When less becomes more

Always on the go: Almut Quittenbaum was always active and involved, professionally, privately, and in the Church. Then she had a breakdown. She learned that less can be more. The congregation and the arts helped her. More

Talking with your hands

Although not numerous, the deaf in the New Apostolic Church are a group that are heard. The Regional Churches have different approaches in how to integrate them. Here is a bit of an overview to mark the International Day of Sign Languages, which is observed annually on 23 September. More

Praising God and celebrating fellowship

Music brings people together whether in congregations, districts, or even across continents. In many New Apostolic congregations around the world, members sing and make music to praise God and celebrate fellowship. More

Working in community—the next generation gets down to work

Learning to master fellowship takes practice at an early age: children cross borders, students help craft the Church of the future, and a youth summit advertises for the Church with music. More

Let your light shine!

A "little light"? You must be kidding! It is a brilliant piece of gospel music and a classic among New Apostolic recordings from the Cape of Good Hope: "This little light of mine" with the NAC Cape Town Children's choir. More

When children make a scene

Children in Ghana perform some theatre, a District Apostle celebrates six divine services in a single week in Argentina, and the members in the Philippines take delight at the visit of their District Apostle. Let’s take a trip around the world with the online magazine of the New Apostolic Church. More

Bringing faith to the campus

Practising faith together with others, spreading the gospel, and helping to shape the Church of tomorrow—that is what New Apostolic students in South Africa want. And that is the reason they have organised themselves into student societies. More

Singing to the glory of God

Whether young or old, many people love to make music. Music brings people together and it can create peace. The language of music is an international one and is understood across the world. More

Questions about the future? Ask God!

No one can see into the future, except God. But we can all plan for tomorrow. This is something that New Apostolic congregations do by minimising their impact on the environment, by being there for the upcoming generations, or seeing to sustainable development. More

“Something very beautiful came of this, beyond the music”

Music creates bonds. This is something that four choirs and orchestras from France and Germany can testify to. Here is an excerpt to mark World Friendship Day on 30 July. More

Training ministers, building churches, and planting trees

Young people in Bolivia cleaned up a local park. In Africa and Europe ministers got together to learn how to deliver better sermons. And in Sierra Leone, Apostle Braima Saffa dedicated three churches in one day. More

From the city into the country

The bricks travelled 40 kilometres from Hamburg-Borgfelde to Doosthof. These were the first bricks that were owned by the New Apostolic Church. Almost 80 years later, these historic bricks still adorn a church building. More

A ray of hope

There are times when we need a ray of hope. And this popular composition is a real pick-me up. Our New Apostolic faith life would not be the same without it. Here is a powerful version with orchestra. More

Doing good in the middle of a war

One hundred and forty-one days into the Russian attack on Ukraine, the solidarity of the New Apostolic congregations in Europe is still huge. Private individuals, congregations, and aid organisations are doing their best to help. More

Experiencing how God leads and guides

Some 17,000 people are still grappling with the aftermath. The deadly flood in the Ahr Valley in Germany last year killed 133 people and destroyed or damaged thousands of homes. Ulrich Thurau, who has been rector of the congregation of Sinzig since 1998, reports the following. More

At home worldwide: Together in Christ

Worldwide, Covid made getting together in the congregation almost impossible. Now that the restrictions have been relaxed, people are excited that they can finally see each other again and do things together. More

Where Christ brought His redeeming sacrifice

“Golgotha”: this choral work from the Democratic Republic of Congo is named after the place of Jesus’ sacrifice. It is a self-penned composition and tells of Jesus’ act of redemption and its effects. Here is an inspiring piece to set the mood for the service for the departed. More

Colonialism, wars, and church

On 3 July, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will conduct a divine service in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is only three days after the country’s independence celebrations. As a former District Apostle of the country, the Chief Apostle is familiar with its turbulent history. More

A cause for celebration

There are many occasions that bring people together for a celebration. Whether it is confirmation or a day of activities to prepare for the confirmation service, people enjoy being together. This week we are celebrating diversity in the Church. More

A way like life itself

806 kilometres in 25 days—on foot. Priest Marc Sieger (51) from Aidlingen in Germany decided to walk the famous Camino de Santiago. He talks about his experiences on his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. More