Decisive is what happens locally

The Divine Service Guide is looking for an editor. The job advertisement raises questions. Well, don’t Apostles write the articles? Why is this preaching aid necessary in the first place? And why is it the way it is? dug a little deeper. More

Unity in diversity. The Church in conflict?

When cultures clash. Do Africans have to become more European or Europeans more African? Do those who are more conservative have to become more progressive? Or the other way around? The answer can be found in the Bible. More

Changes in the circle of the Apostles (2/2023)

The past months have seen changes not only in the circle of the Apostles, but also among the District Apostles. The Chief Apostle travelled to the various countries to perform most of the ministerial acts himself. More

Generation change in the leadership of the Church

The generational shift has begun at the highest levels of the New Apostolic Church: over the course of this year that is now drawing to its close, two District Apostle Helpers have been appointed as District Apostles, and a new Helper has been assigned—all according to plan. More

The trust and enthusiasm of a good leader

The District Apostle had great confidence and was enthusiastic about serving God. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider was moved when he retired District Apostle John Kriel last Sunday. More

He knows how to win over people’s hearts

Witty, a no-nonsense type of guy, and a leader. District Apostle John L. Kriel of South Africa is a man of many talents, and he knows how to use them for the Church. He will be retiring this coming Sunday. Here is the portrait of a man who grew the Church. More

Reconciled diversity requires considerable effort

One faith, one doctrine – one church, many cultures: this was the common idea that hovered over almost every item on the agenda at the recent District Apostles’ Meeting in Zurich, Switzerland. More

Wafer bakery invests in the future

It is the mother of all New Apostolic wafer bakeries: the bakery in Bielefeld, Germany, is taking a technical leap into the future, even if it is only 150 metres. The 4.5 million euro project will ensure an adequate supply of communion wafers in sixty countries. More

The altar: more than just a piece of furniture

The altar is the central focus in every church. But what makes it special? A conversation with architect Stephan Pfäffle about guidelines, artistic freedom, and the desire for the congregation to be enthusiastic about the design of its altar. More

Guide posts on the road to preaching

The Divine Service Guide is the most read and most listened to publication of the New Apostolic Church. Recently, workshops on two continents put the focus on this publication. Let’s take a look at the planning and groundwork. More

From the small local congregation to a globally active church

The New Apostolic Church is active in almost two hundred countries. How can the unity of the Church be ensured despite differences in tradition and organisation? Answers can be found in the following article giving an overview of the structures of the Church. More

How the Church makes decisions

How are decision-making processes conducted? Do they involve Apostles only? And which topics are we talking about here? Answers to three questions that were put to the Chief Apostle during the panel discussion at the IYC 2019. More

“The return of Christ is the most important thing”

Proclaiming and doing the true will of God: this is the task given to the new District Apostle John Schnabel (USA) at his appointment. In this video clip, the Chief Apostle explains what all of this entails and what it requires. More

Coming soon: a manual for ministers

There are at least three books that ministers of the New Apostolic Church need: the Bible, the Catechism, and the Guide for Ministers. The latter of these works has just been sent to the Regional Churches in order to receive a final regional polish. More

Ministry (36): Last stop—a final decision

As it studied the Bible to find the answers to its questions, the New Apostolic Church followed a clearly formulated roadmap. What answers resulted at each stop, and what still needed to be done at the last stop? An overview of the decision-making process pertaining to the question of women in ministry. More

A man of faith and love

“A true leader and a genuine friend.” It was with emotional and touching words, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider retired US District Apostle Leonard R. Kolb. More

“Loving all people as they are”

“You will experience: the dear God stands behind this. He is with you.”—Such was the assurance that Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider expressed to Thomas Deubel, the new District Apostle Helper for Switzerland. More

Half a century in ministry

This Sunday, 24 September 2023, District Apostle Leonard R. Kolb (1956) will retire. He has served as a minister in the New Apostolic Church for an impressive 50 years. More

South Africa launches another hymnal

Finally there is an isiXhosa hymnal with text AND music for South African congregations. The new hymnal was officially launched at a concert, and everyone was excited. More

Our liturgy speaks Luxembourgish

The cultural diversity in New Apostolic divine services has been enriched by a new facet:congregations in Luxembourg can now celebrate the liturgy in their native tongue. And the impulse for this came from the country’s national government. More