Rays of hope amidst the pandemic

People across the world are suffering as the pandemic drags on, whether it is physically, financially, or mentally. How beautiful when charity is not just an expression, but is manifested in action. Here is how brothers and sisters have helped each other. More

Flashback (1): Pentecost re-echoes with praise and gratitude

The musicians touched the hearts of many thousands of people with their sensitive and moving renditions at the central Pentecost service. One particular song from South Africa tugged at many people’s heartstrings. More

Glimpsing a congregation through the church window

“A church in which people feel at home…” This is precisely what can be accomplished when members commit themselves to their congregation and work together. It was in this manner that the congregations of Kelkheim and Bad Soden (both in Germany) became acquainted with one another—and found their way into a brand new fellowship. More

“To that beautiful land, let us go hand in hand”

A timely and consoling message to guide us as we strive for our glorious goal together. This is a classic among the performances of the New Apostolic Church Southern Africa—this time virtually. More

The many facets of God’s love

Inspiring words from the heart: a declaration of love to God from the preliminary programme of the final service at the 2019 International Youth Convention. Slam poetry to mark the UNESCO World Poetry Day on 21 March. More

∃x.G(x) = God exists

God exists: and a math genius has proven it. And computers have confirmed it. But the calculation doesn’t quite work out—an equation with permanent unknowns on UNESCO’s World Mathematics Day on 14 March. More

We live by grace both here and there

“I praise Your grace and kindness, Lord: it guides my soul to heaven,” words that apply to us here on earth and to the souls in the beyond. Enjoy a touching rendition of this song by the virtual choir of the New Apostolic Church South America in preparation for the service for the departed. More

Help on a global scale

Not a drop in the ocean, but valuable help for people in desperate need: many helping hands and a series of small projects have brought a little warmth, a full belly, and put a smile on children’s faces. More

Prospects of a reunion with the ancestors

It was the first Christian denomination to be recognised by the state: this is how the New Apostolic Church began in Cambodia. And this has a lot to do with the country’s history and the spirituality of its people, as a well-travelled Apostle reports. More

Life in the crisis

The generosity of New Apostolic members from the District Church of Western Germany has made it possible to provide much needed relief to people in the Lebanese capital of Beirut. Now the local congregation is expressing warm thanks for the donations. More

Music sets the mood

There is hardly anything in the world that can unleash as much power as live music. But what if you cannot go out and enjoy such a thing any more due to advanced age? Anette Zanker-Belz has the perfect solution: musical house calls. More

A friendship that cheers us up

A virtual choir? That’s something not only grown-ups can do. Here is a short and cheerful video clip of “I am Jesus’ little friend” being sung by Sunday School children from Nairobi in Kenya. More

At home worldwide

Pandemic-related restrictions are unfortunately the order of the day virtually everywhere in the world. That does not mean, however, that all church activities have ceased. These gems of brotherhood still exist. More

The new logos are in: well-conceived and colourful

An Apostle who not only preaches about the new motto for the year, but also converts it into art for his District Church? It can happen—as it did, for example, in the District Apostle Area Western Pacific. But other graphic designers all around the world have also been at work to create new logos for the year. More

Using the power of faith: the people of 2020

Witten, Rohmer, Simon—three different names, three different stories. All of them revolve around what can be accomplished with the power of faith—and how it can help the members to move forward: the people of 2020. More

A church without borders or walls

Locked church doors, divine services on YouTube, mouth and nose protection at the altar: the pandemic really shook up church life in 2020. It was the year of COVID-19. Following is a chronicle of the year’s events. More

Christmas in Cape Town

No snow, no reindeer, no mistletoe, but summer, sunshine, and beaming faces. This is “Christmas in Cape Town”, which the children and orchestra are delighting the audience with in a performance in our Silvertown church in South Africa. More

Christmas joy without fear

When the shepherds in the field heard the good tidings of Christ’s birth, they perceived two calls: they were to have great joy and no fear! The birth of the Son of God was to bring joy to all people and make the fear of the individual recede into the background. Do we hear this too? More

Bethlehem, the barricaded city

There is a great barrier that separates Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Although it is indeed possible to pass through its gates, visitors require a passport, and must submit to customs control. For many, however, it has become a wall of death. Bethlehem today has become a symbol of political unrest and human error. More

The night of Jesus’ birth

This is one way to bring together three world languages. Originally composed in French, it gained popularity in the English-speaking world and is performed here in a touching rendition in Spanish: “Oh noche santa” (“O holy night”) with the orchestra in our central church in Buenos Aires (Argentina). More