Church holy days

Pentecost joy? It’s all up to us!

The workspace of all Christians is the world. It is through believers that the triune God desires to speak and act. And that is precisely how the Son of God set everything up: His gospel needs a church in which it can be preached. Thoughts on the feast of Pentecost 2020. More

There is work to be done

“What are you standing there staring into space?” That was the question to the sky-gazing disciples, and it could have been taken as a gentle rebuke. It was followed by the exhortation: “Don’t just stand there. Get on with it.” Here is why Ascension is more topical than ever. More

Opening our hearts to welcome Jesus

A stable, a manger, an ox, and a donkey—this is how we picture the night that changed everything. But wait a minute: two of three components in the nativity scene don’t even belong there. The question is therefore very important: do you recognise the sign? More

Pausing amid the Christmas rush

All Jonah wanted was to get away from the Lord. He ran off without a destination in mind. Deep down he actually knew that running away from God was useless. But it was worth a try. Then came a forced break; for someone who needed to calm down. More

The woman who laughed twice

Sometimes Advent takes too long—years and even decades, instead of a few weeks or months. This is when patience begins to wear thin and people are driven to acts of despair. And yet, there may be something to laugh about in the end. This is explained in a Bible classic. More

Mary of Nazareth, waiting to give birth

There is no doubt that Mary was waiting for the birth of her son. Every expecting mother has special feelings during pregnancy. And the closer the due date is, the stronger the bond between mother and child becomes. More

The patient hero of the Great Flood

Advent—hope, despair, expectation, stress … Here it is again, the time of year in which people want to enjoy the magic of the holiday season and relax and meditate, yet end up to be frazzled once again. Here is how to opt out. An old man showed us how. More

God’s love is indestructible

We are celebrating a grave today, an empty one, because this emptiness entails a doctrine: the angry God is no longer among us, long live the loving God. And this love gives life. A somewhat different approach to Easter. More

The seven messages for Good Friday

Good Friday is a profound day in its quiet solemnity. It is filled with emotions. It is peaceful, but also depressing. Jesus’ death on the cross puts us to shame. All He wanted was to bring peace and make the world a better place. And where was the gratitude for it? More

Passion Week: a special kind of journal

The events between Palm Sunday and Easter are full of suspense: a man is betrayed, scorned, accused, arrested, and killed. Jesus goes through hell and reaches heaven. A timeline from the Gospel of Mark. More

From the lowest of depths to the greatest of heights

“When I think about Ascension Day, I think about a cloud that slowly makes its way heavenward with the Lord Jesus on top of it,” says fourteen-year-old Michael in Confirmation Class. Fair enough! After all, that is how the Bible describes it. More

Easter: What we see and understand is—by far not—all there is!

“Easter? That means no school!” says little Laura. Mind you, she also knows that Easter is more than a holiday, but also a high feast of the church. It is the day when Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead. More

Good Friday: a declaration of love by God

God aspires to the indestructible fellowship with mankind. To do so, He pursues many paths: even the one of the cross. No obligation, no constraint: God loves first, and His love is boundless. More

High season for Christians: do you really believe what you believe?

April is just around the corner. Time to ask yourself: do you really believe what you believe? This month really has it all: it is high season for Christians. The calendar is packed. Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter are all coming up. More

Christmas, an imposition without Christmas

Does Christmas still even fit into our time? More than two billion people celebrate it, but do they still believe in the age-old message of the incarnation of God? They sing about peace and joy and love, but things in the world look very different. More

Pentecost signifies life and a new start

What exactly is Pentecost? If you ask people on the street, many have no idea. And yet Pentecost is a prominent Christian feast. It stands for divine service and church, for life and a new start. More

Christmas 2015: He was born in a stable!

Jesus Christ, a superstar? This is what many people expected, already then. The Messiah they were anticipating should at least have had a golden crown, a sparkling tunic, and rings on His fingers symbolizing His power. But none of this materialized. The red carpet stopped in front of a stable. More

For the fourth Sunday of Advent: And whom do we persecute?

Our love for God, for Jesus Christ cannot be greater than our love for our neighbour. This is an old insight. And yet, how big is our love for the Lord really? And for our neighbour? Questions that need to be answered. More

For the third Sunday of Advent: “He shall not judge by the sight of His eyes”

“One sees clearly only with the heart; what is essential is invisible to the eye,” says Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in his novel The Little Prince. Unfortunately, people do not only look with the heart. Far too often a person’s own interests get in the way of a fair judgement. This is an appeal to take a close and careful look. More

For the second Sunday of Advent: “They did to him whatever they wished”

How dreadful! Many people in this world are vulnerable to the whims of others. Justice? A foreign word for many. And yet, there is hope—hope for a life in peace and righteousness. Not through politics, but rather through the gospel. An interjection: More