When many young people come together

Over a hundred young people attended a youth convention in South America and several thousand came together for youth services in Africa. The young people demonstrated their faith, sometimes publicly, at various events organised to promote the Church and ensure its future

First youth convention in Suriname

On Saturday, 11 May, 130 young people from all over Suriname celebrated the first Youth Day in their country in Paramaribo. Apostle Reinier van Markus from the Netherlands is responsible for the country in South America, where Dutch is spoken. He conducted a divine service for the young people, which focussed on faith and works of faith. After the service, the young people split into groups to discuss the content of the service together. They then presented the results of their discussions. Afterwards, they had lunch together and there was still time for more activities.

God is there 24/7

Prayer works. In the run-up to the youth camp of the Apostle Area West on the island of Borkum in Germany, there were many prayers: due to a storm, the hall in which the divine services and various events were to take place could not be used. A few prayers later, a large tent was set up where the event began with the Ascension Day service on Thursday, 9 May.

Friday was filled with sporting activities, creative workshops, and a choir practice for the 500 or so participants. In the afternoon, everyone went to the beach. Taking the motto 24/7 literally, some young people spent almost the entire night dancing, singing, and playing games. Everyone was bursting with excitement when the Chief Apostle was welcomed on Saturday. After an eventful day of youth meetings, games, and sport, he conducted a prayer service in the island’s dunes that evening. The next morning, he conducted a divine service in the tent. He encouraged the young people not to worry, but to take action.

Showing who God is

A procession of five thousand young people made its way through the city, singing, laughing, and handing out the latest issue of the community magazine. The reopening of the largest church in Guinea in mid-May was an opportunity for young brothers and sisters from three Apostle districts to meet. They attended a divine service with Apostles Saa Marc Leno, Tamba Sosso Wolle Millimouno, and Nema Jacques Condé, in which Apostle Leno encouraged the thousands of young people to find out what God’s will is. He told them that they should then follow Jesus. Seminars, concerts, and performances were organised around the divine service.

Divine service in a special place

Choristers dressed in black and white gathered on 9 June for a youth service. On that Sunday, around 7,000 young people from four Apostle Areas came together under the monument to the African independence fighter Patrice Lumumba, the L’échangeur de Limete, a tower in Kinshasa.

The young people from Kinshasa Centre 1, Kinshasa Centre 2, Kinshasa-Nord, and Kinshasa-Ouest were already there at eight o’clock for a choir practice. An hour and a half later, after all the songs had been practised, the divine service began. Apostle Gianni Bangawe conducted the open-air service and spoke about the subject of being chosen to serve others. “We serve God and our neighbour, but above all our neighbour, because the love we have for our heavenly Father is best expressed through what we do for our neighbour,” the Apostle explained. “The difficult situations we find ourselves in should not be an excuse for getting tired. Because each of us has potential that we can tap into for divine works.” Five ministers were called to serve along: Apostle Eugene Kalala from Kinshasa-Centre 2, Apostle Elia Tatien Mukinda from Kinshasa-Ouest, Apostle Makaya Fréderic Mbungu and Apostle Henri Ngoy Tshetshe both from Kinshasa Centre 1, as well as François Tshimanga, the local Bishop.

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