Online divine services on all continents

Additional online offers are constantly being added: more and more countries are making central divine services available so that the members can join the celebration from home. Here is an up-to-date overview.

“If the faithful cannot go to church, the church will come to the faithful.” This is the principle the New Apostolic Church has been following for the past several weeks in offering centrally conducted divine services to its members on all continents.

In most cases it is just one Apostle or a Priest, an organist, and a technician who gather either in a church building or in the Church administrative offices. The service is streamed live from there. The members can watch the service at home either on YouTube, via IPTV, or listen on the telephone. They can pray, sing, and hear the word of God. And together they can pray the Lord’s Prayer and experience the absolution and the dispensation of blessing.

Tens of thousands of locations celebrate divine service like this on Sundays right now. The video broadcasts are open to the public and the offer is expanding week by week. Also this weekend, when Christians celebrate Palm Sunday, the streaming offer will be expanded.

Live streams on Sunday, 5 April 2020:

* daswort / dreiineinz, ** daswort / vierineinz

One central divine service on Easter, 12 April 2020

New Apostolic Christians across the globe are already now excited about the upcoming Easter service which Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will conduct on Sunday, 12 April. This divine service will also be broadcast by video transmission; it will be the only divine service of the New Apostolic Church on Easter Sunday.

Photo: Frank Schuldt

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