Believers meet at the altar

Cross-border in a double sense: the bilingual song in this video, sung simultaneously by young people from different countries in South America, is about the connection between this world and the beyond. Here is a touching song to set the mood for Sunday.

“Let’s build a bridge of love,” are words that Eliseo Durando has heard since his childhood days in preparation for the divine services for the departed. And these words inspired him to write a song for this very purpose.

It was during the strict lockdown in 2020 when the Argentinian decided to compose the music and write the lyrics. The piano accompaniment and the choral score were arranged by Diego Licciardi, who is the music coordinator of the New Apostolic Church South America. Eliseo and Diego have worked together before several times when the two aspects of youth and music were to be brought together.

They quickly came up with the idea that the hymn could be interpreted by a virtual choir of young people from the various countries in the care of the District Apostle Area. These include Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay. This also meant that the text would have to be sung bilingually, namely in Spanish and Portuguese, a challenge that the young people were up to and enjoyed immensely.

The song wishes to offer comfort to all who have lost loved ones. For whoever speaks the language of faith can be assured that the living and the dead will meet again at the altar of the Lord, where they are very close to one another. The song invites the listeners: “Let’s build a bridge of love.”

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