“I fight for what I believe in”

She is a remarkable personality: Lucie Bindu is a journalist. Today the native of Congo lives in Oslo. In our interview, the 27-year-old relates the things that have left an impression on her in faith and as a person. More

Journeying through time in the South Pacific

Two divine services—on the same day and at the same time, but in two different places: and the Chief Apostle does not need to tear himself in two in order to make this happen. All he has to do is travel backwards in time. Totally normal—for ministers in the South Pacific, that is. More

A lot of work—a lot of time—a lot of joy

Many things in life take time. For example, plans for new ideas do not simply develop overnight. Even new church building projects take time. Following is a small sampling of activities in progress around the world. More

In the heart of Africa

The topics presented by cover a wide range of technical, administrative, and even personal topics. This week we take you to Africa to bring you up to speed on the developments there. More

When many pitch in, dreams come true

As an individual one may often not be able to do a whole lot, but as part of a larger group or community, there is a great deal that can be done. If many pitch in and provide concrete help, dreams can sometimes be made to come true. More

“You feel as at home as though you were at home”

Russia, Croatia, Argentina: his success as a pastry chef and confectioner takes him around the world. Right now the native Frenchman lives in Hong Kong. What gives him stability both at home and abroad is his faith. This is a portrait about Priest Gaël Majchrzak. More

Paths that do not end

This week we pay tribute to two members who passed away, and we join District Apostle Isnugroho on a journey to Malaysia. More

Impulses from the IYC – Help! My husband is a minister

How can I be a good example in faith for my children, if there is no time to look after my own soul? What can I do when my work-life-church-balance is out of balance? There were some answers at the IYC 2019. More

When music calls the tune

There is music everywhere: the one language that all New Apostolic congregations around the world speak is the language of music—both in the divine services and on stage. More

It has been an honour

When the District Apostle Meeting was in session, he always sat in the first row, there where the Spanish-speakers sat. Because although he is the District Apostle of Brazil—where Portuguese is spoken—he speaks Spanish and is a native of Uruguay. A man with many talents is retiring. More

Getting the picture (8): Demanding subjects

From portraits to group photos, from the concert hall to the church building: every subject has its own requirements. But there are tips and tricks for any situation in which divine service photographers may find themselves. More

When communion is not a foreign concept

A lively and active Church always produces surprising news. This week we look at an architectural prize, an additional Bible reading, and a full-time position for a youth worker. More

Changes in the circle of the Apostles (1/2019)

Currently there are 350 active Apostles. Fifteen Apostles were retired in the first half of 2019. In the same period, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider ordained ten new Apostles. More

He went out of his way to love people

Chief Apostle Richard Fehr, his successors say, was an innovative thinker—someone who was very forward-looking. Under his direction many regional churches came into being across the world. Today he would have been 80 years old. More

Retrospective (4): On the green route

During the IYC 2019, four routes led to the Arena, the longest of which was the green route: a good 45-minute walk. However, instead of complaining the youth simply made the best of it and partied along the way. More

Meeting points

Building bridges—between denominations and continents, but also between this world and yonder world. This is part of the daily life of faith of New Apostolic Christians all over the world. Here are three examples. More

Impulses from the IYC: why being in a relationship is better

What does my faith have to with partnership? And what role does our psyche play in looking for a partner? These and further questions were the topic of a panel discussion at the International Youth Convention 2019. More

Getting the picture (7): composing photographs instead of taking pictures

It only takes seconds to plan better photos. This can even be done in a divine service. All it takes are three simple tricks, not special equipment or reference books. More

community is online: issue 2019/03

Week after week, believers around the world gather for divine services in their congregations—a joy they all share. However, their living conditions could not be more different. The new issue of community takes a look at the diversity of our congregations and features special divine services. More

Retrospective (2): The IYC at a glance

Faith, knowledge, party … This is how colourful and eventful the International Youth Convention 2019 was. Enjoy the video overview of the three-day programme. More