Craftsmanship for the table of the Lord

Retired Shepherd Christoph Müller has a very special perspective on the celebration of Holy Communion. This is because many of the chalices containing the wafers originate from the workshop of the master metalworker. More

Opening divine services of the New Year

Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider kicked off the year 2020 with a divine service in Neuchâtel, the French-speaking capital of the Swiss canton of Neuenburg. His core message: “Christ makes free!” More

Annual motto gives wings to creativity

A single thought brought to life in many cultures—the diversity of logo ideas for the 2020 annual motto “Christ makes free” is as colourful as life itself. What stands out this time: many of the designers have given the motto graphic wings. More

In Harmony with the creation

“Estância Fazendinha” (little farm): this is the name of the leisure park operated by Shepherd Rodolfo Mucha and his wife Analice in southwestern Brazil—and wherever possible, they do so in harmony with God’s creation, which is especially beautiful here. More

Christians remain and build

Life brings us many challenges. Christians approach these with trust in God and love for their neighbour. And this is revealed very practically in the help they offer their neighbour, namely by building and remaining. More

Where yesterday is already today

The New Year had already begun at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, 31 December 2019—relative to Coordinated Universal Time: UTC + 14—while the corks only began popping in London on Wednesday, 1 January at 12:00 AM. And it’s all because of the International Date Line! More

Reasons to give gifts—and give thanks!

Christmas is a time for gifts and the New Year is a reason to celebrate. This is also how the New Apostolic Church around the globe presents itself. Here is a closer look at the intended recipients of these gifts and just what there is to celebrate. More

By the power of faith: People of 2019

Celebrating faith, meeting new people, and exchanging experiences: that was the International Youth Convention in a nutshell. No small wonder then that all of our featured “People of 2019” have some connection to this event … More

A whole IYC in seven minutes

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the International Youth Convention was the biggest event of the year 2019 in the New Apostolic Church. Here are some moving pictures from a moving celebration of faith. More

The Church is alive, enthusiastic, and ready to help!

Enjoying divine services, cultivating fellowship, making music, and helping our neighbours—lively and active congregational life can be found on all continents. Join us on a tour through various countries… More

When choirs travel

Usually they accompany the divine services and define their liturgical framework. Congregational choirs are an important element of New Apostolic identity. Often they perform their task at a high level of quality, and sometimes choirs even embark on journeys. More

A journey to African roots

Desert and sea, wide open spaces and narrow confines, wealth and poverty—this weekend, for the very first time, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will visit a land of contradictions: Namibia. More

Music, the universal language

Martin Luther was convinced that music is the best balsam for a sad and hurting person. However, even happy and cheerful people love music—then as now. More

Fellbach, a church with global reach

Fellbach, the name rings familiar in New Apostolic circles. Chief Apostle Richard Fehr was both ordained and retired there. And his successor, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, was ordained there. On Sunday, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will visit the congregation. More

Standing together — in both distress and joy

People gather on the ruins of a house to serve as rescuers. Women and men from a small congregation come together as believers to express their gratitude. And young people gather together to orient themselves by the example of Jesus as self-aware Christians. Three images that move us. More

“I urge you to respect human life!”

New beginnings in Kasai and a jubilee in Ghana. Often, the needs of the congregations vary greatly. Sometimes there is joy and at times great sadness. Join us as we look at two congregations. More

Working together for Christ and against poverty

Christian fellowship strengthens—both when we profess our faith in Christ and when disaster strikes. Three recent examples demonstrate this. More

A dream come true

Her biggest wish seemed unattainable. But Ashley-Ann unexpectedly found helpers. Here is how the physically handicapped young woman from South Africa was able to participate in the International Youth Convention in Germany. More

An extended pastoral tour into a world of its own

Ten days in Asia … Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider’s agenda for Myanmar and Malaysia is chock-full. And the anticipation of the congregations is huge. More

Professing Jesus in all situations

Belief connects human beings with God. Sometimes this belief becomes visible in public. This week we take a look at a refugee camp, an art object, and a very active working group. More