IYC: the emphasis is on the “I”, and quite a challenge

The International Youth Convention 2019 is truly meant to be international: not only through presentations by the worldwide District Churches but also by the many young visitors from as many countries as possible. That’s quite a challenge. More

Our annual motto artfully designed

“Draw the motto ‘Rich in Christ’!” This is a challenge that graphic designers across the world have taken up. shows some of the first illustrations and drawings. More

New year, new ideas – How 2019 started around the world

Cancelled services because of heavy snowfall, Sunday School with recorder and trombone ensembles, and an annual programme of learning and praying. These are some of the different ways New Apostolic congregations across the world launched into the new year. More

IYC preparations are in full swing

In just a little over five months from now the exhibition grounds in Düsseldorf will throw open their doors for the International Youth Convention 2019. What has been planned? Who is invited? Here is an overview. More

Young talent takes centre stage

Leading by example … This is also possible with recorders, as South African Apostles and Bishops recently proved. And that was only the prelude to the Year of the Child, during which this woodwind instrument will hit the big time. More

If you have a choice …

Doing the right thing or deciding on a new Bible edition or the right kind of fuel … Every day people have to make decisions. A look at some recent situations around the world. More

Individuals who have left their mark

The past year was marked by changes in the governing body of the Church. Four District Apostles retired in 2018. A brief retrospective on men full of generosity and energy. More

People who have touched our lives in 2018

Praising God with a velvet voice, loving God against all odds, and doing volunteer work abroad with no thought of self. This is how Manilo, Mannki, and Angela live their faith, each in his or her own unique way. More

A packed programme at Cape Town Stadium

It was THE event in 2018: the Young Peoples Convention in South Africa. Tens of thousands of young people celebrated their youth day under the motto #YPC18218. Enjoy the best-of video created by NACTV especially for More

Turkey with dumplings – Christmas in Cebu City

Many things are conceivable in the Philippines, or to be more exact, on the island of Cebu. Even a delicious Christmas dinner with German dumplings. A chef from Saxony in Germany is making it happen. More

Worthwhile investments

It is more blessed to give than to receive, the Bible tells us—something many practise. A look across the continents shows that many people give gladly of what they have, be it gifts and talents, time, or money. And it always creates joy and gratitude. More

When faith makes music

Music creates bonds across continents. This is something that young people from Germany and South Africa recently experienced. For the guests it was a trip into a completely different world, one that will resound for a long time to come. More

Confirmation services in midsummer

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, the popular saying goes. Traditionally, confirmation services in Argentina and Brazil take place on the first Sunday in December. It has to do with the school holidays. More

Update for the Catechism app

The Catechism at your fingertips … Whether in the pew, on the road, or at home, this mobile app is an essential tool. Get the latest version of this free app now. More

Inspired to help others

For many people across the world, life is a daily struggle. Thankfully there are always those who find ways to help, who understand them, and can bring joy. More

On the air: a morning prayer for Advent

Berlin is worth a visit. The more than 30 million tourists a year who visit Berlin should know. This weekend, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will be in the German capital. He will be conducting a service in our church Berlin-Tegel. More

Remembrance Day ceremony in London

A dual pastoral care commitment: in the congregation and for war veterans. Craig Esterhuizen has dedicated himself to help in word and deed. On the recent centenary marking the end of World War One he received additional support. More

A musical canvas to celebrate cultural diversity

A canvas in brilliant tone colours. This is what the regional church is working on which Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will be visiting this weekend. More

Nearer my God to Thee – with music

I AM is the name of the pop oratorio that will be staged in English for the first time at the International Youth Convention 2019. Originally a German composition, the lyrics were translated into English by Jeremy Dawson. Life has taught him: “Give God first and then ask.” More

Learning to be an effective minister

Ministers should know what they are talking about. The faithful not only expect advice and answers from ministers in all kinds of matters, but also expect them to react with empathy when problems arise. Training can help in this. More