Flashback (4): The power of the Creator

Sometimes frightening and new things crash into our lives, leaving us utterly powerless. But there is a power that can help us. Here is comfort from the Chief Apostle’s Pentecost sermon. More

Flashback (3): “The tool in His hand”

Whether it is chaotic or orderly, a construction site is still a construction site. And sometimes you might ask yourself: what will this become? It is good to know the builder. This is what District Apostle Michael Deppner (DR Congo-West) said during the Pentecost service. More

Flashback (1): Pentecost re-echoes with praise and gratitude

The musicians touched the hearts of many thousands of people with their sensitive and moving renditions at the central Pentecost service. One particular song from South Africa tugged at many people’s heartstrings. More

Getting the picture: The divine service in a nutshell

Pentecost 2021—in a nutshell: this picture needs less than 1,000 words to show what the divine service is trying to tell us. The sketch notes can serve as a memory aid for personal use. More

Getting the picture: The divine service as a gallery

Pentecost 2021—in front of the camera: the video images had already passed in less than two hours. Fortunately, there are also photos to capture the celebration. The photo gallery gives us a look at the central global event through the lens. More

Celebrating Pentecost in church and at home

“At home worldwide” is the slogan and could not be more appropriate for Pentecost 2021: not only is the New Apostolic Church at home all over the world, but the Church is also bringing the feast home. The connection, in any case, will be made. More

Flashback (3): The chance for change

What comes after the coronavirus lockdown? There is a lot of speculation about that. What happens depends above all on each one of us, the Chief Apostle made clear in an invitation he extended in the Pentecost service. More

Flashback (2): God does not discriminate

Two lessons from the coronavirus crisis: what an individual does or does not do affects everyone. And: those who were underestimated showed their true worth. What all this has to do with faith? Here is an eye-opener from the Pentecost service. More

Flashback (1): Changing the future

Future and change: this is the purpose of faith. But this does not only apply to the spiritual world. Here is a declaration of belief from the 2020 Pentecost service. More

The 2020 Pentecost sermon in sketchnotes

The entire divine service at a glance: where the Spirit of liberty leads us is revealed in the mindmap of the 2020 Pentecost service. Come and rediscover God’s word in artistic visual notes, compact and concrete. More

The power unfolds in man

The Holy Spirit makes free—free to love and serve. That is the Chief Apostle’s central message on Pentecost 2020. Here is a divine service between bread crumbs and a full-course menu. More

Boundless harmony: the Pentecost hymn 2020

They managed to finish just in time for Pentecost: the International Virtual Choir. And what a job it was sifting through some 80 hours of music videos from 1,600 singers in fifty countries. More

One Pentecost and five international messages

Pentecost 2019 will enter New Apostolic history as a feast of internationality. Hardly ever before have so many impulses of such international significance been aired. Here are some of them to re-read. More

“You are our joy” – the Pentecost video 2019

The Chief Apostle had a special message for the believers around the world in the Pentecost service. Here is the video. More

Snapshots (3): Pentecost 2019 in pictures

No matter how many believers gather, “the Holy Spirit is active with His full power in every divine service”. Pictures from the Pentecost feast 2019, celebrated by the Chief Apostle in the congregation of Goslar (Germany). More

The Holy Spirit works powerfully

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow … the Holy Spirit works powerfully, and can comfort in suffering and need. This is what the Chief Apostle told the worldwide congregation in the Pentecost service. More

Snapshots (2): Spreading comfort and hope

Defined by the comforting certainty of God’s presence and the joyful expectation of Christ’s return, the 2019 Pentecost concert riveted the audience. The pictures of an inspiring performance. More

Always, not only on Pentecost

These last few days, the focus of the New Apostolic congregations around the world has been on Goslar (Germany). On Sunday the Pentecost service by Chief Apostle Schneider will be transmitted to over 100 countries from here. More

Snapshots (1): District Apostles deliberate and decide

Two days, more than a dozen items on the agenda: the highest decision-making body of the New Apostolic Church has a lot to do. Pictures from the session of the International District Apostle Meeting. More

Pentecost council of the Church leaders: all eyes are on Goslar

Immediately after the International Youth Convention in Düsseldorf, the leaders of the global Church set out for Goslar (Germany) in order to discuss some complex doctrinal topics. More