Where Christ brought His redeeming sacrifice

“Golgotha”: this choral work from the Democratic Republic of Congo is named after the place of Jesus’ sacrifice. It is a self-penned composition and tells of Jesus’ act of redemption and its effects. Here is an inspiring piece to set the mood for the service for the departed.

The piece was recorded during a concert on the occasion of Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider’s visit to Kinshasa in 2018. The Congolese capital alone has 1,700 congregations in ten Apostle districts.

At the concert, each Apostle district was given the chance to participate. For “Golgotha”, the choirs of Kinshasa South-East and Kinshasa South 2 took to the stage. Some of the choral pieces were accompanied by a still young orchestra that is recruited from the ten New Apostolic music schools that exist in the city now.

“Golgotha” was written by Etienne Tshimbela Tshibangu in Tshiluba, one of the four national languages in the country. It is the most widely spoken language among New Apostolic ministers worldwide. This is because the two District Churches in the Democratic Republic of Congo account for around one third of the Church’s membership.

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