“God is there” in music

The Chief Apostle also sang along, but only during the opening hymn. Then he left the stage to the choir, orchestra, and the children’s choir for the 2023 Pentecost concert. During the last piece, the audience was allowed to sing along once more. More

District Apostles in meetings as of today

The agenda has been defined and the conference equipment is set up: starting today, the International District Apostle Meeting is in session. Yesterday, the host and the team from the New Apostolic Church International put the final touches on their preparations. More

A place to make music, be safe, and learn

Over the next few days, the focus of the New Apostolic world will be on Cape Town in South Africa. The Chief Apostle and the District Apostles have gathered in the city for the International District Apostles’ Meeting. They will conduct divine services, attend a concert in Silvertown, and celebrate the birthday of the church on Pentecost. More

Welcome to Cape Town

The 2023 Pentecost festivities in South Africa have started: the participants are currently arriving. The first to arrive in Cape Town on Tuesday was the Chief Apostle. Tonight, the District Apostles will fan out to various congregations to conduct divine services. Here are pictures of the arrivals. More

A church of superlatives

The building can already be identified as a place of worship from the sky: a huge emblem is cast into the roof of the Tafelsig church building. But that is by no means the only unique feature of the congregation which will host the 2023 international Pentecost service. More

Fatal bus crash shakes politicians and the Church

New Apostolic Christians far beyond Zambia’s borders are reacting with dismay and sadness to a fatal road accident that has killed 24 people, most of them women, who were on their way to a church event. More

“And God saw the light, that it was good”

Light is life—and truth—and goodness in general: no other physical phenomenon shines so deeply into the human soul. How a simple image can shed light on the divine—illuminated for us on the international Day of Light this 16th day of May. More

At home worldwide: Positive impacts on people and the environment

Many people are committed to good causes. In South Africa, for example, a special service was held to bring comfort to refugees. In Germany, brothers and sisters sacrificed some of their free time for the environment. And in the Netherlands a church building was made available in support of democracy. More

A tree that gives eternal life

At the beginning and end of the Bible, trees and their fruit play a prominent role. The best known of the two is not even the most important. Here is a reflection on Arbour Day. More

Sint Barbara welcomes brothers and sisters

More than 70 years of history are contained within the walls of the church building to which the newly established congregation of Limburg in the Netherlands recently moved. The church is listed as a historic building, a good reason to tell its story today—on the International Day for Monuments and Sites. More

Contemplative, interested, committed

New Apostolic Christians in Germany, Spain, and Guinea learned some very different things on their tours of discovery through history, religion, and responsibility for their own faith. More

The foundation of our faith

“This rock is Jesus.” Without Easter such a message of faith would not be possible. This original composition from South Africa celebrates the Risen One and the certainty which He gives to the faithful. More

Facing the critical hours

How close are we to the crucified Jesus? This, basically, is the question being asked by this traditional gospel. The vocalist is Justin Stephenson from the congregation of North Ipswich in Australia, who recorded all five parts himself. More

Malawi struggling to recover after a cyclone

Destruction, homelessness, hunger: of all the countries hit by the cyclone, Malawi was battered the worst. Relief efforts are underway also by New Apostolic aid organisations. What do the people need? District Apostle Kububa Soko wanted to see for himself. More

Learning for our congregations

Skills and knowledge take you further. This also applies to faith and life in our congregations. And the possibilities are many: they range from events marking International Day of Education to global learning during a whole year on a foreign continent. More

Letting our hearts speak

When bad news makes its rounds there is often good news in its wake, namely people doing their best to help others in distress. Here are some examples where New Apostolic aid organisations and congregations helped their neighbour. More

Good news from around the world

Reunions after a pandemic forced break, anniversaries galore, and a Youth Day chock full of biblical knowledge. These are this week’s news flashes from New Apostolic congregations around the globe. More

The good being done in the face of devastating loss

Food, school supplies, and even a confirmation suit: in crises large and small, New Apostolic Christians are on hand to help their neighbours. Here is where kindness spoke. More

Diversity thrives on barren rocks

From a hub of the trans-Atlantic slave trade to a melting pot of African traditions. The Cape Verde Islands, situated on the west coast of Africa, have had a turbulent history. Here is a look at the country that the Chief Apostle will visit this week. More

Carrying the gospel into the world joyfully

This is my church and I am proud to be part of it. This is how many New Apostolic Christians feel about their church and gladly share their faith by testifying of it in various ways and making it visible to other people. More