At home worldwide

Pandemic-related restrictions are unfortunately the order of the day virtually everywhere in the world. That does not mean, however, that all church activities have ceased. These gems of brotherhood still exist. More

The new logos are in: well-conceived and colourful

An Apostle who not only preaches about the new motto for the year, but also converts it into art for his District Church? It can happen—as it did, for example, in the District Apostle Area Western Pacific. But other graphic designers all around the world have also been at work to create new logos for the year. More

Using the power of faith: the people of 2020

Witten, Rohmer, Simon—three different names, three different stories. All of them revolve around what can be accomplished with the power of faith—and how it can help the members to move forward: the people of 2020. More

A church without borders or walls

Locked church doors, divine services on YouTube, mouth and nose protection at the altar: the pandemic really shook up church life in 2020. It was the year of COVID-19. Following is a chronicle of the year’s events. More

Christmas in Cape Town

No snow, no reindeer, no mistletoe, but summer, sunshine, and beaming faces. This is “Christmas in Cape Town”, which the children and orchestra are delighting the audience with in a performance in our Silvertown church in South Africa. More

Christmas joy without fear

When the shepherds in the field heard the good tidings of Christ’s birth, they perceived two calls: they were to have great joy and no fear! The birth of the Son of God was to bring joy to all people and make the fear of the individual recede into the background. Do we hear this too? More

Bethlehem, the barricaded city

There is a great barrier that separates Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Although it is indeed possible to pass through its gates, visitors require a passport, and must submit to customs control. For many, however, it has become a wall of death. Bethlehem today has become a symbol of political unrest and human error. More

The night of Jesus’ birth

This is one way to bring together three world languages. Originally composed in French, it gained popularity in the English-speaking world and is performed here in a touching rendition in Spanish: “Oh noche santa” (“O holy night”) with the orchestra in our central church in Buenos Aires (Argentina). More

“Away in a manger”

It is one of the most popular Christmas carols in the English-speaking world, so popular in fact that there are nearly 200 variants: “Away in a manger”. The version being sung here by the children’s choir in the Chelstone Green congregation in Lusaka (Zambia) is from the New Apostolic Hymnal. More

At home worldwide: learning, giving, rethinking

Things never stay the same for long. This applies to many areas of life, also when it comes to church. Here are three stories on learning, giving, and rethinking. More

From starry skies descending

Christmas in Italy would not be Christmas without this beloved carol: “Tu scendi dalle stelle” (“From starry skies descending”). It praises the great love of Jesus and is being sung here by the congregation of Trebaseleghe. More

We miss you!

This invitation comes from the heart: “Brothers and sisters, we miss you!” Choked with emotion, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider addresses the members of the Church who no longer attend divine services. More

Ringing in the new church year

“Carol of the Bells” (“Shchedryk”) rings in the festive season on It was originally composed as a Ukrainian New Year’s song, but it gained popularity as an English Christmas carol. Here it is being sung by a choir comprised of members from several congregations in Moscow. More

At home worldwide: Sharing joy and sorrow

Life is varied. Misery and elation alternate, and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is making it difficult not to feel overwhelmed. But there are always hopeful little stories that encourage and point to a better future. Here is a small glimpse. More

Good things come to those who wait

USA, Japan, Germany: these are the stages in Shawn Beasley’s life. His path of faith is even a little longer. Join us on a journey of faith and discovery. More

Nearer to God - always and everywhere

“Nearer, my God, to Thee” is the goal both in this world and in the beyond. And this is what unites the souls here and there. To set the mood for this Sunday’s service for the departed here is the well-known hymn in the form of a piano ballad. More

The joy of singing defies the Corona crisis

In virtual rehearsals to a virtual choir: “Practice with purpose” is the concept of the New Apostolic Church Southern Africa. The choir has made its first public appearance and is ready for the second round. And it’s not just about singing. More

Trapped inside his own body

“The only thing that lives on in me is my heart, my soul, and my eyes,” Philippe says, who has suffered from locked-in syndrome for 34 years. He gives us a glimpse of his faith, his freedoms, and his very personal bonus programme. More

Mountain climbers, tourists, and believers — welcome to Montreux

The English were not only the first to conquer Swiss mountain peaks, but also built churches in the Alpine region on their trips abroad. One of these is today in the possession of the New Apostolic congregation in Montreux. More

community 4/2020: A tour of the New Apostolic world

Not every congregation is so fortunate to have its own church. In one congregation in Liberia, for example, services take place on the veranda of the Priest’s house. This is what a young sister from there reports. community has many more compelling stories to offer and reflects the diversity in our congregations around the world. More