Don’t miss a beat: the IYC programme is coming!

Create your own programme! The IYC Guide—which should be making its way to participants over the next few days—offers about 250 different events. Don’t miss a beat! There will be all kinds of music, presentations, and workshops—with topics galore! More

The world gathers at the IYC 2019

Whether via video stream or live in Germany, young people and District Churches from all over the world will be gathering at the International Youth Convention (IYC). Here is a glance at the schedule of events and the hall plan. More

Preserving memories (5) – Preparation is the magic word

A change in perspective is important for good pictures. But how if a photographer is not supposed to walk around constantly. The solution: short distances. That requires knowledge of the premises and a plan. More

“Please accept and support the new District Apostle”

For fourteen years he served as District Apostle for the New Apostolic Church Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe. At the end of July, he will retire. Charles Ndandula will then have been a minister for a total of 35 years, including 32 as an Apostle. More

IYC highlights in the works

Your personal IYC highlight could be a chance encounter, a moment from the divine service, or the sensation of being together with 30,000 other like-minded individuals. One project group has been working hard so that the big events at the International Youth Convention 2019 (IYC) contribute to this experience. More

Our concept of ministry: more than a structural change

On Pentecost 2019 our new concept of ministry will come into effect. In the same week that the video presentation took place, information events began. It became clear that there is more to it than merely a structural change. More

Our concept of ministry met with a big response

Everybody is talking about it: our new definition of ministry. And most of the reactions are positive, although there is some criticism. Here is a look at the general trend. More

Our concept of ministry: the Chief Apostle’s video address

Although there will be no new ordinations into the ministries of Evangelist to Bishop as of Pentecost 2019, these ministries will not be abolished. Why, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider explained in his video address. More

The video address, black on white

Anyone who would like to read what the Chief Apostle said in his video address can do so. Click on the link to download the text. More

“A significant change to our tradition”

A reform to our definition of ministry … Why is this necessary? What’s the point? And how is it supposed to work? The Chief Apostle’s video address provides the answers. Here are the most important aspects in a nutshell. More

Our concept of ministry to go on the air

Explaining the changes in our definition of ministry: the Chief Apostle has declared this a top priority. Anyone who cannot watch his video message will be able to find it online with time delay. More

Water instead of wine

It is significantly taller than the communion cup, beautifully engraved, and it will not be placed on the altar in every divine service: the baptismal chalice which the New Apostolic Church USA has just introduced. More

Preserving memories (3): communication is essential

A photographer’s first duty? To talk! Something he should do long before he pushes the button on his camera in a divine service. Speaking with the people involved helps everyone and opens up new possibilities. So what’s important? More

Pastoral care between worlds

International and multicultural: the district of South-East Asia has its very own challenges. Join us for a video interview with the old and new District Apostle and some fascinating insights. More

Learning for life with SNAG

More than a safe haven. Masakhe, a welfare foundation in South Africa, helps children acquire life skills. Physical, mental, and social skills are trained in a playful way—by learning to play golf. More

“Our Church is alive!”

From the Caribbean via Spain to the Black Sea: the working area that District Apostle (ret.) Markus Fehlbaum of Switzerland looked after for ten years took him to countries with diverse cultures and languages. How did he do it all? More

A voice in the chorus of Christians

Standing up for Christ together. In April this year, the New Apostolic Church in Germany will be admitted to the Council of Christian Churches in Germany (CCCG). It already has a similar status in other countries. More

Preserving memories (2) – It’s more than just snapping pictures

Pictures tell stories and photos answer questions: crucial is that you press the shutter button at the right moment. And what should the focus in a divine service be? A summary of subjects and options. More

Our concept of ministry: a time-table for its implementation

The New Apostolic Church is taking its concept of ministry to a new level. How and why the Chief Apostle will explain personally in a video presentation at the beginning of April 2019. But this is only a first step. More

A new Bishop in Italy

There has been a lot of movement in the New Apostolic congregations around the world: for one thing, the congregations in Italy and in the Ticino region (the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland) have once again received a new Bishop in Ivan de Lazzari. More