Peace, peace—or perhaps not, after all?

Even peaceful times are at times deceiving. An imposed peace will not last very long: only if it comes from the heart will peace be serious and lasting. Following are some reflections on the International Day of Peace. More

Common ground beyond all differences

Finding common ground, being there for one another, celebrating together: fellowship makes us strong—particularly in matters of faith. This applies as much to groups of friends as it does to denominations and even businesses. More

Holy Sealing at 4,000 metres above sea level

“It is the same everywhere, only different”—this old quotation from Chief Apostle Hans Urwyler still applies again and again. This week’s look around the world will take us from Europe to Asia, and from Asia to South America. More

The first hundred days as District Apostle

It was around three months ago that Swiss District Apostle Jürg Zbinden was entrusted with his new task. What has already changed for him during this time? Recently had an opportunity to speak with him. More — reading what you want

More choice: that is what, the social network of the New Apostolic Church, is offering as of today—and in a double sense to boot. After all, it isn’t just more reading material, but also greater freedom of individual selection. More

Running because they love their neighbour

Their names are Max and Olga. They are 11 and 87 years old, respectively. And they have more than one thing in common: together with other members of their New Apostolic congregation, they participate annually in a campaign that saves human lives. But that’s not all. More

The congregation is no country club!

The church pew is half empty, congregations are being amalgamated, and children haven’t been seen in ages—are we to simply sit idly and sadly by and wait for change? How do you bring life into a congregation? And how does a congregation even come into being in the first place? More

Comfort on the long road of grief

Comforting the recently bereaved is anything but easy. It is difficult to find the right words or even to overcome one’s own speechlessness at someone’s loss. Here are some do’s and don’ts in grief counselling. More

When the joy of faith grows

Cheering, horns, and sirens: Tembo welcomes its special guest for a thirtieth anniversary. Lively rhythms and moving images from the deep south-west of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. More

When young people believe, there is joy in heaven

Youth and faith work well together. And if the local culture can still be factored in, all the better. Here is a kaleidoscope of ideas from Asia, Africa, and South America. More

Breathing new life into silent pipe organs

Apostle Jorge Luis Franco from Argentina is an organ and harmonium builder. Viviana Aloy, our correspondent in Argentina, met up with him in the Church’s own workshop. More

Knowing where to look

You can’t know everything, so it really helps if you know where to look for things. In the past, we used to read up in books, now we trawl through the Internet. Here are some useful links. More

The Church’s social media policy

Trolls, hate mail, cyber bullying: Internet rage has become common. And who of us has not lost her or his temper? But there is a way we can contribute in making the Internet a better place. More

“I’m not limping, I’m walking without crutches!”

These photos are no works of art, but they tell a touching and an encouraging story, and send a beautiful message: make the best out of what you have. More

By young people for young people

Not quite a year from now, the Church will be celebrating its International Youth Convention 2019. For the young people—who are in the process of graduating, starting their first jobs, or moving in with their first roommate—this is still a long time. But for the organisers, who are doing their best to plan an event that is to thrill some 30,000 participants, time is short. More

At home worldwide: a photo safari

For the District Apostles around the world, this slogan says it all. For many weeks out of a year, they live out of a suitcase in order to be close to those entrusted to their care. Join us on a photo safari around the world. More

Journey to the land of the Pensive Christ

Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider’s 29th trip abroad this year will take him to north-eastern Europe. This coming weekend, more than 3,000 brothers and sisters in Lithuania and Latvia are looking forward to his visit. More

Message on International Youth Day

The United Nations’ International Youth Day is observed annually on 12 August. We asked Paxton Fielies from Cape Town for a short message this year. Here it is. Thanks, Paxton! More

The greatest event under heaven

In recent days, small and big premières determined the life in various congregations as well as the work of charities and Church administrations. More

A Church in a state of flux (Part 2)

From the village into the city—and then? The rural exodus is real challenge for the New Apostolic Church—especially in the country with the largest membership. Join us for part two on congregational life in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. More