community 2/2020: something for everybody

Stories from the Bible and news from the congregations, as well as insights into our Church doctrine … Over the next few days, some 200,000 families across the globe will receive their printed copy of the new edition of community. Here is a preview of the online issue. More

Chief Apostle: “Just have courage—we will carry on!”

There is a curfew in France. Even Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider is housebound—and will also be without Holy Communion for weeks. But he has not become discouraged: “I know that God will not abandon His children, especially in difficult situations.” More

“Here I am, in just the right place”

“Live your life in such a way that others ask you about your beliefs.” This is what Miriam Rudolph from Hanover in Germany would like, both personally and professionally. And that is what she stands for on thousands of posters. More

Praying that the situation will soon improve

COVID-19 is keeping people around the world on tenterhooks. The New Apostolic Church too is doing its utmost to counteract the spreading of the virus. Despite all the alarming news, there are still events that give rise to joy. More

Rethinking our social networks

After twelve years, is going offline at the end of November 2020. That does not, however, mean that the New Apostolic Church is quitting social media. Here is a look at how we plan to strengthen old and new media. More

A trip to Asia with an unexpected twist

In the 1970s Bodo Weber was an Evangelist in Canada. His first trip to Asia is something he will likely never forget—a gripping first-hand account. More

Personal hygiene and spiritual health—both are important

A novel type of virus that can cause respiratory disease is spreading and making people everywhere anxious. It has made us take a whole new look at hygiene measures such as washing our hands. However, we must also keep our spiritual health in mind. More

After renovation: Church in London Central shines in new splendour

At almost 150 years of age, the New Apostolic church building in the heart of London was already getting on in years. Now that it has undergone some extensive renovations, it is shining like new again! More

Overcoming limitations with music

Making music and doing it together is what makes Faktor G such a success. The initiative brings disabled and non-disabled young people together not only to have fun themselves but to bring joy to others. More

Now also available in Spanish: “Photography in Divine Service”

“In the divine service, the photographer should be practically transparent”—relates a South American cameraman. This is a wish that photographers around the world often hear. An e-book on the subject offers helpful tips—and it is now available in the Spanish language too. More

IYC Impulses: “The gospel must be pure, not pleasing”

Would better marketing bring the Church greater success? The gospel is not a product that can be tailored to the wishes of the client. Such was the response from the central panel discussion at the International Youth Convention. More

Rediscovering your mother tongue

A universal language for all? Forgetting your mother tongue? Is that even possible? Sure it is! Fortunately, there is a common solution to both problems. A reflection on today's International Mother Language Day. More

Surviving—with some neighbourly help

A roof over one’s head, something to eat—in many parts of the world, personal wish lists are very short. Here are some stories about people who help other people survive—and who try to conjure up a smile on their faces in the process. More

From the wrong way to the way home

In both faith and life, everyone must find his or her own way: an elaborate film by young people from Eastern Germany—which missed its premier, not once, but three times—tells of precisely this experience. More

In search of the way

Not knowing how to go on, but still believing that God will open a way: that is what Hannah Truckenmüller is singing about. Here is the London musician's contribution to the Bischoff Media Song Contest at the International Youth Convention 2019. More

Stops on the way through life

The time between birth and death is filled with different experiences. There are many stops along the way through life: coming and going, becoming and passing away, first and last—all of this comprises life. More

A whirlwind of a weekend in Bogotá and Lima

Travelling to individual countries can certainly be strenuous, especially if the responsible District Apostle has announced his visit to congregations that are quite distant from one another. It is on just such a weekend in Colombia and Peru with District Apostle Leonard Kolb that Bishop Manfredo Stegmann reports. More

Charity by sewing machine

A visit to a children’s hospice left an indelible impression on her. Using her creative skills, decorative seamstress Hannelore Berenz began a fundraiser. This is the story of how an old pair of jeans can become a good deed. More

Together we are strong

By their very self-definition, Christians are not lone warriors. And this is also shown again and again in the course of every subsequent week. On all continents, and in many thousands of congregations. More

Craftsmanship for the table of the Lord

Retired Shepherd Christoph Müller has a very special perspective on the celebration of Holy Communion. This is because many of the chalices containing the wafers originate from the workshop of the master metalworker. More