Concept of ministry

Ministry (15): Review and outlook

The year of reform to the ministerial order: that is how the year 2019 will go down in the history books of the New Apostolic Church. But there is something much more fundamental behind this. And the topic is still current. . More

Ministry (14): Not without a mandate

Designated and called: but authority alone is not sufficient to permit someone to actually exercise a ministry. This requires something more—something that also plays a role in retirement and transfer from one area to another. More

Ministry (13): Authority—with limits

Designated and ordained: the ordained minister is authorised to act and speak in the name of God. Nevertheless, these powers are anything but limitless. More

Ministry (12): Called and ordained

A person is chosen for a ministry by God, and ordination through a human being is the way he receives it—what exactly this is and how it differs from appointments and assignments is described here. More

Ministry (11): Perceiving whom God has destined for a ministry

Decisive is the will of God, but first of all humans have to perceive His will. Here are some answers to the question of how the ministry comes to its bearer. More

Ministry (10): What advantages does the reform entail anyway?

It is far more than an exercise in theological principles or structural management: the reform in our concept of ministry has some very concrete benefits—for Church leadership, for the ministers, and for every individual member of the congregation. More

Ministry (9): Adapting ministry to the times

Can the Apostles just go ahead and do that? Are they even allowed to reorganise the ministerial structure? Not only are they allowed to do so—they must! Read on to find out why they did so in the first place, and where the limits are—ministry between the past and the future. More

Ministry (8): Messengers of Jesus

Not every gift requires a ministry in order to unfold. And not every duty requires a ministry for its implementation. This is always a question of the respective duty—and there are some clear distinctions here. More

Ministry (7): the gift as a duty?

Change has its tradition—even in the ministerial order of the New Apostolic Church. But how far is this allowed to go? For example, aren’t pastors and Evangelists a biblical must? Following are some answers to some frequently asked questions. More

Ministry (6): Constancy amid change

Since its inception, the New Apostolic Church has continually adapted its ministerial order. This progress has a long tradition, one that goes back to its predecessor Church. More

Ministry (5): How we arrived at a third level

What sort of ministerial order does the church need? Beyond the apostolate, the New Testament does not give us a clear answer. The structure we consider so self-evident today only developed gradually over generations. More

Ministry (4): The heritage of the New Testament

Institution, nature, and authority—Jesus Christ is the source of all elements of ministry. Really? What about the order of the various ministries? The New Testament has three answers to this question—at least. More

Ministry (3): A matter of authority

What exactly is a ministry permitted to do? Anything that is part of its authority: where do these powers come from, and what purpose do they serve? The answers to these questions constitute the focus of part three in this series on the New Apostolic concept of ministry. More

The concept of ministry in a nutshell

The concept of ministry is on every channel: in addition to the latest issue of community , the Divine Service Guide and are busy explaining the most current doctrinal statements—sometimes more exhaustively, and sometimes more succinctly. Here is the abridged version for those who are in a real hurry. More

Ministry (2): The key to understanding

The divine and the human (or the all-too-human) are joined together in ministry. How are these entities supposed to fit together? We gain insight into this question by looking at the model behind it all, namely Jesus Christ, who not only defines ministry by way of word and deed, but also by way of His nature. More

Ministry (1): Rooted in its model

Ministry, do we really need it? And why? Different denominations give different answers. This is the beginning of a series on the concept of ministry in the New Apostolic Church. More

Our concept of ministry: more than a structural change

On Pentecost 2019 our new concept of ministry will come into effect. In the same week that the video presentation took place, information events began. It became clear that there is more to it than merely a structural change. More

Our concept of ministry: the Chief Apostle’s video address

Although there will be no new ordinations into the ministries of Evangelist to Bishop as of Pentecost 2019, these ministries will not be abolished. Why, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider explained in his video address. More

The video address, black on white

Anyone who would like to read what the Chief Apostle said in his video address can do so. Click on the link to download the text. More

“A significant change to our tradition”

A reform to our definition of ministry … Why is this necessary? What’s the point? And how is it supposed to work? The Chief Apostle’s video address provides the answers. Here are the most important aspects in a nutshell. More