“A decision with long-term goals in mind”

The New Apostolic Church in Angola is growing. It was time to take another step. Since last Sunday, the country has its own District Apostle Helper: João Uanuque Misselo.

The membership of the New Apostolic Church in Angola is about 250,000. Seventeen Apostles, 10 Bishops, and an additional 8,000 ministers look after the members in more than 2,200 congregations. In the year 2005, the Church there introduced a second management level and appointed three so-called lead Apostles, who support the responsible District Apostle whose seat is in Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia). Apostle Misselo was part of the trio right from the start. In a divine service in Luanda on 22 February now, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider commissioned him as a District Apostle Helper.

Apostle Misselo was born into a Christian family. Already his grandfather was New Apostolic and his father ministered as a District Evangelist for many years. João Uanuque Misselo, who is 49 years of age, was born in Zambia. The family moved to Zaire (modern Democratic Republic of the Congo) and—following a request by Apostle Paul Kabeya in 1983—moved to Angola, where they are originally from.

That same year, a group of five ministers laid the foundation for the New Apostolic Church in Angola. Amon them was Armin Brinkmann, who was an Apostle at the time. This is how João Uanuque Misselo became one of the pioneers of the New Apostolic faith in the country. In the year 1984, at the age of 18, he became a choirmaster and Sunday School teacher in the province of Moxico. In March 1985, he was ordained a Deacon and not even three months later a Priest.

Apostle Misselo’s horizons extend far beyond Angola, and not only because he lived in three different African countries. He was one of the first who followed the call, “Learn English!” In addition to eleven regional languages, he also speaks Portuguese and French. Thanks to this he was appointed to the Workgroup Africa and other internationally staffed working groups.

As District Apostle Helper he will now assist District Apostle Rainer Storck and be the contact for all matters concerning the Church in Angola. In his capacity as District Apostle Helper he will also attend the conferences of the International District Apostle Meeting and the conferences of the District Apostle Meeting Africa.

Apostle Misselo, who is the father of eight children, is a very honest, dependable, brotherly, and intelligent person, and is New Apostolic to the core. “He has a good overall picture of the situation in the country and is an excellent pastor. He is humble, but knows what he wants,” District Apostle Rainer Storck says and adds, “Apostle Misselo is still under the age of 50. The decision was made with long-term goals in mind.”

During his visit to Angola, Chief Apostle Schneider also ordained two new Apostles: the hitherto Bishop Serverino José Ndala (44 years) and District Elder Manuel Quefasse Mupila (50 years).

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