A globetrotter full of love and creativity

Urs Hebeisen is always on the go—across geographical, technical, and sometimes even mental barriers. As District Apostle he has left his mark on many people, congregations, and the international Church. On Sunday, the Chief Apostle will be retiring a man who has a heart of gold. More

Consolation and hope go hand in hand

The needs in the many thousands of congregations across the globe are as different as the inhabitants and societies. Here is a glimpse. More

Street, stage, divine service – Music calls the tune

The 2019 International Youth Convention will be full of vibrant music: during the main event in the arena, during concerts on stage, or spontaneously outside and on the go. What are the plans? How can young people participate? We spoke with Evangelist Jürgen Gerisch of the IYC Planning Committee Music. More

Venezuelans seek refuge in prayer

The bus trip took five days. If anyone expected a group of tired and maybe even irritable travellers, they had a pleasant surprise coming: the men who entered the seminar hall were joyful and enthusiastic. And this in spite of a devastating crisis at home. More

Language of the heart – When home beckons

“Forever with the Lord”. With this musical wish, the Youth Symphony Orchestra of the New Apostolic Church Argentina tunes us into the divine service for the departed on Sunday. More

A few more votes away from winning

The 43 choristers have been making great music for a number of years already. The New Apostolic chamber choir is currently participating in a choral competition and asking for support. All they need are a few more votes. More

Happy birthday, nacworld!

For a theologian who wants to explain the kingdom of God, ten years is no time at all. For a social network in the twenty-first century, however, ten years are ages. nacworld has made it! Congratulations! More

Unity bridges distance

Lothar Racinowski has a big heart for the people of Mongolia. The now retired District Evangelist was involved in establishing New Apostolic congregations in the country from the very beginning. More

Giving children space to grow

Children’s services are important, and with an eye on the future, an important offer in our congregations. Children need space, attention, and a great deal of support. More

Giving God a chance

Simon Züfle from the District Church Southern Germany is one of 18 ambassadors for the International Youth Convention (IYC). In an interview he spoke about his mission, activities, and wishes as an IYC ambassador. More

Learning to appreciate anew what we have

The Thanksgiving service brought the members in Salto (Uruguay) the dedication of their newly renovated church. Pausing, reflecting, and learning to appreciate anew is what the Apostle spoke about to a grateful congregation. More

Somewhere in Africa

Sometimes church construction is a tedious and nerve-racking affair, and other times there is incredibly quick progress. This was the case in one town in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. More

Three aspects of Thanksgiving

Praising, sharing, protecting—there are many different ways to celebrate Thanksgiving. The congregations around the world set their own focus and priorities. And not all will be celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend. More

Regular divine services on the ABC islands

To be able to have divine services, Priests are needed. At least, that is usually the case. But what if there are no Priests? Hope that one will eventually come? Sometimes such dreams come true. More

Issue 2018/04 of community is online

Condemning my neighbour because he is different? In his most recent letter to the congregations, Chief Apostle Schneider says, “No!” and explains how Christians should react instead. More

Whoever has eyes, let him hear!

Seeing what is preached, signing what is sung. Sign language makes both language and music tangible—whether in Sunday School or divine service. More

Hong Kong entrusted into new hands

It is as diverse as it is small: the multicultural congregation in Hong Kong. This Wednesday, the congregation experienced a historic divine service—and not only because the Chief Apostle was there for a visit. More

Peace, peace—or perhaps not, after all?

Even peaceful times are at times deceiving. An imposed peace will not last very long: only if it comes from the heart will peace be serious and lasting. Following are some reflections on the International Day of Peace. More

Common ground beyond all differences

Finding common ground, being there for one another, celebrating together: fellowship makes us strong—particularly in matters of faith. This applies as much to groups of friends as it does to denominations and even businesses. More

Holy Sealing at 4,000 metres above sea level

“It is the same everywhere, only different”—this old quotation from Chief Apostle Hans Urwyler still applies again and again. This week’s look around the world will take us from Europe to Asia, and from Asia to South America. More