Logo 2022: Cultures nail their colours to the mast

The 2022 motto is doing its rounds. Circles and rings seem to be the most popular motif for this year’s motto “Together in Christ”. Here is a look at the various logos developed by the District Apostle Areas around the world. More

A slightly different shoebox story

Ralf Pilgrim, an Evangelist, has been the rector of the Bad Harzburg congregation in Germany since the end of September 2021. He only moved there with his family in 2020, but he has known the congregation for longer… More

A birthday serenade and tons of love

Christmas is the feast of love. Believers do not only celebrate this feast for themselves, but also want to spread the spirit of Christmas. And this they did with music and toys. Not even hygiene protocols could keep them from passing on Christmas cheer. More

The people of 2021

A great deal can be accomplished with the power of faith: getting children in lockdown to move around, bringing new courage to people with Parkinson’s disease, and opening the hearts of seniors with music. Here are some of the people of 2021 in the spotlight. More

The year 2021 in review: a lingering pandemic with no end in sight

Not even the Pentecost divine service could take place as usual! For the Chief Apostle and many millions of our members, this year was yet another difficult period defined by a global pandemic. More

Sheer Christmas joy

When traditions merge… This touching piece that the New Apostolic Church Canada featured on its YouTube channel last year has its origin in different cultures. More

Christmas 2021: a feast of hope

When we think of Christmas we often imagine a snowy wonderland, white-capped mountains, and frozen lakes. If not from personal experience, then from pop culture. However, given the global mood, this is a never-never land. Behind the façade, Christmas looks different. More

A virtual look into another world

Restoring what has been destroyed: this is what the New Apostolic Church is trying to do in the town of Eschwege in Germany. And they are trying to do this with their church building and the turbulent fate that it has been through. More

Stillness behind numbered doors

Here is a treat from the Chamber Choir of Wilhelmshaven to celebrate the fourth Sunday of Advent. This Christmas carol was one of the 24 doors on the musical Advent calendar featured by the New Apostolic Church Northern and Eastern Germany last year. More

Shelter, knowledge, and clean water

The charity human aktiv supports a thrift shop. NACRO and NAK karitativ have made a difference in people’s lives with water pumps. And brothers and sisters wrapped presents for children. Christmas can come. More

Waiting for Christ’s return

Advent is not only waiting for the coming of God’s Son, but above all waiting for Him to come and take us to Himself. This is what the brothers and sisters in Kinshasa in the DR Congo, a city with 1,700 New Apostolic congregations, are singing about here. More

Carol on the angklung

Next is the second Sunday of Advent with music on ancient instruments. The angklung orchestras from Bandung in Indonesia have touched many a heart in our New Apostolic congregations over the years. More

Quartet for one

A musical journey through Advent… The start this year will be made by Justin Stephenson, a jazz musician from the congregation of North Ipswich in Australia. He is joined by himself four times. More

The 2022 New Year’s message is in the can

The French wine connoisseur travels to Germany and all he is offered is water. Even so the words flow fluently from his lips—and in three languages. Here is a look behind the scenes at the recording of the New Year’s message for 2022. More

A spirit of optimism in the Church

In many parts of the world, the third Covid wave still has a firm grip on society, but it cannot keep believers from building on their mutual bonds in the congregations. Here is some good news from congregations around the world. More

Vital for time and eternity

“Come to the fount of life” a well-known choir hymn beckons: “Come, here is bread and wine.” This invitation is not only extended to the living… Immerse yourself in this touching tune in preparation for the service for the departed. More

Help to cope with difficulties

Covid-19 is still keeping the world on tenterhooks. There are also other areas where help is urgently needed. Sisters and brothers around the world are committed to doing what they can. More

Young people in action

Confirmation events, youth conventions, youth meetings. Many young people are getting together in spite of the pandemic to have fun together, experience their faith, or to do good. Here is a look at those who are helping to shape the future of the Church. More

All that really matters is love

Do not marginalise or pass judgement, but look at the soul, the Chief Apostle urged recently. Reality, however, is sometimes different. This is Sandra’s experience. Her problem: who she loves and how others feel about it. More

Bringing glory to God with choirs and recorders

People already made music in biblical times. King David had 4,000 people play musical instruments to the glory of God. Jesus and His disciples sang a hymn at the Last Supper. And in order to ensure that music remains a firm component of our faith life, it is encouraged and supported all around the world. More