Development and teaching in the New Apostolic Church

School is not the only place where one can learn something. One can also do so in church. Tomorrow, 24 January is the International Day of Education. Here are a few examples how the New Apostolic Church is involved in teaching its members. More

Toy drive and seeds of hope

Everybody can help, and even gently used toys help. Over the recent festive season, many followed their hearts and let themselves be inspired by the spirit of giving. Money was donated, a disaster area in the Philippines received further reconstruction help, and trees were planted. More

Logos 2023: A regal design

The crown is a popular motif used to design the 2023 logos. It allows the Regional Churches to illustrate the annual motto “Serving and Reigning with Christ”. But not all designers used a crown to emphasise the royal aspect of this year’s motto. More

It all starts with the recorder

The new school year will begin soon in South Africa and so will recorder lessons. To the joy of some and to the annoyance of others perhaps, but in the end it will have a positive effect on all. Today, on national recorder day, we take a look at the story behind the perfect instrument for young learners. More

At home worldwide and together in Christ

There were many reasons for New Apostolic congregations around the world to celebrate over the last few weeks—and not only on Christmas. Here is a look at some companionable, athletic, and rather rare get-togethers. More

The power of faith: people in the spotlight in 2022

Helping others boosts our own well-being. This is shown by the people highlighted in 2022. Whether on the Mediterranean Sea, on their own doorstep, or in other parts of the world: La Grah, Elena, Laura, and Peter have each done remarkable things with the power of their faith. More

On God’s glorious morn

This is anything but a silent night. The powerful opening strains of “When He Cometh” draw our focus to the return of Christ as we celebrate this Christmas Day. Composed by Clyde Davids for tenor, choir, and orchestra, this is a complete own production from the Cape. More

A final opening

Enjoy this Christmas medley performed by the orchestra of the New Apostolic Church South America. As the name suggests, it was an overture to a 2019 Christmas concert. More

Christmas is around the corner!

The new church year has commenced and will be ushered in with concerts and celebrations around the world. Whether virtually or live and in person—our brothers and sisters have already begun celebrating the feast of love for their neighbour. More

“Hark! How the bells…”

Originally composed as a New Year’s song in Ukraine, this song came to be associated with Christmas in the United States where it was given new lyrics. The “Carol of the Bells” rings out on the third weekend of Advent, sung by a vocal quartet from Hamburg in Germany. More

Guitar and vocals

“What Child is This?” is a Christmas carol set to the tune of “Greensleeves”, a traditional English folk song and one of the most popular melodies ever. The duet with guitar and vocals is taken from the eChurch music programme of the New Apostolic Church Canada. More

Active in church and in everyday life

The members of the New Apostolic Church advocate many different values and promote them in their congregation and district in various ways: for example, by doing something eco-friendly, by helping to save lives, and supporting education. And, of course, church attendance is important to them. More

Eleven-fold and singlehandedly

Nadia Drayton from Corby in England recorded the different parts of this rarely heard arrangement by Reginald Jacques of “Away in a Manger”. Enjoy one of the most popular Christmas carols in our Saturday music series to kick off the Christmas season. More

Music is at home everywhere

In many congregations, singing has resumed and so have concerts. Here is a small overview of concerts and workshops in different parts of the world, showcasing that music is a universal language that speaks to the soul. More

The sheer will to help defies the threat of war

It feels as though the war is closing in. Yet the people already have so little to live on. Despite their own hardship, however, the people in the Republic of Moldova are helping Ukrainian refugees in any way they can. This is the situation of the brothers and sisters whom the Chief Apostle will be visiting this weekend. More

Together we are strong

Love, friendship, and sharing the same faith… These are things that make us strong. And this is something that brothers and sisters from all generations and walks of life were able to experience in various countries over the past few weeks. Together in Christ still applies even if the year is almost over. More

I was in prison and you came

For many years, a Priest from the German district of Bochum provided for the faith-based needs of prisoners. He visited and looked after mostly New Apostolic inmates in a correctional facility in Bochum. More

Tragedy meets humanity

Natural disasters, diseases, and exorbitant food prices cause great hardship. How comforting when there is help. This week’s review looks at how our brothers and sisters as well as relief organisations provided desperately needed help . More

Believers meet at the altar

Cross-border in a double sense: the bilingual song in this video, sung simultaneously by young people from different countries in South America, is about the connection between this world and the beyond. Here is a touching song to set the mood for Sunday. More

Built on rock

There is lots going on in the New Apostolic Church. This week’s focus is on the building of churches and apiaries, and the building of skills. More