Spotlight 09/2019: Preserving our wealth

A house that is unoccupied decays. And relationships that are not fostered threaten to fall apart. What about our faith? Care instructions from District Apostle Wolfgang Nadolny (Germany). More

Spotlight 08/2019: Rich as a disciple of Christ!

Wealth, completely independent of living conditions and bank account. In our Spotlight series, District Apostle Leonard R. Kolb (USA) mentions seven riches which every Christian has in his possession. More

Spotlight 07/2019: A life for Jesus Christ

Aligning one’s life with the example of Jesus, being there for one’s brothers and sisters in faith … Many commit themselves to the cause of the Lord and even put their own needs aside. District Apostle Edy Isnugroho from Indonesia tells us about Jonathan, a District Elder, who regards this as his personal wealth. More

Spotlight 06/2019: A somewhat puzzling motto

District Apostle Mark Woll’s ideas on this year’s theme are a little jumbled. The Canadian District Apostle bundled his thoughts into a crossword puzzle. Have fun! The solution will follow next week. More

Spotlight 05/2019: Wealth requires investments

Those who trust in God are willing to make a contribution without really knowing what to expect. However, they can be sure that they will not be disappointed. Thoughts on our 2019 motto from District Apostle Rüdiger Krause (Northern and Eastern Germany). More

Spotlight 4/2019: Increasing wealth

District Apostle Michael Ehrich (Germany) opens up three additional perspectives on this year’s motto and shows how wealth in Christ can grow. More

Spotlight 3/2019: Managing God’s blessing

Only those who know how to manage their finances will remain rich. This applies both in the natural as well as in the spiritual. District Apostle Enrique Eduardo Minio (Argentina) shares his thoughts about our 2019 motto. More

Spotlight 02/2019: Watch out for thieves!

Wealth not only obligates, it also forces people to take special precautions. District Apostle Jürg Zbinden (Switzerland) mentions some precautions that should be taken. More

Spotlight 1/2019 Who will make you rich?

“I want to make you rich like me,” the multi-millionaire said. Accept or decline the offer? District Apostle John L. Kriel from South Africa kicks off this year’s Spotlight series. More

Our 2019 motto: Rich in Christ

God is rich, and He wants us to benefit from His wealth. What does this wealth consist of? How can we acquire it? These are the questions we will occupy ourselves with over the coming weeks and months, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider says in his New Year message. More

2018: Faithful to Christ

With new energy into the New Year. “Faithful to Christ” is the 2018 motto of the New Apostolic Church. In his New Year message the Chief Apostle tells us how we can fill it with life. More

2017: Glory be to God, our father!

Let us recognise the glory of God in His works, thank Him for His gifts, and proclaim His glory! These are the three tasks for New Apostolic Christians in the coming year. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider’s New Year’s message: More

2016: Victory with Christ

Laying aside fears, fighting evil, and overcoming our own weaknesses—these are the tasks facing New Apostolic Christians in the coming year. In his New Year’s message, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider calls on everyone to make 2016 a year of victory with Christ. And he shows how it can be achieved in everyday life. More

2015: Joy in Christ

“Labour in love” was the motto of the New Apostolic Church in the year 2014. Also for the new year Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will set impulses. In his New Year’s message he puts the focus on a special source of strength: Joy in Christ More