Flashback (3): Combine power with love

Those who have a sound mind consider the long-term consequences of their actions. A sound mind as it is given by the Holy Spirit does not just consider the next fifty or hundred years, but all of eternity. District Apostle Helper Peter Lambert was called up on Pentecost. More

Flashback (2): “Let the Holy Spirit out!”

The Holy Spirit has been poured out into our hearts. And those who let Him out again, will receive much in doing and giving. District Apostle Helper John Schnabel at the Pentecost service. More

Pentecost 2023 in a nutshell

The Pentecost service in postcard size: this is how the message of Cape Town unfolds anew. The road map to eternal fellowship with God to give us direction. More

Flashback (1): “Believe in your Holy Sealing”

Becoming, loving, and serving like Jesus? It can be done, the Chief Apostle says. With help from the Holy Spirit, “a spirit of power, a spirit of love, a spirit of a sound mind, of wisdom, and self-control”. More

A Pentecost that inspired people all around the world

Music, divine service, and fellowship: the 2023 Pentecost festivities electrified New Apostolic Christians around the globe. The conditions for the South African hosts, however, were anything but easy. More

Pentecost concert in snapshots

The 2023 Pentecost concert not only offered an acoustic tapestry, but also a visual one. Browse through the picture gallery from the Silvertown Auditorium. More

The sounds of Pentecost 2023

“The Lord ist my light” was one of the highlights of the Pentecost concert in Cape Town. A children’s choir, mixed choir, orchestra, and soloists thrilled the audience in Silvertown and across the world via Internet. Enjoy the excerpts. More

The divine service in pictures

First in 2006, then in 2010, and now in 2023: Pentecost celebrations in the large Tafelsig church are special. Enjoy the pictures from the latest central divine service conducted by the Chief Apostle in Cape Town. More

With power, love, and self-control

“Trust in the gift of the Holy Spirit.” This was the appeal made by Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider in the central Pentecost service he conducted in Cape Town in South Africa. For in this way, believers are equipped with everything they need to reach their goal. More

“God is there” in music

The Chief Apostle also sang along, but only during the opening hymn. Then he left the stage to the choir, orchestra, and the children’s choir for the 2023 Pentecost concert. During the last piece, the audience was allowed to sing along once more. More

A unique way to say thank you

The feast before the feast: twenty-two congregations across the Western Cape had their midweek service conducted by a District Apostle or a District Apostle Helper. The congregation in Tafelsig experienced a special surprise—and for good reason. More

District Apostles in meetings as of today

The agenda has been defined and the conference equipment is set up: starting today, the International District Apostle Meeting is in session. Yesterday, the host and the team from the New Apostolic Church International put the final touches on their preparations. More

A place to make music, be safe, and learn

Over the next few days, the focus of the New Apostolic world will be on Cape Town in South Africa. The Chief Apostle and the District Apostles have gathered in the city for the International District Apostles’ Meeting. They will conduct divine services, attend a concert in Silvertown, and celebrate the birthday of the church on Pentecost. More

Welcome to Cape Town

The 2023 Pentecost festivities in South Africa have started: the participants are currently arriving. The first to arrive in Cape Town on Tuesday was the Chief Apostle. Tonight, the District Apostles will fan out to various congregations to conduct divine services. Here are pictures of the arrivals. More

A church of superlatives

The building can already be identified as a place of worship from the sky: a huge emblem is cast into the roof of the Tafelsig church building. But that is by no means the only unique feature of the congregation which will host the 2023 international Pentecost service. More

Invitation by audio sample

Music lovers and anyone else are invited to join the live webcast of the 2023 Pentecost concert from South Africa. Rehearsals are in full swing; stopped by and listened in. Enjoy the sample. More

Two Pentecost events to be streamed live

New Apostolic Christians from all over the world can tune into this year’s Pentecost celebration on two occasions. Not only will the divine service on Sunday be broadcast but also the concert on Saturday. And the hosting district is quite famous for its music. More

Flashback (3): Same gift, same chance

Diversity emphasises differences, and some of them are injustices. But there is one gift that offers all people the same chance, namely that of a world without injustice. The great comfort of Pentecost. More

Flashback (2): Everyone is needed

Building the new temple together—stone by stone. That means that everyone is aware of their gifts, uses them, and contributes to the building. And may no one think they have nothing to contribute. Excerpts from the Pentecost service. More

Flashback (1): Reading in the proper light

Building the new temple together. This was the 2022 Pentecost message. And the building plan can be found in the Bible. However, Holy Scripture can be misused for all kinds of things. But there are antidotes. Three excerpts from the divine service. More