The family at the core of interfaith dialogue

He grew up as the son of a Protestant pastor. At the age of 24, Helmut Strippel converted to the New Apostolic faith. Today, Helmut, a retired Priest, is active in the Council of Christian Churches in Germany (CCCG). More

Divine service in the southernmost city of the world

Whether at the end of the world, close to the South Pole, or on a small island somewhere in Africa, divine services and fellowship are possible nearly everywhere in the world. All one has to do is get up and go. More

The Chief Apostle’s visit to Uruguay

Colonia del Sacramento is the name of the city in Uruguay that Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will visit over the weekend. On his agenda are two divine services and a Day of the Youth. More

Poverty is not always visible

Helping where few bother to look: this is the objective that NAK- Humanitas, the relief organisation of the New Apostolic Church Switzerland, has set itself. Their annual report 2017 shows how successful they are with this. More

“Come along and share the joy!”

Meet the ambassadors for the International Youth Convention 2019 (IYC). Here is their message in a video. More

Old sources and new pride

There is always something new happening. Not a single day goes by without new things going on somewhere in the world. And New Apostolic congregations are no exception. Here is a small extract. More

Water instead of wine

It is significantly taller than the communion cup, beautifully engraved, and it will not be placed on the altar in every divine service: the baptismal chalice which the New Apostolic Church USA has just introduced. More

Let us join and be one

An invitation that has a beautiful ring to it: “Come to the feast, come hear the Word, come to the table of the Lord”. Tune into the service for the departed with this melodious welcome in G major. More

Mourning, celebrating, worshipping

It does not happen every day that the website of a District Church dedicates a whole page to a District Elder. Yet this is what the New Apostolic Church in the Philippines has done. More

Growing together and growing closer

The idea is not to plow a lonely furrow, but to do it together: Jesus Christ sought fellowship and fostered it. And Christians follow His example … all the time and on all continents. More

From mother tongue to a universal language

One's mother tongue is only the beginning: with it a child begins to explore and assimilate the world around it. At best, this will lead to a universal language beyond words. Some thoughts on International Mother Language Day, which is being observed today. More

A 19,000-kilometre detour

Areas of responsibility, language barriers, and distances … faith and fellowship are capable of breaking down all these barriers. Here are some examples—like the story about a call for help from a hospital. More

“My friends, family, and congregation make me rich”

Christoph Baumgärtner has been in a wheelchair all his life, yet he radiates joy and gratitude. He gave us a glimpse of his day-to-day life. More

Water here, heating there

What does a person need for a decent life? Water, warmth, security, and work. Many big and small projects across the world demonstrate just how important material and immaterial help can be. Here is a small glimpse. More

Please be careful!

Making the Internet better and safer—a futile endeavour in the year 2019? We can all do our part to make this happen! And we can also find some highly relevant thoughts and centuries-old advice on the subject—right in the Bible. More

Preserving memories (2) – It’s more than just snapping pictures

Pictures tell stories and photos answer questions: crucial is that you press the shutter button at the right moment. And what should the focus in a divine service be? A summary of subjects and options. More

The horses are saddled!

Building and shaping, with each other and for each other. Many committed people are busy across the New Apostolic world, driven by enthusiasm and Christian love—and they don’t shy away from a challenge. More

A new Bishop in Italy

There has been a lot of movement in the New Apostolic congregations around the world: for one thing, the congregations in Italy and in the Ticino region (the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland) have once again received a new Bishop in Ivan de Lazzari. More

IYC: the emphasis is on the “I”, and quite a challenge

The International Youth Convention 2019 is truly meant to be international: not only through presentations by the worldwide District Churches but also by the many young visitors from as many countries as possible. That’s quite a challenge. More

Our annual motto artfully designed

“Draw the motto ‘Rich in Christ’!” This is a challenge that graphic designers across the world have taken up. shows some of the first illustrations and drawings. More