“I urge you to respect human life!”

New beginnings in Kasai and a jubilee in Ghana. Often, the needs of the congregations vary greatly. Sometimes there is joy and at times great sadness. Join us as we look at two congregations. More

Working together for Christ and against poverty

Christian fellowship strengthens—both when we profess our faith in Christ and when disaster strikes. Three recent examples demonstrate this. More

A dream come true

Her biggest wish seemed unattainable. But Ashley-Ann unexpectedly found helpers. Here is how the physically handicapped young woman from South Africa was able to participate in the International Youth Convention in Germany. More

An extended pastoral tour into a world of its own

Ten days in Asia … Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider’s agenda for Myanmar and Malaysia is chock-full. And the anticipation of the congregations is huge. More

Professing Jesus in all situations

Belief connects human beings with God. Sometimes this belief becomes visible in public. This week we take a look at a refugee camp, an art object, and a very active working group. More

A few have much, but so many so little

Gratitude and petitions, praise and sorrow, poverty and wealth … Like often in life, the boundaries are blurred. Far too many people have too little to live on, and only relatively few have enough of everything. More

Getting the picture (11): solving problems

Not everything can be resolved according to the book, even if today’s fully automatic cameras tend to make us think so. More often than not the photographer has to use all his creativity to achieve a good result. Here is the inside track for advanced photographers. More

Historic conference in the USA

Priests from the USA came together for a national conference in September. “Mosaic” was the theme for a conference that kept the North American ministers busy over a whole weekend. More

Not in your room …

Recognising and addressing the needs of others, praying together, and making music together to praise God—this is the weekly programme of many Christians. They are out and about to make a difference. More

Liberia, a Christian country with potential

When the head of the international Church flies to Liberia this coming weekend, it will be the first ever visit of a Chief Apostle to this country in West Africa. There is excitement and joy all around. More

“Here I am”—be creative

Creativity needs room. After all, ideas need to be able to develop and grow. This is not always easy. In fact, sometimes it requires persistence. However, when a good result has been achieved everyone is happy. More

Straight across the South Pacific

The trip began at the International Date Line: Samoa and American Samoa are separated by a 24-hour time difference, even though they are located in the same island archipelago. From there, the journey continued onward to the islands of Fiji. More

Travelling through Oceania

Fostering fellowship with sisters and brothers, sometimes while seated on the ground under the open sky, sometimes in divine services. The visit of the Church leader unleashed great joy. More

Young people shape the Church

Young people are the present and future of the Church. This is especially evident when youth become active and Sundays suddenly take on a completely different look. An overview of examples from three different countries awaits… More

“I fight for what I believe in”

She is a remarkable personality: Lucie Bindu is a journalist. Today the native of Congo lives in Oslo. In our interview, the 27-year-old relates the things that have left an impression on her in faith and as a person. More

Journeying through time in the South Pacific

Two divine services—on the same day and at the same time, but in two different places: and the Chief Apostle does not need to tear himself in two in order to make this happen. All he has to do is travel backwards in time. Totally normal—for ministers in the South Pacific, that is. More

A lot of work—a lot of time—a lot of joy

Many things in life take time. For example, plans for new ideas do not simply develop overnight. Even new church building projects take time. Following is a small sampling of activities in progress around the world. More

In the heart of Africa

The topics presented by cover a wide range of technical, administrative, and even personal topics. This week we take you to Africa to bring you up to speed on the developments there. More

When many pitch in, dreams come true

As an individual one may often not be able to do a whole lot, but as part of a larger group or community, there is a great deal that can be done. If many pitch in and provide concrete help, dreams can sometimes be made to come true. More

“You feel as at home as though you were at home”

Russia, Croatia, Argentina: his success as a pastry chef and confectioner takes him around the world. Right now the native Frenchman lives in Hong Kong. What gives him stability both at home and abroad is his faith. This is a portrait about Priest Gaël Majchrzak. More