A District Apostle Helper for Northern Europe

Only a few weeks after the most recent retirement, the circle of District Apostle Helpers will receive a new addition: to support one of the largest District Apostle Areas. More

Becoming strong, staying strong

The ups and downs of life often leave one feeling terribly weak. Faith can be a real pick-me-up in such situations, and this can be trained. The upcoming Sunday service offers a kind of spiritual work-out. More

Pastoral care (09): reaching out to the youth

“Shaping the future of the Church” can be achieved by those who win young Christians over to be active in the Church, says Chief Apostle Schneider. Following are some thoughts on the challenges, the opportunities, and a win-win situation. More


“Pray home” does not mean that the individual is alone, on no account. It rather underscores caution and prudence, but it also shows just how much importance the large community of believers places on divine services during the pandemic. More

International media in an international church

It is precisely during these times of restrictions and curfews that online media have become a welcome companion. They offer us first-hand information, reading material, divine service experiences, and a sense of international community. More

Learning from Jesus

“We spread the message of God’s kingdom. Christian faith is designed to be shared with others.” This is what the Catechism says, and this is how we practise it; also with online services on Sunday. More

Changes in the circle of the Apostles: (2/2020)

There were only a few retirements and ordinations of Apostles in the second half of 2020. On account of travel restrictions, the District Apostles carried these out by mandate of the Chief Apostle. Currently, 348 Apostles are active worldwide. More

Another year is dawning

Beginning the new year with God—on one’s own or within the family, but also in fellowship with our brothers and sisters. Christians are looking forward to it. More 3.0 is online

All the latest features, and the best of the old to boot: as of today,, the homepage of the New Apostolic Church International, has been completely redesigned. A lot has happened, not only in terms of design, but also under the hood. More

A church without borders or walls

Locked church doors, divine services on YouTube, mouth and nose protection at the altar: the pandemic really shook up church life in 2020. It was the year of COVID-19. Following is a chronicle of the year’s events. More

The last divine service of the old year

At the end of the year, New Apostolic congregations come together for a joint closing service—in their churches where possible and online. The topic of the sermons is: “God strengthens our faith in trials.” More

Celebrating Christmas!

Christmas has not been cancelled. The birth of Jesus has not been forgotten, even though many things are different this year. There is still gratitude and joy over the birth of Jesus, and this is the true celebration of Christmas. More

Donors focus more on projects

The donors of the aid organisation human aktiv are making more targeted donations. This is reflected in the recently published financial report for 2019 by the institution of the New Apostolic Church Southern Germany. More


Joy is a state that is not dependent on health or illness. It is a sense of well-being and satisfaction that overlooks everything else and focuses on one thing only! The divine services give such a special impetus—even in the midst of the pandemic. More

An engineer of the Church in tune with the times

Whenever innovations were in the offing, he was front and centre—and he was never shy to apply his international perspective. In retrospect, this allowed him a special view of God’s work: District Apostle Helper John Sobottka from Canada is retiring this Sunday. More

Church continues a course of consolidation

The New Apostolic Church is continuing its process of consolidation: in the year 2022, the District Apostle district of Northern and Eastern Germany will merge with the District Apostle district of Berlin-Brandenburg. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider made the announcement yesterday. More

Nine months of virtual worship

The New Apostolic Church has known divine service transmissions for years, usually for special occasions. Since March 2020 though, the churches worldwide have been broadcasting on a weekly basis, in some cases even several times a week. More

A surplus in donations put to immediate use

More donations, more funding for projects: this is the formula that sums up the year 2019 for the charity nak-karitativ. The recently published annual report makes it clear how necessary this was and is. More

Bonus broadcasts in December

There will be more online offers during Advent and Christmas: the YouTube channels of the District Churches have the one or other treat in the pipeline. More

Equally created in the image of God, and equal in commission too

Both in terms of organisation and content, the most recent District Apostle Meeting was dominated by the coronavirus crisis. Yet not even the pandemic was able to stop the work that needed to be done on the future-oriented topics on the agenda of this conference. More