Flashback: And they continued …

Pentecost 2018: between District Apostle Meeting, exhibition, and divine service. Behind-the-scenes footage of the four days in Washington (USA). More

“We need our differences”

People are different. And that prevents unity? Nothing of the sort! On the contrary, it is precisely these differences that make an efficient team. This is a new perspective opened up by Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider during the 2018 Pentecost service. More

Snapshots (3): The 2018 Pentecost service

“It is up to us that our neighbour can experience: God is love, God is grace, God is patient,” Chief Apostle Schneider said in conclusion. “This is my appeal to you on this Pentecost feast: let us give our neighbour a foretaste of the kingdom of God.” - The Pentecost service in Washington documented in pictures. More

The pledge of divine inheritance for all

“Let us give our neighbour a foretaste of the kingdom of God.” This is the 2018 Pentecost message which the Chief Apostle addressed to all New Apostolic believers across the world. What exactly does he mean? More

NAC Talks: doctrine, faith, life

Hylton Memorial Chapel, just outside of Washington, is an ideal venue not only for the first US Church convention but also for the divine service today, Sunday. On Saturday afternoon, the Christian event centre hosted the exhibition NAC Talks. More

Snapshots (2): Church leaders at work

Working with heart, soul, and mind: discussions by the District Apostle Meeting were on the agenda for day two and three of the 2018 Pentecost council in Washington. More

The governing board is fully quorate

An extensive area of low pressure has been dumping rain on the American capital for days. The atmosphere is quite different at the International District Apostle Meeting, which is in session. The discussions of the Church leaders are taking place in a cheerful and warm atmosphere. More

“The preparations take time”

“The Chief Apostle has the last word,” Erich Senn, head of administration at the international offices in Zurich, says. But it takes time until everything is finalised for a District Apostle Meeting. “And we help him.” More

Snapshots (1): Welcome to Washington

The 2018 Pentecost meeting has started. Yesterday, Wednesday, was devoted to welcoming the arrivals. Today the District Apostles will meet and immediately get down to work. Here is the first set of pictures from Washington (USA). More

An appeal to all Priests

Chief Apostle Schneider asks the ministers to prepare themselves intensively for the divine service on Pentecost. He also asks the members to prepare themselves as well: “Pray for the ministers,” the Chief Apostle asks. More

Where divine services became a motion picture

This year’s Pentecost festivities will take place in the United States. Historically, the New Apostolic Church in the US goes back almost as far as its European roots. Technically, the District Church was instrumental in making video transmissions a firm establishment around the world. More

Flashback (3): Opportunity for a new start

Every time we celebrate Holy Communion it is an opportunity for a new start. But what does it take? The Chief Apostle’s answer from the 2017 Pentecost service. More

Flashback (2): On fire for Jesus Christ

The power of the Holy Spirit is like a fire. This is what District Apostle Bernd Koberstein (Germany) made clear on Pentecost 2017: “If I am on fire then I will be able to ignite this fire in someone else. ” A look back at a powerful gesture. More

A song composed with love and light

It was not her first solo in such a large Church setting. But it was the first time that her song “Lord, have mercy on my life” touched so many hundreds of thousands. Who is this young woman with the piano song from the Pentecost transmission? More

Flashback (1): Not just audible, but also visible

The whole congregation heard our yes at Holy Sealing. Now we have to make sure that this yes also becomes visible. A look back at the 2017 Pentecost service, with the focus on District Apostle John L. Kriel (Southern Africa). More

Snapshots (5) – Time for personal encounters

For Apostles and brothers and sisters alike, Pentecost is an opportunity for reunions, fellowship, and togetherness. More

Allowing the Spirit of God to work – a video of the Pentecost service

How the Spirit of God works and the language needed to tell others about it … Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider explained this in the 2017 Pentecost service. Enjoy some of the highlights in this video. More

Snapshots (4): The 2017 Pentecost service

Pentecost and the miracle of tongues: The Chief Apostle calls on the faithful to understand the language of the neighbour and to learn to speak it. The Pentecost service in Vienna documented in pictures. More

Speaking the other one’s language

Wherever the Spirit of God dwells He makes an impact. But for these effects to unfold and develop it requires that we believe in our own sealing. Excerpts from the 2017 Pentecost service by the Chief Apostle. More

Snapshots (3): The 2017 Pentecost concert

Riveting, entertaining, and of an exceptional standard: these superlatives best describe the 2017 Pentecost concert in Vienna. The concert in the unique ambience of the Wiener Konzerthaus was not only a feast for the ears. More