Let the little children come to Me

This is what Jesus said and thereby described the road the New Apostolic Church still wants to take today. Children are to get to know Jesus and His gospel and to feel at home in the Church. Here are some examples how this can work. More

The sung vow

“… until my end” and forever. This is how confirmation sounds. What used to be an old baptismal text is our confirmation vow today. Six women from the New Apostolic Church France have set this to music, full of heart and harmony. More

Meeting in a place called “chapel”

A small flock and a tremendous effort: neither long distances nor pandemic-related restrictions can keep the Hungarians from coming together for a divine service that is doubly special. More

Music is my life

“Tina im Kirchturm”—in English: “Tina in the church tower”: this is the name of a series that has been running on YouTube since January 2021. There, a budding music teacher from the Hannover South congregation in Germany posts music videos for children, to which they can sing and dance along. More

The Church is staying tuned

It seems as though the whole island is excited about the upcoming weekend: the Chief Apostle will be conducting a divine service on São Tomé and Príncipe. The thought is not so far-fetched, considering that nearly ten per cent of the population is New Apostolic. The Church has not even existed there all that long… More

Young people defy the corona virus

The last youth event together—in many places it has already been one and a half years since then. The joy of reunion is all the greater when a local gathering becomes possible again—even if it comes with many protective measures. More

Supporting, training, and raising awareness

What are refrigerators and women’s sanitary products doing in the church? They help members in earning money or help adolescent girls in better understanding menstrual hygiene. These are just a few examples of what the Church does to help its members. More

The one powerful name

Names in the Bible are more than mere designations. There is one that is particularly powerful. A church classic describes how. Enjoy this touching and sensitive rendition from South America. More

Inspirational brother named everyday hero

For fifteen years now, Detlev Friedriszik (65) from the congregation of Kamp-Lintfort, Germany has lived with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s. Although it is an incurable disease that tangibly affects everyday life, it has not prevented the retired Priest from giving new courage to other people who live with Parkinson's. More

Shared loneliness

Some look back with gratitude and joy and have happy memories, others look ahead hopefully as they face special challenges. Here is a look at some of the activities in our congregations around the world. More

A look back and more

This week we take a look at an anniversary in Australia and a campaign for a better future. There certainly are reasons to celebrate, but there are also always moments to pause and reflect and pray for others. More

Shanty sets course for the gospel

Expecting Christ’s return with a catchy tune: “The Wellerman” has gone Christian. Here is how the TikTok hit ended up at a Day of the Youth event. More

Tears of sorrow, tears of joy

Joy and sadness often exist side by side. While some can come together and celebrate again, others are struggling to come to terms with destruction. Let’s pray for all. More

Eleven minutes with the Lead Apostle

Benjamin Ohene-Saffo has not been Lead Apostle for very long. He has only been responsible for parts of Ghana and for Benin and Togo since the middle of December 2019. The members in these regions are therefore very curious to get to know him better. More

Visiting construction sites

“When you look at a construction site, you might think, ‘What will this become?’ But sometimes there is a picture that shows what the building will look like in the end. The picture is Christ,” District Apostle Michael Deppner said on Pentecost. Following is an overview of church buildings and other facilities under construction. More

Last minute cancellation of pastoral trip

The Chief Apostle’s trip to Zambia and the DR Congo has been cancelled. He will not be able to travel there. He is very disappointed, but what pains him the most is the disappointment of the brothers and sisters. He is well acquainted with the conditions of the members there. More

Hoping for a new existence

Gratitude for the love of God and hope for an existence in a new being: this is what the song “Lord, have mercy on my life”—first performed on Pentecost 2017—is all about. Enjoy the latest instrumental version of this touching tune to set the mood for the divine service for the departed. More

A pastoral trip ends fatally

Four dead, two survivors: a boating accident on the Kahamba River leaves a huge void. Many congregations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are deeply saddened. Those killed in the accident were their ministers. More

Hope, love, and responsibility for the creation

“Sown into the heart”—this was the motto of the Christian churches at the Federal Garden Show in Erfurt, Germany. All around the world, Christians are sowing positive things into the hearts of their fellow human beings. For example, our Apostles sow love, and our young people are sowing the notion of taking responsibility for the creation. More

Rays of hope amidst the pandemic

People across the world are suffering as the pandemic drags on, whether it is physically, financially, or mentally. How beautiful when charity is not just an expression, but is manifested in action. Here is how brothers and sisters have helped each other. More