Don’t miss a beat: the IYC programme is coming!

Create your own programme! The IYC Guide—which should be making its way to participants over the next few days—offers about 250 different events. Don’t miss a beat! There will be all kinds of music, presentations, and workshops—with topics galore! More

Delight over success and progress

Life and faith always involve change: sometimes you take a step backwards, sometimes you make great strides ahead. Here is an overview of some happy news from recent days. More

Hitting the road for the IYC in Düsseldorf

Twenty-two cyclists between the ages of 17 and 49 from Pforzheim in Germany … Their destination: the exhibition grounds in Düsseldorf. A four-day pilgrimage by bike to the International Day of the Youth. More

I AM – a look back at the future

Words and miracles of Jesus will be staged at the IYC: the pop oratorio I AM will have its premiere in English at the youth convention. Some 3,400 singers are involved. Enjoy this mix of video clips from the rehearsals in 2019 and the premiere of the German musical in 2013. More

An Alphorn in the church and other peculiarities

Every country, every region, and every congregation has its own peculiarities. And this is exactly what makes our worldwide fellowship so diverse and rich. Here is a medley from New Apostolic life. More

In the land of moose and islands

From deep in the south to high in the north: following his visit to South Africa last weekend, the Chief Apostle will stop off in Sweden this coming weekend, a country that can easily compete with Philippine archipelago. More

DOTY spells action

About 600 young people in Uruguay took a journey through time. The motto was: “God was, is, and always will be present.” And that was only one of the action-packed events at the Day of the Youth (DOTY) in Colonia. Enjoy the short video. More

Faith in life: sisters and brothers in their element

Ways that lead over water, big band sounds in the church, and four rows of confirmands … This is what our weekly panorama sweep across the New Apostolic world has come up with—this time in video form. More

The world gathers at the IYC 2019

Whether via video stream or live in Germany, young people and District Churches from all over the world will be gathering at the International Youth Convention (IYC). Here is a glance at the schedule of events and the hall plan. More

Keeping busy in Lesotho: “I have stopped making plans”

Jan Schalk has a doctorate in agricultural sciences. He is presently employed as a development worker for Bread for the World, a German aid agency. His current base of operations is Maseru, the capital city of Lesotho. We interviewed him recently. More

Recorders echo throughout South Africa

Poverty, violence, and unshakeable faith: this is what best describes the place the Chief Apostle will visit next weekend. The fate of two young women says a lot about the life of the people here. More

It takes a whole village to raise a child

Children are not only the future of the Church. As a matter of fact, the focus is on them already in the present, and a whole “village” looks after them: teachers, ministers, brothers and sisters, and of course, their families. Examples from three continents. More

Preserving memories (5) – Preparation is the magic word

A change in perspective is important for good pictures. But how if a photographer is not supposed to walk around constantly. The solution: short distances. That requires knowledge of the premises and a plan. More

Even a half marathon requires endurance

It is remarkable to see what is happening around the globe every day. For example, there is a nice little story from Cape Town. Only upon reading does it become clear just how much a fun event can take out of you. More

Tackling typhoon damage and supporting education

The Philippines is one of the five countries most frequently hit by natural disasters. This is the part of the world in which NAC SEA Relief is active, the charity of the New Apostolic Church South-East Asia. More

Glory to God in the Highest

Praising and glorifying God—when better to do so than on resurrection morning? “I can but marvel, and marv’lling rejoice,” runs the text of the music video from an Easter divine service. More

The city is spic and span and ready for the IYC

Community clean-up campaigns have become the thing. Every year, the city of Düsseldorf in Germany appeals to its citizens for help in ridding the city of its litter. Now the city is ready for the International Youth Convention 2019. More

Giving voice to the gospel together

A handshake between the chairman and the delegates sealed it: the New Apostolic Church has been awarded associate status in the Council of Christian Churches in Germany. More

Preserving memories (4): The means to an end

It takes more than a few good pots to make an excellent chef. However, the right tools are certainly useful in any creative trade. And what does a photographer need for his art? More

Rehearsing for the IYC: the excitement is building

The countdown is on: only nine weeks left until the International Youth Convention. Preparations are in full swing, and these include a lot of music—video clips from four continents. More