He went out of his way to love people

Chief Apostle Richard Fehr, his successors say, was an innovative thinker—someone who was very forward-looking. Under his direction many regional churches came into being across the world. Today he would have been 80 years old. More

Retrospective (4): On the green route

During the IYC 2019, four routes led to the Arena, the longest of which was the green route: a good 45-minute walk. However, instead of complaining the youth simply made the best of it and partied along the way. More

Meeting points

Building bridges—between denominations and continents, but also between this world and yonder world. This is part of the daily life of faith of New Apostolic Christians all over the world. Here are three examples. More

Impulses from the IYC: why being in a relationship is better

What does my faith have to with partnership? And what role does our psyche play in looking for a partner? These and further questions were the topic of a panel discussion at the International Youth Convention 2019. More

Getting the picture (7): composing photographs instead of taking pictures

It only takes seconds to plan better photos. This can even be done in a divine service. All it takes are three simple tricks, not special equipment or reference books. More

community is online: issue 2019/03

Week after week, believers around the world gather for divine services in their congregations—a joy they all share. However, their living conditions could not be more different. The new issue of community takes a look at the diversity of our congregations and features special divine services. More

Retrospective (2): The IYC at a glance

Faith, knowledge, party … This is how colourful and eventful the International Youth Convention 2019 was. Enjoy the video overview of the three-day programme. More

Light despite massive power outage

A congregational anniversary in the dark—that does not happen very often. Nevertheless, New Apostolic congregations in Argentina proved that it can be done. They celebrated their anniversaries peacefully. More

Impulses from the IYC: how faith and a successful career go together

In order to be successful you have to be ruthless and selfish. So how does faith fit in there? Stephanie Tritt, a professor of radiology and neuroradiology, gave some thought-provoking impulses on how being a Christian and being a boss can be reconciled. More

Retrospective (1): the journey of the IYC flame

This is how it was shown in the Arena: the torch race around the world to the International Youth Convention 2019. And as a bonus: the final leg of the race in the hall itself. Here is the first of a series of IYC retrospectives. More

Faith is there for everybody

New Apostolic congregations in Africa and Europe are right in the middle of public life. There are congregations who open their doors for the public, others who invite people in for discussions, and those who walk through the streets with a brass band to create awareness. More

Ideas from the IYC: memory training for the soul

Not all divine services are the same: some have an effect that lasts a lifetime. And others have already all but faded into oblivion by the time you get home from church. So how do you manage to take more out of a divine service? There’s a trick for that. More

The IYC is over. The IYC is here to stay.

No more green route, no more “Heeeere I aaaaam”, and even the French have returned home again. The IYC is over. Yet, even several days later the mega-event still dominates the Church’s media. More

Snapshots (2): Spreading comfort and hope

Defined by the comforting certainty of God’s presence and the joyful expectation of Christ’s return, the 2019 Pentecost concert riveted the audience. The pictures of an inspiring performance. More

Always, not only on Pentecost

These last few days, the focus of the New Apostolic congregations around the world has been on Goslar (Germany). On Sunday the Pentecost service by Chief Apostle Schneider will be transmitted to over 100 countries from here. More

Worldwide Pentecost transmission

The transition from the International Youth Convention to Pentecost was practically seamless. But before Sunday’s Pentecost celebration there are numerous working meetings. This year’s setting is a congregation that developed from a famous mother church. More

Green and used: why IYC wristbands are ending up on eBay

The International Youth Convention got an additional hashtag—one that spells stiff competition for the “narrow path”. What’s behind it, plus some anecdotes from the IYC 2019. More

#IYC2019 celebrates its diversity

“HereThereEverywhere” was the name of the show which demonstrated just how big the I in IYC really is. On stage and through videos and music the youth were taken on a monumental journey across the five continents—and taking centre stage throughout was our faith in Jesus Christ. More

Panorama of the IYC (2): a packed programme

More than 250 events, about 300 hours’ worth of information and entertainment: the International Youth Convention 2019 offers visitors a packed programme. Here’s a photographic tour. More

The Church between the cultures

How much religion does the world need? How much congregation does belief need? And how much unity does the Church need? Answers were given in a panel discussion with the Chief Apostle at the IYC—and they are even correlated. More