The joy of singing defies the Corona crisis

In virtual rehearsals to a virtual choir: “Practice with purpose” is the concept of the New Apostolic Church Southern Africa. The choir has made its first public appearance and is ready for the second round. And it’s not just about singing. More

Trapped inside his own body

“The only thing that lives on in me is my heart, my soul, and my eyes,” Philippe says, who has suffered from locked-in syndrome for 34 years. He gives us a glimpse of his faith, his freedoms, and his very personal bonus programme. More

Mountain climbers, tourists, and believers — welcome to Montreux

The English were not only the first to conquer Swiss mountain peaks, but also built churches in the Alpine region on their trips abroad. One of these is today in the possession of the New Apostolic congregation in Montreux. More

community 4/2020: A tour of the New Apostolic world

Not every congregation is so fortunate to have its own church. In one congregation in Liberia, for example, services take place on the veranda of the Priest’s house. This is what a young sister from there reports. community has many more compelling stories to offer and reflects the diversity in our congregations around the world. More

Defeating hunger with fish and sesame

NAK-karitativ is applying a whole bundle of aid measures to help defeat the hunger crisis affecting the people of Burkina Faso. It began by cultivating sesame seeds and establishing farmers' co-operatives, as well as savings and credit groups. Further relief measures are now underway… More

There is so much you can do with God

Ideas from the isle, voices from the continent: “With You I Can”, is the name of the song composed by Jeremy Dawson, a New Apostolic Briton. It is sung here by the virtual Youth Celebration Choir from Germany. More

Mozambique: mapping the New Apostolic Church (Part 3)

Thousands of pictures, GPS coordinates, addresses, phone numbers. Bishop Alvin Witten and his wife, Jean, are gathering enormous amounts of data. What is going to happen with all the data and who will have access to it? More

Mozambique: in search of congregations (Part 2)

Alvin Witten and his wife, Jean, now live in Mozambique. They travel across the country, visiting hundreds of congregations, recording GPS coordinates, taking pictures of rectors and churches. Their to-do list has 1,326 congregations on it. More

A once derelict church restored

In 2014 the congregation in Somerset in Cape Town (South Africa) moved into a different place of worship. The “new” church building is an old Dutch Reformed Church that was taken over by the New Apostolic Church (NAC) and renovated. The history of the building is over 200 years old. More

A divine service with singing is grace

COVID-19 has even had an influence on the liturgical sequence of the divine services: where choirs used to sing, voices must often be silent now. What remains is the search for creative solutions… More

Mozambique: setting off into a new country (Part 1)

“We are happy to finally ‘get on the map,’” explains Apostle Robert Worship enthusiastically. The administrative director of the District Church of Southern Africa is supervising an extraordinary project: the very first mapping of the New Apostolic congregations in Mozambique. More

First female Church president appointed

Esther Kompare is the new president of the New Apostolic Church Slovenia. This is the first time that a woman has taken on this responsibility in this country. More

The light of the world

Restricted by Covid-19? Nothing of the sort! This hymn transcends borders. Enjoy this delightful and powerful rendition by the congregation of Brussels, an international community. The hymn, sung in Lingala, can be found in the French hymnal. It magnifies the light that God sent into the world. More

Of fountains and springs and a church

The New Apostolic Church in Bad Schwalbach has an unusual church building. Though it was dedicated in 1875 as an Anglican Church, the Anglican congregation left their little chapel some 54 years later. In 1957 in was purchased by the New Apostolic Church, and serves its members as a place of worship to this very day. More

Muli buuti!

In the Tonga language, this means “Good day!” Helen (19) from the congregation of Heide and Silvan (26) from the congregation of Backnang (both in Germany) both did their “weltwärts” development volunteer service in Zambia. Following is a first-hand report on a fascinating experience. More

A church building of monumental age

A New Apostolic church building that is 350 years old—you don’t see that every day. But the Schildesche quarter of the city of Bielefeld is home to a venerable historic monument that still keeps our attention today. A little excursion into history. More

Beauty plus great sound equals Gifhorn

It is said that the organ is the queen of the instruments. And the congregation of Gifhorn boasts a beautiful example that is as massive as it is melodious. The Chief Apostle will even have a chance to enjoy it. More

Using my gifts to bring glory to God

Olga Shcherban (50) is a chorus master at the Voronezh Opera and Ballet Theatre in Russia. Our sister in faith also puts her gift and her musical skills to use in her congregation and the Church. More

“More like the Master”

This is how some choirs are coping with the COVID-19 crisis: the New Apostolic Church South America features a new choral video on its YouTube channel at least once a week. Here is the most recent wish in six-eight time. More

House services in Las Palmas

It is only a step from the kitchen into the church. For more than 20 years, services of the Las Tricias Congregation on the island of Las Palmas have been taking place in the house of the Huber family. Here is the story of a small and very lively congregation. More