“I’m not limping, I’m walking without crutches!”

These photos are no works of art, but they tell a touching and an encouraging story, and send a beautiful message: make the best out of what you have. More

By young people for young people

Not quite a year from now, the Church will be celebrating its International Youth Convention 2019. For the young people—who are in the process of graduating, starting their first jobs, or moving in with their first roommate—this is still a long time. But for the organisers, who are doing their best to plan an event that is to thrill some 30,000 participants, time is short. More

At home worldwide: a photo safari

For the District Apostles around the world, this slogan says it all. For many weeks out of a year, they live out of a suitcase in order to be close to those entrusted to their care. Join us on a photo safari around the world. More

Journey to the land of the Pensive Christ

Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider’s 29th trip abroad this year will take him to north-eastern Europe. This coming weekend, more than 3,000 brothers and sisters in Lithuania and Latvia are looking forward to his visit. More

Message on International Youth Day

The United Nations’ International Youth Day is observed annually on 12 August. We asked Paxton Fielies from Cape Town for a short message this year. Here it is. Thanks, Paxton! More

The greatest event under heaven

In recent days, small and big premières determined the life in various congregations as well as the work of charities and Church administrations. More

A Church in a state of flux (Part 2)

From the village into the city—and then? The rural exodus is real challenge for the New Apostolic Church—especially in the country with the largest membership. Join us for part two on congregational life in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. More

A Church in a state of flux (Part 1)

It is a country of superlatives—also for the New Apostolic Church. It is also a country of striking contrasts between rural and urban Africa: the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Here are some insights from a District Apostle whose best bet is often a motorbike. More

There is no such thing as too small

A good deed is never too small. “Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.” Small examples from the big wide world. More

Papua-New Guinea — Sharing is their strength

Papua-New Guinea is always good for a new experience, be it a shoe-sharing scheme during a children’s weekend, farming for a Chief Apostle service, or just recently, an anniversary celebration in the pouring rain—stories of community and cohesion. More

At home around the world: what an old harmonium can tell you…

Today’s week in review reports on three very different stories from three different countries. At the core of each, however, we find the practical faith of New Apostolic Christians who are doing their part to bring people together in the midst of society. More

On the stage and in the studio—diversity sets the tone

When faith creates music, it will be in more than one key! The “Show Your Talent” song contest already proved that quite clearly at the International Church Convention 2014. Now a new edition is scheduled for the IYC 2019. The call going out to young musicians today is: “Show us what you’ve got!” More

At home around the world: youth at work on the IYC 2019

The ambassadors are on their way. And the base is on the move: a spotlight on all the preparations for the International Youth Convention (IYC) 2019 around the globe. Some examples from Africa, Asia, and Europe. More

Angklung choir makes peace and love resound

While our brethren in faith in Java, Indonesia played the music of peace and love, bombs exploded only 250 kilometres away, killing many people. A report on a concert with trembling hearts and hands follows below. More

Making sure everyone knows: IYC ambassadors get to work

Heeeeeey! — A joyful shout provides a foretaste of things to come in 2019: at the end of May, eight young New Apostolic Christians tested out the positive atmosphere in the Düsseldorf arena. They are ambassadors for the International Youth Convention (IYC). More

So that the youth can build their future

What would the Church be without its youth? A church without a future! The Chief Apostle and District Apostles repeatedly emphasise the importance of our offers to young people. But what does this mean in concrete terms? What offers are these? More

Audio-visual transmission to a tree trunk

Divine services can be held in a church or in the open air. But that a service is transmitted to a congregation that worships under a tree does not happen very often. More

A brighter future for orphans in Nepal

Helping others has untold benefits. Michaela Jost from the congregation of Giessen in Germany has made this experience. For her it is a key to happiness. She works with needy children in Nepal. More

German-Angolan teamwork

“Move closer! No, not with the camera. Zoom in,” Tim Schaefer-Rolffs prompts the cameraman with the black vest. But by then he had already started to make his way to the altar and was now standing directly in front of it. More

A Deacon plays the role of a District Elder

Resolving conflicts and working together constructively … Ministers in Ghana recently came together for a capacity building workshop. And that can mean that they slip into a role other than theirs. More