The weekly update

Changing YouTube channels and upcoming services. Here is this week’s update on the central video services offered by the New Apostolic Church. More

Official responses to some fundamental questions

Before we can begin to look at who can carry a ministry, we have to answer the big question of what: what is a ministry; what constitutes, determines, and terminates it? Here is a summary with links that will take you deeper into the subject matter. More

God’s word within our own four walls

Divine services with Holy Communion are beginning to be possible in more and more congregations. But because this is still not possible everywhere and not for everyone, online services continue to be streamed. Following are the links for this coming Sunday. More

Preach the gospel!

Proclaiming the gospel—that is where Christians enthusiastically do their part. After all, they have been commissioned to do so! Everyone is to know that God is near to all people and that He loves them! This can be preached, explained, and lived in practice. More

Women in ministry — the Chief Apostle’s video address

As of January 2023, it will also be possible for women to be ordained to ministry. Why? See and hear the explanation by our Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider in his video address. More

The video transcript for reading reference

Read up in black and white on what the Chief Apostle had to say about the Church’s understanding of ministry: the transcript of his video address is available for download here. More

Church says yes to women in ministry

For the first time in its 160-year history, the New Apostolic Church has, from a doctrinal perspective, provided a response to the question of whether women can be ordained to ministry—and the answer was a resounding yes. Following are some of the reasons and background information for what amounts to a “significant shift in our tradition”. More

Round two in Dessau: behind the camera

The Chief Apostle invites all members to a virtual information evening this coming Tuesday. The video for this worldwide broadcast was filmed already in July. Here is a look behind the scenes. More

The word of Christ remains audible

Preaching comes through the word of Christ. Believers know this experience and appreciate it. Here is an overview of where the word of God can be heard and seen this coming Sunday. More

Twenty-five years ago: a fatal trip

It was an accident that unleashed shock and grief around the world: twenty-five years ago, five brothers and sisters, among them three Apostles, lost their lives in an automobile accident in Angola. A look back to commemorate the departed. More

Watching divine service broadcasts around the world

Brazil, Canada, South Africa, Indonesia … Christians across the world worship on Sundays. Since the outbreak of coronavirus, the New Apostolic Church has been streaming its services publicly. Following are the links for the live streams this coming Sunday. More

Proven and up-to-date

During the pandemic, they have proven themselves to be a reliable offer: the central online services in the various time zones and countries. All changes have been taken into account in our weekly overview. More

Information evening on the ordination of women

The New Apostolic Church is inviting its members from all around the world to a virtual congregational evening with the Chief Apostle. So reports the home page of, which also mentions what the subject matter involves. The background to the developments in question is explained by More

Proven and up-to-date

During the pandemic, they have proven themselves to be a reliable offer: the central online services in the various time zones and countries. All changes have been taken into account in our weekly overview. More

“Learn to love and understand everyone”

First as an assistant, then as the successor: Apostle John Schnabel has been assigned as District Apostle Helper for the District Apostle Area USA. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider assured him: “With God, you can do it. You will experience this.” More

Upcoming divine services

Fluctuating case numbers and adapting to changing Covid-19 measures are challenging people everywhere. But there is a comforting constant in all of this—our online and dial-in services. More

Where two or three gather…

…I am there with them. This is what Jesus promises all those who take part in a divine service—whether online or in person in their congregation. More

Catechism 5 – Our creed

Central to the Catechism is the creed. And it was the first major problem area that cropped up while working on the Catechism: our New Apostolic Creed and its further development. This also included a return to common ground. More

Divine services on six continents

There are members everywhere who are doing what they can these days to ensure that divine services are transmitted via Internet and telephone. There is only one continent from which the New Apostolic Church does not transmit online services. More

USA initiates a generational shift

The New Apostolic Church in the USA is preparing to write a new chapter in its history. In little over a year, District Apostle Leonard R. Kolb (born 1956) will retire. His designated successor is to be assigned as a District Apostle Helper this coming Sunday. More