More on our 2024 motto

Prayer works around the globe. New Apostolic congregations all over the world are thinking about and working with the 2024 motto. The results can be seen and heard everywhere: in children’s services, ecumenical meetings, or meetings for ministers. More

Southern Africa brings the logo to life

The cross as a sign of unity and a circle of colourful individuals that come together to form a congregation. That is how the New Apostolic Church of Southern Africa has illustrated the annual motto for 2024, namely “Prayer works”—and here is the explanatory video. More

Never keep silent about good news!

Sacraments are dispensed, large churches are filled with young people, and donations are able to effect great things—the news pages of the New Apostolic congregations around the world were once again filled with good news that needs to be told. More

“My tongue clings to my jaws”

The fasting of the mouth—at times it is even possible to encounter God in silence. What does the Old Testament say about keeping silence? Some food for thought over the Passion season that has just begun. More

High above the city—the centre of the congregation

You can’t help but notice it: Argentina’s Eldorado Km 9 church is located high above the city and features a unique mixture of various styles and time periods. Built by the members themselves, it has always been a mighty fortress through the years, and this year it celebrates its 85-year anniversary. More

Finding pathways through the desert of our own making

It’s the other Advent: this week, Christians around the world begin preparing themselves for Easter. There are various names for this segment of the calendar, but only one common goal, namely to reflect upon the essential. More

Celebrating with God

It would be a shame to waste a good excuse to celebrate, whether due to a Chief Apostle visit, the dedication of new place of worship, or simply an opportunity to be together. In any event, our brothers and sisters around the world had good reason for collective merriment over the past weeks. More

Tuning in to the New Apostolic Church

Tune in for a spiritual impulse … Brothers and sisters in the southern part of Germany can do this on two radio stations. On World Radio Day 2024, one of the programme editors gives us a tour of her day-to-day work. More

Prayer works everywhere

Prayer has always been an important part of our life, but this year it became just a little bit more so thanks to our motto. Brothers and sisters from Ghana, Germany, and the Netherlands used this year’s annual motto “Prayer works!” as an opportunity to put on a short play and to gather with other denominations and pray outside our church walls. More

Annual motto gives designers ideas

‌“Prayer works!” Our 2024 motto has inspired some creative minds. ‌Here is a look at how the various District Apostle Areas have visualised the motto and the various ideas behind the designs. More

Ringing in the new year with God

Prayer, good sound, and a job opportunity. Not only individuals, but also congregations and the Church set themselves goals at the beginning of a year. And some have started to work towards them. And as always, God is there to support and motivate them. More

Great achievements in one of the smallest African countries

A unique flora and fauna, a pioneer in environmental protection, and strong economic growth. Rwanda is one of the smallest countries in Africa but is setting standards for innovation and prosperity. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will conduct two divine services there this coming weekend. More

Under the same roof

Not every New Apostolic congregation has its own church building. Some congregations gather under a tree, others in other Christian churches. Every now and then a new building can be dedicated. And sometimes it happens that a church even becomes a home away from home to another denomination. More

The feast of love

The choir members in Argentina wear T-shirts for their Christmas concert and the young people in Germany get cold feet at the Christmas market. The weather is different everywhere and so is the way Christmas is celebrated. But the birth of Jesus and love of neighbour are always at the heart of the celebrations. More

The power of faith: people in the spotlight in 2023

Music and fellowship: this is how you could summarise the people profiled in in 2023. Owen and Anna bridged continents. Brandon studied with the aim of giving something back to the Church and became famous. And the students on the university campus in Winneba, Ghana, share their faith with others. More

When salvation was born

With a medley that combines three carols in one we turn the final leaf on this year’s musical Advent calendar. The lyrics of these delightful and well-known Christmas melodies have at least one thing in common: they shine a light on the manger. More

Making the Church and our faith young

Songs of praise fill the streets of Nigeria, ring out in a retirement home in South Africa, and come from the mouths of children at a special service in Spain. When young people are involved in shaping things, there is always something going on in the congregation and in society. Here’s a glimpse of what the younger generation is up to. More

When the painter rang at the second-last door

The Chief Apostle will hold the end-of-year service in a Bauhaus-style church building. Manfred Bayer, affectionately known as Manne, is a man who really knows the church, the congregation, and the city. Today the urban guide shows off his favourite city: Tübingen. More

Committed to a good cause

Men in dark leather jackets on motorbikes that make a throaty growl – and pink cuddly toys. Sometimes you come across images in the context of the Church that at first glance don’t seem to go together. But they do and there is a good reason for it all. More

Spreading Christmas joy

The joy that has been poured into our hearts is the subject of a Russian Christmas carol, which can be found in the Russian hymnal of the New Apostolic Church. The version here was performed at a Christmas concert by the project choir in Moscow. More