Colonialism, wars, and church

On 3 July, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will conduct a divine service in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is only three days after the country’s independence celebrations. As a former District Apostle of the country, the Chief Apostle is familiar with its turbulent history. More

A cause for celebration

There are many occasions that bring people together for a celebration. Whether it is confirmation or a day of activities to prepare for the confirmation service, people enjoy being together. This week we are celebrating diversity in the Church. More

A way like life itself

806 kilometres in 25 days—on foot. Priest Marc Sieger (51) from Aidlingen in Germany decided to walk the famous Camino de Santiago. He talks about his experiences on his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. More

The Church nails its colours to the mast

One earth, many people; one Christianity, many denominations; one congregation, many hands. There are many ways to foster fellowship and in the process profess one's beliefs, whether in cleaning up the environment, ecumenism, or putting women in the spotlight. More

Pentecost in music

This was far more than a preparation, it was part of Pentecost. It was with these words that a deeply touched Chief Apostle expressed his gratitude to the choir and orchestra in Buenos Aires. The video shows an excerpt of the concert with a piece of their own composition. More

Music in snapshots

The 2022 Pentecost concert left a powerful impression on the audience. From old masters to new compositions, the musicians used the whole range of sound at their disposal to wow their audience. Here are some snapshots. More

Decision-makers at work

Close on two days of hard work. Yesterday and today, the central governing board of the New Apostolic Church, the International District Apostle Meeting, met for discussions. A report on the topics discussed will follow. Here is a look behind the scenes from the photographer’s perspective. More

A flying visit from the other side of the Atlantic

Friendships need to be cultivated, especially when they span the Atlantic. And this is why a Swiss national, a well-known figure, dropped in on the Youth Symphony Orchestra Argentina just a few days ago. More

Six languages in 22 congregations

A prelude that spells Pentecost. Yesterday, the District Apostles and their assistants were spread over 22 congregations in Greater Buenos Aires and conducted services in English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, and in Spanish, of course. A tour in pictures. More

Church for and with children

The greatest wealth of a congregation is its children. This is a treasure that to be cherished and fostered—whether in special services for children or singing together or planting a garden. Here are some inspiring ideas to imitate. More

Pentecost 2022 in Buenos Aires

Politically, economically, culturally, and ecclesiastically: the heart of Argentina beats in Buenos Aires. This is where the leaders of the New Apostolic Regional Churches from all over the world will be meeting for their Pentecost Council starting today. More

The hosts introduce themselves

The city and its New Apostolic Christians: this is how the hosts of the 2022 Pentecost assembly in Buenos Aires (Argentina) introduced themselves—images full of the zest for life and the joy of faith. More

Arrival in Buenos Aires

Divine service, conference, concert, divine service: this is the short version of the agenda of the 2022 Pentecost Assembly. The District Apostles and their assistants have just arrived in Buenos Aires. Enjoy the first pictures. More

A mama for all

Not only her own large family call her Mama Rose. The members of the Calgary-Chestermere congregation (Canada) also affectionately know her by this name. They appreciate the caring nature and self-sacrificing commitment of Sister Rose Kamwanji Ndumbi (62). More

A colony that helps fight poverty

Some 60 small farmers in Kenya are preparing to receive their first colony—a colony of bees, that is. To find out how the Apis Africana will sweeten their lives, let’s take a little tour to commemorate World Bee Day, which takes place on 20 May. More

If you don’t look the other way…

…you see so many situations in which people need help. No matter if many or only a few look more closely, the help is gratefully accepted: in Ukraine, in Sierra Leone, or in the Philippines. More

Best friends across the Atlantic

Music forges and strengthens friendships. This is what the youth symphony orchestras from Argentina and Switzerland experienced at their live concerts in South America in 2018 and Europe in 2019. With their rendition of “All life poureth forth from Thee” they keep in touch virtually. More

The Chief Apostle in the land of 839 languages

A 34-year-old man from Bosnia speaks 73 languages, a language service agency claims. But even with such an amazing talent one could not communicate with all the people in Papua New Guinea. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider decided to opt for the language of the heart. More

Unleashing the potential of young people

Whether young people do something for the congregation or something is done for them, they are important because they are the future of the Church. More

The morn dawns for humankind

The darkness of Good Friday yields to the brightness of Easter morning. And this sounds like a call to all believers: “Rise now and shine!” Enjoy this magnificent rendition of this sacred classic. More