This year, the New Apostolic world will instead meet by satellite and internet in order to celebrate the birthday of the church of Christ. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will take to the airways from Switzerland for the festive divine service. More

Divine services in the world’s largest congregation

The New Apostolic Church has been streaming divine services for sixty weeks now. Thousands join these online services, constituting the world’s largest congregation. More bans data leeches

Not everything that comes along as being free is free: in fact, in the World Wide Web users often pay a high price with their personal data. is trying to make a difference. The website of the New Apostolic Church International is tracker free. More

Webcasts around the clock

Divine services in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Anyone who wishes to join a service can do so practically any time thanks to the many time zones. Here is our updated overview for this Sunday. More

An encounter at a railway station sets the course

The New Apostolic Church in Malaysia celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this year, and it all began with a love story. The story takes us from Malaysia via England to Germany and back again. More

God’s word instead of games: streamers at work

Two who know what they are talking about: Priest Steven Willmer and his son, Damian, are investing their technological know-how to stream divine services for their congregation. More