Concept of ministry

Our concept of ministry: more than a structural change

On Pentecost 2019 our new concept of ministry will come into effect. In the same week that the video presentation took place, information events began. It became clear that there is more to it than merely a structural change. More

Our concept of ministry: the Chief Apostle’s video address

Although there will be no new ordinations into the ministries of Evangelist to Bishop as of Pentecost 2019, these ministries will not be abolished. Why, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider explained in his video address. More

The video address, black on white

Anyone who would like to read what the Chief Apostle said in his video address can do so. Click on the link to download the text. More

“A significant change to our tradition”

A reform to our definition of ministry … Why is this necessary? What’s the point? And how is it supposed to work? The Chief Apostle’s video address provides the answers. Here are the most important aspects in a nutshell. More

Our concept of ministry to go on the air

Explaining the changes in our definition of ministry: the Chief Apostle has declared this a top priority. Anyone who cannot watch his video message will be able to find it online with time delay. More

Our concept of ministry: a time-table for its implementation

The New Apostolic Church is taking its concept of ministry to a new level. How and why the Chief Apostle will explain personally in a video presentation at the beginning of April 2019. But this is only a first step. More

Our concept of ministry reaches a new level

The definition of ministry remains a prominent topic: in 2018, the focus was above all on the priestly ministry. New regulations will come into effect on Pentecost 2019. The Chief Apostle himself will inform the members in detail in advance. More

Concept of ministry to be launched on Pentecost 2019

Our new concept of ministry has reached the priestly ministry. Starting Pentecost 2019, the separation of spiritual ministry and leadership function will also come into effect at this level. This resolution has just been passed by the District Apostle Meeting. More

“We are not going to turn our Church upside down!”

The New Apostolic Church’s concept of ministry is taking shape: Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider explained some of the key points today at a divine service for ministers that was transmitted throughout Europe—and also provided an outlook on open questions. More

A distinction: ministry and hierarchy

The new concept of ministry has begun to have some concrete implications, a point that the Chief Apostle made clear at today’s divine service for ministers, which was transmitted throughout Europe. A Special Edition of the Divine Service Guide is now being issued. The most important points from it follow in brief. More

Black on white: our concept of ministry is unfolding

The concept of ministry of the New Apostolic Church is becoming more and more concrete. This is reflected in the publication which the ministers of the Church around the world will be receiving over the next few days. This is not a revolution, but certainly an evolution. More

Between ministerial authority and leadership function

It was the top subject of discussion for the District Apostles and Apostles over this rapidly closing year: work on the new concept of ministry. What is so important about this, and where will the journey take us? Following is a brief review and a look ahead. More

All Apostles involved in building our conception of ministry

What is a spiritual ministry? And what is an organizational structure? Questions such as these were not only on the agenda of the recent District Apostles’ conference, but are also occupying the Apostles of the New Apostolic Church right around the globe. More

Our conception of ministry is being revised

“After the Catechism is before the Catechism …” This was the motto that accompanied the introduction of this fundamental reference work in December 2012. And driven by this motto, the District Apostle Meeting continues to work on fundamental concepts. Currently in the District Apostles’ focus is our conception of ministry. More