Boundless harmony: the Pentecost hymn 2020

They managed to finish just in time for Pentecost: the International Virtual Choir. And it was quite a job with some 80 hours of music videos from 1,600 singers in fifty countries. More

Knowing what we really need

Sensitive and expressive: the interpretation of “I need Thee ev’ry hour” from the online service in our church in Gabugan (Yogyakarta, Indonesia) inspired the listeners in South-East Asia. Enjoy the touching rendition of this hymn of repentance. More

A foretaste of Pentecost from Nantes

“What a friend we have in Jesus” is the hymn that the International Virtual Choir will sing during the online service on Pentecost. At the beginning of May, the congregation of Nantes already gave a bit of a foretaste of it—and not only in French. More

God’s word in sketches

The current crisis has not only changed the way divine services are conducted, but also the way we follow and assimilate them. How active listening works and how it can strengthen the congregation is shown by the art of visual notetaking. More

Close to the real McCoy: the IYC reloaded

This weekend is quasi the International Youth Convention’s (IYC) first birthday. And there is a big gift waiting for all who are interested: for four days, the highlights of the event will be put on the virtual stage. More

One faith, one song, one video

Music connects: more and more New Apostolic choristers are joining online singalongs to tackle isolation caused by coronavirus. The choir that is currently preparing for Pentecost is to sing to the world. Here is more on the IVC Project. More

Feeling God’s love and guidance

Living, working and believing in Malaysia. This is what Evangelist Loganathan Ramaurty Lawrence (51), the rector of the congregation in Kuala Lumpur, tells us about. And he reveals what gives him strength to dedicate himself the way he does. More

Helping caregivers

Families who care for a disabled family member or who look after a seriously ill child do not have an easy time of it. They do not only have to cope with the care situation but also with the impact it has on their social life. The charity human aktiv is aware of this and wants to help. More

“When peace with the Father”

He touched the hearts of the listeners with his soft rendition of this classic: Markus Rink, the pianist from the international Easter transmission. A new album with arrangements of Church classics is due to be released soon. Here’s a flashback as a foretaste of the upcoming album. More

Getting through it together

Sewing masks, shopping for others, or creating online learning resources—many people are looking for ways to help others and keep in touch during the coronavirus crisis. Members of the New Apostolic Church are also organising all kinds of campaigns and activities to help others stay positive despite social distancing. Here is a look at some of the projects. More

Global Easter divine service with the Chief Apostle

Easter is the most important holy day on the church calendar. And Easter without a divine service is simply inconceivable. More

Online divine services on all continents

Additional online offers are constantly being added: more and more countries are making central divine services available so that the members can join the celebration from home. Here is an up-to-date overview. More

community 2/2020: something for everybody

Stories from the Bible and news from the congregations, as well as insights into our Church doctrine … Over the next few days, some 200,000 families across the globe will receive their printed copy of the new edition of community. Here is a preview of the online issue. More

Chief Apostle: “Just have courage—we will carry on!”

There is a curfew in France. Even Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider is housebound—and will also be without Holy Communion for weeks. But he has not become discouraged: “I know that God will not abandon His children, especially in difficult situations.” More

“Here I am, in just the right place”

“Live your life in such a way that others ask you about your beliefs.” This is what Miriam Rudolph from Hanover in Germany would like, both personally and professionally. And that is what she stands for on thousands of posters. More

Praying that the situation will soon improve

COVID-19 is keeping people around the world on tenterhooks. The New Apostolic Church too is doing its utmost to counteract the spreading of the virus. Despite all the alarming news, there are still events that give rise to joy. More

Rethinking our social networks

After twelve years, is going offline at the end of November 2020. That does not, however, mean that the New Apostolic Church is quitting social media. Here is a look at how we plan to strengthen old and new media. More

A trip to Asia with an unexpected twist

In the 1970s Bodo Weber was an Evangelist in Canada. His first trip to Asia is something he will likely never forget—a gripping first-hand account. More

Personal hygiene and spiritual health—both are important

A novel type of virus that can cause respiratory disease is spreading and making people everywhere anxious. It has made us take a whole new look at hygiene measures such as washing our hands. However, we must also keep our spiritual health in mind. More

After renovation: Church in London Central shines in new splendour

At almost 150 years of age, the New Apostolic church building in the heart of London was already getting on in years. Now that it has undergone some extensive renovations, it is shining like new again! More